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Night Fury in the Rain

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EDIT: Put a watermark on it. You stupid art thieves can go fuck yourself. Seriously, I'm done with your shit. This picture was stolen AGAIN and someone removed my signature.

To everyone else: If you love your art, then put a watermark on it. I learned this the hard way. With a watermark you can protect your picture and show everyone that it's yours. The harder to remove the better.


Inspired by pinali.deviantart.com/art/How-…

... I still love this movie :heart:

Joining in the Night Fury OC bandwagon.
This little dragon girl is Sera! Sera loves the rain... that's why she's often wandering around when it's raining.

Yeah, this Nightfury does look a lot like Nimbus. But Majime and I discussed this and she doesn't mind at all. Rather than that, she suggested our dragons could be friends :D
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TrueWolfyHobbyist Digital Artist
We have a member on our amino community (social media app) using a cropped headshot of this piece, judging from the description you clearly don't appreciate your art being taken so I'll be sure to get the user to change it asap. 

Its a beautiful piece btw
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Thank you very much, I appreciate your concern. This picture has given me nothing but trouble. 
I do allow people to use it as avatars IF they ask me for permission. I hope they remove it if they didn't ask. 

And thank you very much, I'm still very happy about the people who enjoy my art and understand that simply because something is on the internet doesn't mean it's free for the taking.
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xLegendaryFuryHobbyist Artist
Love it OwO
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xDragonBornYTHobbyist Writer

using this as a backdrop in an osu beatmap (yes, with the watermark, and credit to you.) 

hopefully, more people will check out your art ^^
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NightAtomStudent Digital Artist
Looks awesome!
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do got an insta or something i could follow
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this guy has the nerve to claim that HE made your picture moonstarsstory.deviantart.com/…
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I reported him and hope DA will take action. Thank you very much for telling me!
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no problem

i see the same 50 pictures stolen every month. it's almost routine at this point

1. artist draws popular piece
2. someone steals an inferior resolution version of said piece and claims it is theirs
3. denies it when i shove evidence in their faces

i dunno why they think they can get away with it since they always steal popular, distinctly drawn pictures...
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I see the picture has been deleted. I'm so upset that even watermarks can't stop these guys from taking other people's work.
I 100% agree with you, I can't see why someone would do that and think they can get away with it.
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he closed down his entire account.

coward, he knew he was in the wrong.
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I'm just glad DA resolved this so quickly.
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hannanna214Student Digital Artist
So cute Heart 
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cocollightStudent Digital Artist
this is being used by Little Star on SOD forums.
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Even with the huge watermark?
I have no access to these forums (don't even know what it is), so could you please ask them to take it down?
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Awesome picture! :D
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I love your arts :). They' re so fantastic!
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Funlover13Student General Artist
Can I draw my night fury in that pose or no? I wouldn't trace it. :iconfoxwhaplz:  I always make the legs look weird.:iconfoxwhoopsplz:  
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Umm why not? It's not really a special pose, so ... I guess it's fine xD
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Funlover13Student General Artist
I didn't want it to seem like I was stealing it. :iconfoxpfftplz: Thanks!:iconpyongiluplz: 
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It's okay ^^ if you want to, you can show me your picture and maybe I can help you with some things during the progress :)
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Funlover13Student General Artist
Thanks! :iconfoxawwplz: 
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Johayna474Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, she has an awesome and creative design, I love the blue patterns!
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