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Brothers in Bends

Two brothers went to the beach—
what happened next will amaze you!

Jack, of course, is an entertainer—minstrel, jongleur, fool, acrobat and courtier at the court of Kozosht. Being part cat means he has a head start in flexibility. His brother, Hubert, although not trained, can do a few tricks too.

This is my 3D response to Yuni's :iconyuni: amazing painting of my two characters:

There's a lot more of Jack (and a little of Hubert) in my Jack The Cat gallery.
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The origins of this picture are in the description. As Jack has trained in various theatrical and circus arts (as well has having feline agility), it's quite reasonable that he can do this. However, as with the other intimate beach scene it could be categorized as fantasy.

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I've been thinking about connecting this to Yuni and Asmodios' worlds for a while. So I can consider this canon.

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Ah, they're so cute and playful! :happybounce: Just looking at their adorable little smiles makes me smile too. I love their acrobatic pose!
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Thanks very muc. Luca Heart It was a lot of fun but kind of challenging to get them in those poses!
WOW, the both pieces of art work is amazing!

I especially love the kid on the sand as the original title said ALL THE WAY.  His bulge is now facing up while his thighs are in the same direction as if you are crawling.  he does a ~360 degree with ease!.   
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Thanks very much, John :)
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Well, it looks like Hubert & Jack are taking a page from Yuni & the Bendies! Nice work, Fyra! Unhappily I think my Canids are a bit too hefty to pull off this marvelous double pose. There are drawbacks to weighing 400 pounds, you know! My best, WWL
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Thanks very, my friend :) Yes, it helps being part cat :D
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Agreed. There is definitely a feline grace about these two young men. No offense to Yuni, who is VERY talented, but I think his version of Hubert & Jack as Bendies is more broadly humorous in intent. Your version better captures the joy the young lads have in their own daring & skill. If you get time there is a special temporary posting on my site about a character I want to launch. No rush about it, obviously. My best, WWL
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Beautiful boys on a nice place in a hot pose. That's very well done.
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Thank very much, Nick :) The background environment image is actually Maui, Hawai'i!
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It's really beautiful! I really love the sea in the background, along with their bare skin and flexibility it gives such a refreshing feeling! Their skin is just so nice, I'm really happy that you decided to make this version and went all the way through actually making it to the final render!

I must say I struggled a bit on Jack's face and in the end I think he doesn't look quite like himself in my drawing, so I'm happy to see what the "real" Jack actually looks like in this pose :D

I also really like your version of the pose! When I was doing mine I kinda feared that I broke him and went out of the character (just because of my weakness for hyperflexible boys XD) but when you confirmed that Jack actually did get the acrobatic training and was actually trained to do this among other things, I became an even bigger fan of him! He's such a cute boy and his employers must be extremely happy to have such an adorable and talented "fool" XD

And among all the boys in your gallery who have such gorgeous bodies, it's really nice to have a boy with such skills among them :D

Hubert must be staring at me because I didn't say a word about him but hey, he is actually THE reason why I got so attracted to these brothers in the first place, he is literally one of the prettiest boys that I've ever seen in 3D! And the fact he can put his feet upon his head without any training even makes him THE prettiest! XD
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Ha ha, I can see it's Hubert that you really love, as he is very recognizable :D

I didn't know anything about Jack at first (7 years ago!) but I quickly discovered that he likes playing the fool and dressing up. He was taught to play musical instruments and to sing from an early age, too. But just as it was in our world in days of old, entertainers in Kozosht have to be all-singing, all-dancing, and all-everything else. He must have achieved that he is member of the court of the Emperor himself (well not that the Emperor himself can be entertained as such, but that's another story). He is a favourite of Amurin:
Amurin of Kozosht by FyraNuanser

Hubert has studied the arts, like any gentleman, but is much more serious (unless he is with Jack, as Jack won't tolerate it). He's a junior diplomat at the court, and is often called upon to deal in espionage, so his job is not without danger—but then, neither is Jack's.
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Is Amurin the crown prince? He looks like the one to enjoy the company of Jack :D
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Yes—the imperial line of Kozosht take mutagenic drugs (a bit of a cross between spice from Dune, and the Witcher's mutagens) and in old age become monstrous, but incredibly wise and all-seeing. Once that happens they are never again seen in public, so the heir-apparent becomes the public face of the empire, in this case, Amurin (who is in his 90s, despite appearances).

I'm quite looking forward to creating the scene with the two of them :D After having recently run out of ideas for renders I now have them queueing up :D
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It's nice to have ideas queueing up, as long as you don't force yourself to anything, I guess... Well, personally I can't just pick ideas and draw them, I usually think of something and end up drawing something completely different, in case of Jack I wanted to draw another contortionist but ended up drawing a bard in the process XD
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:D I can't be forced to do anything, which is why I don't do commissions, having tried it once. I only do work when I'm inspired—I had an entire year off from creating, as well as other shorter periods, because I had no motivation for it. So if I don't have motivation I simply don't do anything—it's not like it's my job. But when I am inspired I can't think of anything more exciting.
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For me drawing has always been very similar to playing video games somehow. When I'm bored and have no idea what game I want to play, I try drawing instead, and when I have no idea what to draw, I try to play a game :D
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I alternate between doing 3D and playing games. I've just spent most of the last 3 days doing 3D and I really feel like playing a game now! I have Baldur's Gate I Enhanced on the go so I will probably play that later.
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Doing those poses must have taken you hours... well done! :D (Big Grin) 
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Thanks very much :) Not exactly hours—OK, maybe it was hours :D I'm usually lazy about posing, as it's one aspect of 3D I don't really enjoy (although I do like doing facial expression poses—the preset ones can be ghastly). I use presets for fully body poses, but sometimes you just to do it yourself!
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