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Sketch of Pinkie Pie for 2008 MLP:FiM pitch bible featuring Rainbow Dash! Not sure I need to explain this one. :)
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Yeah! When Pinkie Pie starts to talk...
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The picture looks great but if I was there I would get some ear plugs
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Looks like someone had too much coffee this morning!
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So do you think that's how Pinkie Pie breaks physics?
cullyferg2010's avatar
Well, it won't be from Applejack's cider!
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Nah, that’s just pinkie, but if she did have coffee...(Vietnam flashback)
cullyferg2010's avatar
Understood.  And I missed Nam, did my time in Germany, just 17 miles from the East German border, too.
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This was featured in the Elements of Harmony guidebook because you woke up and ran out of bed to write
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Just out of curiosity, is it true that this account is owned by one of the early producers/animators of MLP:FiM?
gattuvem72's avatar
You know it is owned by an early producer/animator or you know that people question it?
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This account belongs to Lauren Faust, creator of the MLP G4 Reboot (2010-)
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No offense, but if she truly is THE Lauren Faust, why is she not on some elitist site?
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Well, seeing she's been a member for such a long time, I assume she wanted to keep using this account to post her old sketches. And since it's browsed by many people, they can easily find her work here. I hope that made sense
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Wow, one of your actual developmental sketches for the show itself here on Deviantart. Tis more than an honor to add it to my favorites! 😍💕💕
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This is me when my friends come over. Pinkie Pie, next to star catcher and minty was my favorite pony growing up, I love how pinkie has been done today.
nightshadowmlp's avatar
This is EXACTLY my reaction right now.

Pinkie pie (the Fourth Wall) plz <Blah blah blah blah blah blah x infinity (random person)
Rainbow Dash (what you see) plz <PINKIE, SHUT UP! (me)
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So how do you think this person got the drawing of this? Is she perhaps one of the animators/producers of the early seasons, like in her FAQ page?
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You do know that this is actually on Lauren Faust's actual deviantart profile? She doesn't come on much, but it is her.
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Not surprising there, given Pinkie's very talkative and all. :)
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That is interesting to see these two together. It reminds me of the episode "Griffon the Brush Off". Rainbow Dash is trying to show off, and to be cool. Pinkie is just being her silly self, without caring about embarrassment. They are both really active, and they like to play pranks. There may be a kinship, since they used to be the two pegasi of the mane 6.

Seeing this pair in the canon show really gives me peace of mind. Pinkie Pie is actually a very peaceful pony. Even when Gilda suspects her, she is still doesn't mean any harm. Pinky Pie wouldn't do anything to hurt Rainbow Dash, in the real show. It is a good thing, considering that certain fan art of Pinkie Pie scares me to death. Pinkie Pie is the pony that I relate to the least. Still I do admire that she doesn't get scared easily. She even uses her laughter element to get rid of scary things.
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Lol! Pinkie's annoying Rainbow's ear off! No, not literally.
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