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Big Apple

Sketch of Big McIntosh for 2008 MLP:FiM pitch bible. He didn't change so much, did he? His original name was simply Big Apple, but (shocker!) that didn't pass legal. Sweet Apple Acres was originally called Big Apple Orchard, the idea being that it was Big Apple, as the eldest, inherited the farm and was actually the one who owned it. Applejack just ran it. I like it better that they own it as a family, though.
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The kinder and most awesome male pony ! Nice one Lauren

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Well, now we know for sure why the Apple parents have never shown up in the modern day.

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Big Macintosh always looked like a Draft Horse like a Percheron or a Clydesdale Draft Horse.
Thats just how I see Big Mac.
xXMidnightMuffinXx's avatar
???? what does that got to do with the picture
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Can you make an episode with starsong or toola roola?
Nova-Dream's avatar
There is already an episode with bot of them.
Fazbear53's avatar
I saw toola roola in season 7, but i did not see starsong.
Nova-Dream's avatar
Oh, I thought that Toola Roola's friend was Starsong..oops..
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He's awesome I love him :D
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Big Mack is the best!
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You know, the new name actually sounds better than "Big Apple".
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wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww is this the real Lauren Faust?
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I'm in total shock that someone this famous is on DA
Seabluewolf's avatar
The most famous people are always around, when it comes to social media XD
DuskTheRaccoon's avatar
I know, but DA? I could understand facebook and twitter,
but certainly not DA XD.
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This is a nice picture. Big Mac is really cool. I like how he is an earth pony, and he also resembles a draft horse. Both kinds of horses are physically strong and good at tough labor. I have a favorite stallion for each pony type. Big Mac is my favorite earth pony. Shining Armour is my favorite unicorn. Soarin is my favorite pegasis.

Big Mackintosh Chibi Big Macintosh Icon 
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Me: Mac, Should I like this sketch??!

Big Mac: EYUPP!!! :D
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