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Interested in ordering a badge?

For now, please fill this out and either note me via this account :iconlittleruekitty: or email me at

Before filling out please read:

  • Payments will be made through Paypal (USD) only.
  • I will not start on your order until the payment is made.
  • Once I receive your order, I will reply back with your total and any questions I might have within 2-3 days.
  • There will be no available pick-up at the event or con, so a shipping cost ($5.00) will be added onto your total.
  • If I need to send your order out of the country, there will be additional cost to cover the shipping.

***Base cost of a badge is $50.00 USD. Additional costs will be added and vary depending on the customization of your order.

You will receive: 

  • Printed and laminated badge
  • clip
  • Jpeg and PNG files of your character

Please fill out by coping and pasting:

Use this image to help you order your badge:  Ordering A Badge by Fynara

Your name:
Your e-mail (used to contact you):
Your entire address (used to send your badge):
Event or Con (Blizzcon, Gamescon, None, etc):
Name on the badge (usually your character's name):
Reference (links or attachments of your character/persona)***NOTE*** These need to be clear references of your character's bust, in other words, from the chest up. Unless you wish for waist up which is considered a customization and will cost more:
Customization (optional) These would include weapons, pets, waist-up version of your character, change in the badge template, etc (if you have any questions please ask as some changes in the badge will not require an additional fee):
Badge Template (currently the ones offered are geared more for Blizzcon or Blizzard game; if you have any questions please ask) Listed Options: Horde Badge, Alliance Badge, Legion Badge, Dalaran Badge, Hero Badge (coming soon)
Questions or comments (please let me know if you have questions, or concerns):

After you've sent your order form...

I will reply with your total in 2-3 days and send you a paypal invoice soon after. If the payment is not sent within a week of the invoice (unless you need an extension) then your order will be cancelled. Please note there is no refund after I've started your commission. And please send your questions via DA or email.

Have a wonderful day and thanks for reading! :la: 
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