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Very first sketch concepts for Discord. Very loose, very rough. You can see here that I was trying to make his head a little more horse-like and less dragon-like. It didn't seem quite right to me yet so, since I was sick at the time and had a deadline, I asked my husband Craig for design advice. You can see his suggestion for the head and face on the top two Discords. My hero!

Further refinement by the character design team gave you the Discord in The Return of Harmony.
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Sense Discord can do anything you will have to let know if he ever talks to you anytime you draw him! I love Discord!
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CocoCandy2007Student Digital Artist

Discord is my favourite character so, I wanted to ask a professional opinion: do you ship Discord x Fluttershy or Discord x Celestia?

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D3pressedR4inbowHobbyist Digital Artist
It is so, so inspiring to see the first sketches for my favorite character in the entire show. I use this for reference all the time. 
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Discord is my favourite character ♡♡♡♡♡
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Heartwings12Student Traditional Artist
I'M HOWLING AT THE MOON! How many people here made that reference? XD
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CloudSky14Hobbyist Traditional Artist
And now Discord is loved by all :3
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TikimillieHobbyist General Artist
maybe a bit too much... i mean... theres always that rule which shall not be named... cough rule 32 cough..
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michaeldykesHobbyist General Artist
Nice to see how the design process starts. It gives me appreciation for the final product.
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Ellychan88Hobbyist Digital Artist
Discord *_* I love him!
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Luspear-SoramHobbyist Artist
That is a cool sketch of Discord. The for legged pose is interesting. It reminds me of a oriental dragon. Unlike your other sketches, Discord made his debut in the second season, instead of the first. I am wondering when you stopped working on the show. Anyway I wish you well on your other projects. Good Luck!
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Oh please, I'm just missunderstood. XD
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4-ChapHobbyist General Artist
Very good design!
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Well, if it'd been Don Bluth instead of Flash, you might have gotten this for a final result.


But it's always neat seeing history in the making!
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Didn't know you were here on DA: I'll have to look through your galleries... 7@=e
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StellarPixel64Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice job!! I love Discord!
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ShazBaz579Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey look, Noodle Goat.
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shark235Hobbyist General Artist
I think that the later seasons where the best. It doesn't mean I hate the earlier seasons.
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Not exactly the most flattering thing to tell her... she was only involved in the earlier seasons.
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shark235Hobbyist General Artist
Hey no offence to her. But to make it up the ealier seasons did have it charm.
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FlimflanboyHobbyist General Artist
What fun is there in making sense?
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MiragePotatoHobbyist Digital Artist
the leyend says "if you get a reply from Lauren Faust you can make a wish"
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It is considered more precious than any genie
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JackJack71Hobbyist Artist
when mlp was good back then, seasons 1+2 are the best
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