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Published: August 30, 2011
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Development sketch for MLP:FiM 2008 pitch bible.

Her original name was indeed Appleseed. Ran into some copyright issues, and now she is Apple Bloom. In the original bible, she was solo in her quest for a Cutie Mark, and "seed" signified that she still needed to grow. CMC's Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle were developed later.
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Star-MelodyYTStudent Digital Artist
I made a coloured version I hope you dont mind:
Appleseed by Star-MelodyYT  
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ProjectFireLightsHobbyist Traditional Artist
Do you have any development sketches for Sweetie Belle? She is my fave of the cmc. Love your sketches by the way, you've helped inspire me to pursue a career in Animation :)
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Luspear-SoramHobbyist Artist
Aww. AppleBloom is so adorable. Her bow gives a nice touch. I think she is my favorite of the CMC. The name AppleSeed reminds of AppleBloom's cousin, Babs Seed.

Apple Bloom clapping icon

Chibi Apple Bloom Icon  Chibi Scootaloo Icon Chibi Sweetie Belle Icon Chibi Babs Seed Icon 
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CrystalCadenzaHobbyist Digital Artist
I actually like Apple Bloom better because it just sounds more cute.
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LordkittenJamaaHobbyist Artist
Aw adorable <3
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D'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww x9000+
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TheSmilingLionStudent Digital Artist
I can say shes an appleTREE now


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Chrysocolla-ChanHobbyist Traditional Artist
Yes!rainbow dash my little pony mlp brony 
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I love her.  Met her voice actress (Michelle Creber) recently and she was such a sweetheart. :D
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Nice colorless drawing here for Apple Bloom, excellent job.:) (Smile) 
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redrubyfoxy123Student Traditional Artist
appleseed good name
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SugariliciousHobbyist Traditional Artist
Used I hope you don't mind 
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Yes but Appleseed was her original name. Its changed to Apple Bloom because of copyright.
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Tuxedo-Guy2Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's like every name runs through "copyright issues..." Appleseed, Bic Apple, the five scrapped G1 ponies, I assume Majesty, among other names...
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SketchyRainbowMusicStudent Digital Artist
here name is applebloom not appleseed.................
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IdunaHayaPhotographyHobbyist General Artist
Lol. First of all, this is the original artist and creator of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. So I'm pretty sure she knows how to name her uploads. Second of all, read the description before you comment... ;)
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SketchyRainbowMusicStudent Digital Artist
Um ok..... Thank you 
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I think Apple Bloom suits her better, honestly. Her potential, like the blossom, is not fully known, but ponies around her can see she has it.
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Cartoon-EricHobbyist Digital Artist
Apple Bloom is a much cuter name to go with such a cute character. 

Can I adopt her?  =P
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Something about Scootaloo asking why they should have a hammer Cutie Mark made me think that that would look great on Apple Bloom!
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9cynthiaStudent General Artist
Wow! It is truly amazing! I think here the options cutie mark this filly change, my favorite is an apple with a small bloom ...
Already Jeje will have their cutie mark?
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PeacocklaneHobbyist Traditional Artist
Are the CMC's ever going to gain their cutiemarks?

Personally, I'd think Apple Bloom deserves a paintbrush colouring an apple or a wooden hammer with an apple-like nail. Sweetie Belle fits a music if not singing cutiemark and Scootaloo needs a scooter or stunt performer cutiemark. I'm not saying they need these, they're just ideas. vuv
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Hi, Apple Bloom!

Can you draw her with Apple Sprout, her male counterpart?
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AshleyKenjhanaraStudent Digital Artist
Funny..... They Said AJ Male Counterpart is Still Her Name And The Male CounterPart Of AB (Apple Bloom) Is Named Apple Buck XD 
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