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Mirror, Mirror: Jack the Cat

Spieglein, Spieglein an der Wand
Wer hat den schönsten Hintern im Land?

Continuing my series of existing characters portrayed in the style of miniature figures on plinths (with naughty mirrors). First two in the series are here:

This is the third character in the series:

Jack the Cat

Race: Human/Ailurid
Class: Bard (Fool)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 24
Height: 178 cm (5' 10")

Previously featured:

Composed in DAZ Studio 4.10 and rendered with Iray.

† an ailurid is a cat-like creature.
‡ The Bardic subclass of Fool is quite rare so probably requires some explanation. A Fool may be foolish but is not stupid. The class requires high Intelligence and wit, but perhaps uncertain Wisdom (although this may come in flashes). A Fool is naturally chaotic and can be dangerous: "Mad, bad and dangerous to know" as was once said of Lord Byron.

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vectormoon's avatar
Nice idea. I assume you made this by adding the clothes in by Photoshop?
FyraNuanser's avatar
Thanks :) First I rendered it without the loin thing then did a render of just the part wearing it and composited them in Photoshop.
pseudojock's avatar

I love this whole series! Clever idea and great execution!

FyraNuanser's avatar
Thanks very much! Jack, of course, is my main "iconic" character, so he was bound to appear in this series.
pseudojock's avatar
Of course!  And I'm glad to see him back in your more recent pieces!
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In the light of (y)our recent work,

Mature Content

Brothers in Bends by FyraNuanser

I really wondered what kind of clothes Jack must be wearing for his job at the court, so I looked around his gallery and found this excellent set! Just imagine this beauty sitting by the throne by the king's feet, ready to inject something witty into his conversation with some ambassador :D

By the way, since his contortion skills were suddenly discovered, I gotta say his Chaotic Good alignment is an excellent fit, making him go crazy and out of the limits, easily doing something that people would less expect to see but at the same time surprising and making them happy in the end :)
FyraNuanser's avatar
I had to do Jack for this series, if only so that the world could see his bum :D He's posing in assassin mode here, but I can never be quite sure whether it's play acting or the real thing. He hardly ever seems to ever wear the same thing twice, so who knows what he might wear at his patron's feet. I think that is an image that has to be done, though, so perhaps we will find out one day.
Yuni's avatar
Oh so it's an assassin outfit, for some reason I assumed it was a juggler's outfit so we could observe his bum while he's juggling those knives (hopefully being a real pro at that). Though he doesn't wear the same thing twice, I still took the liberty to draw him in that outfit (though it somehow got altered in the process..)
The Bard's Song by Yuni
And for once it's not yet another contortion from me :D
FyraNuanser's avatar
Thanks so much for creating this fantastic picture. It's amazing and inspiring to see you paint my characters—something I never thought would happen. It's nice to see Jack playing music—I never got round to showing that side of him. To be fair, I've never seen him wear the same thing twice, but I'm sure that must happen; I doubt he can afford to buy a new suit every day!
Yuni's avatar
You're very welcome! When I saw this assassin outfit of him, I actually wanted to make another contortion drawing in it, but then somehow this happened instead :D I was surprised it was actually as interesting to draw as my regular bendy stuff. Maybe because making something new is always interesting... But I rarely get any ideas for new stuff I'd like to try, so this was definitely double fun! Actually boys playing music is kind of sexy in itself XD

I thought as a royalty's favorite he might actually be able to afford a new suit every day, specially that these suits are so minimalistic :D But I'm bad at designing outfits myself, so I just rely on your existing work... I briefly wondered how he might look in a gymnastic leotard but after looking through your gallery I figured it's not something they would wear in Kozosht, as they seem to have a culture where the male torso is worshiped and rarely ever covered.
FyraNuanser's avatar
I'm sorry, I don't believe for a minute that you are bad at designing outfits! Your work is full of fabulous costumes.

Yes it's entirely possible that Jack could come up with a new costume every day. His many admirers shower him with gifts, and I'm sure the endlessly wealthy Prince Amurin would give him anything he asked for.

The Kososht Empire is not unlike the ancient Greek and Roman. They revere the male form and although there is no taboo on male nudity they prefer to keep it for private occasions, as familiarity, if not breeding contempt, at least can take the fun out of things.
Yuni's avatar
You're too kind to think that!

Yes I can easily imagine Jack having many admirers, I hope he considers my paintings of him as gifts to him as well :D
FyraNuanser's avatar
Yes, but he's a very generous boy, and when Prince Amurin saw them and admired them Jack gave them to him and they now adorn the prince's chambers.
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FyraNuanser's avatar
Thanks, Ken :) Jack continues to delight :D
Culturedropout's avatar
Ooh yeah.  I like Jack.  I have ever since you first introduced him.  And seeing his cute little perky butt naked in the mirrors...  Nosebleed :eagerpb:
FyraNuanser's avatar
:D This series is my opportunity to show those butts which you never usually get to see! Glad you like Jack, I guess he's my iconic character.
LukaSkullard's avatar
His outfit is so sexy, I just love these mirrors that show your handsome gentlemen from every angle. Love Jack's hair is so nice, it makes me want to reach over and brush it away from his eyes. ;)
FyraNuanser's avatar
Thanks, Luka. I've tried several hairs with Jack with varying degrees of success, but I think this is the one that is most him.
IndusGuys's avatar
Great lighting and composition. 
FyraNuanser's avatar
Thanks very much, Jim :)
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