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Hope you're having a kick ass day. I feel kinda...bleh. But work shall go on!



So, if you're a past client, and would like to share your full experience with what it's like to order from me, and also how my conduct was if there was an issue, please feel free to share. I will be linking your username page if possible, for validity. So if you're not okay with that, it's perfectly fine of course.

The only way I'd decline a testimony is if you were not a past client (from order form to delivery completion), and if you reveal an issue I didn't realize was unresolved (in which case I'd feel the need to discuss it with you so we may resolve it).

Again, thank you for your business! And for your time in sharing a testimony if you feel inclined!

Back to work I go.



You must include 'usernamefa/da/tumblr'. One, two, or all three, but AT LEAST ONE. Otherwise I must decline your testimony (which would be a shame since you gave me your time. I've already had to decline one because of that.).


usernamefa = okay
username@ deviantart = okay
username@ tumblr/deviantart = okay
username@ tumblr - usernamefa = okay
username = denied

Any questions? Feel free to ask below!
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For several years now, especially since 2014, DA is little more than a Example gallery organizer for me. Which is why I rarely, if ever, make announcements here.

So, if interested in the latest news, info, and such from me, here are the sites you should follow or bookmark:

  • - Most recent info on commissions and etc.
  • - The first place that gets announcments on updates, egg adopts, PRO service re-openings, and promo codes for commissions (ranging from $$off to free sketches)
  • - The second place that gets announcements: eggs, stream + overnight opening announcements, PRO service re-openings, + life news. Also is my main online hangout right now.
  • 4th place for announcements, and only when it's slow/ I'm desperate. I don't get many clients there, but it's good for organizing example folders.
  • fydbac newsletter - The sure way to get stream/overnight announcements when FA is down. When FA is down, it becomes my second place for such news. When FA is up, it becomes a general news outlet. And possibly 4th place for Stream and overnight sketches (when things are very slow).

I have accounts nearly everywhere, but most are mainly for advertising purposes. Please visit to see the full list of links.

If there is a place you think I should join, feel free to recommend it in a comment here. PLEASE check my link list on first. So you won't sound redundant, and tell me you aren't sincere in wanting to assist.
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Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 27, 2015, 8:35 PM

To beta testing:…

Another beta testing!

This time for my tattoo design service! You can fill it out as much as you like, or go  back and forth to make sure you saw the different pages. I’m mostly concerned about the “canvas trace” portion. Any and all input is appreciated!

The first 5 or so will get a special discount code for this service as a thanks for your time. Only if you use your real email of course.

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less deviantart, more other places...

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 2, 2015, 11:18 PM


I wish to lesson my time on deviantart, so in case you weren't aware, here are the places you should watch if ya dig me to pieces:

I actually have about 20 places or so. There are links on my front page that takes you to the full list. Or you can just google my ass. Yeah, just google me if you forget anything.

Back to work I go,


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Redbubble store SALE!

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 30, 2014, 1:47 PM


Things like the following as shirts, posters, stickers, etc.!

tattoo : koi ichi by fydbac tattoo: poison candy by fydbac Preferred term by fydbac shigeki.zumi: tattoo sketchbook: 008 + merch by fydbac

See more at Redbubble!

Not sure how long the sale will last: definitely not more than 1 month. So get the shopping while you can!

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My first 'tagged'!

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 23, 2014, 3:06 PM

Tagged by M-Jenai 
Took me a while to find the time, but yay! Was fun. Ya should go check out M-Jenai : very cool works!

Here are some rules:
1. You must posts these rules
2. Each person has to share 10 things about them
3. Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer 
4. Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal
5. Go to their page to inform them they are tagged (we have mentions now, using that)
6. Not something like " you are tagged if you read that"
7. You have to legitimately tag 10 people
8. No tag-backs
9. You can't say that you don't do tags

10 things about me:
  • I fall in love everyday with my upcoming comic, i.pity.mé ( )
  • I'm working to save up for my other goal (besides 'i.pity.mé'); my own private art studio (where I'll be tattooing again).
  • By my own standards, I have not yet earned the title of "tattoo artist", I can only say I'm a tattooist.
  • I have three piercings in my nose, All of which I got this year.
  • I'm a heterosexual with a bigender mind
  • I think men, women, and all the in between can be beautiful and ugly equally; but I'm only sexually/romantically attracted to men.
  • I'm a virgin; not because I'm waiting, but just had better things to do than pursue it.
  • I know I'm cute and cool as hell, and can get laid whenever I want if I was to seriously go out for it.
  • I recently acknowledged my extreme sense of cognitive empathy.
  • Japanese is my second language

M-Jenai 's Questions + my answers:

Why do you draw? Do you also write stories?  
  • To translate my imagination in order to enjoy life and to support my livelihood of going and doing whatever I want without worrying about getting permission.
  • Writing stories for my own comics, yes. Writing a novel or getting paid to write, no (not yet).

When you were the age of 5-8, what did you want to be when you grew up?
  • comedian, firefighter, and model, at some point between those ages. Each lasting only about a day or two.

List 5 pet peeves
  • People, clients, not saying "thank you".
  • Folks who don't extend a greeting, (hi, hello, etc.), when they first message me/ When people approach me like they know me like that, which they clearly don't.
  • The current trend of not using fucking grammar: Just an influx of run of fucking sentences. I don't mind the occasional bad grammar, but no grammar is unacceptable.
  • When people don't utilize their deduction skills, especially for things I think are obvious.
  • When asked a question, instead of answering directly, the person goes off on some bullshit tangent (see: all the police brutality/murdering, Hollywoods lack of diversity, all american politics, etc. etc.).

What's one irrational fear of yours?
  • internal parasites (e.g., bot flies)

Post your fave drawing you've ever done.
 The Darkness by fydbac 
  • A few annoying anatomy issues, but I still love it. Too bad someone apparently fucked it up with their inking (I haven't seen it, but the client told me).

Best vacation memory
  • I don't do vacations (which is when you just have fun and don't think about or do any work, right?). My best Workcation memory: Each diving experience in the gulf of thailand during my one month stay there.

What's your favorite and least favorite food. 
  • favorite = okinomiyaki, least favorite = onions, well, actually, my least favorite is some fruit I had while at a thai or taiwan fair in the park next to Harajuku. I don't know it's name, and only wish to taste it again, so I can re-learn it's name to warn others.

What's the craziest dream you've ever had?
  • I was in a room, against my will but not tied up, watching a large screen (like mind-eye type feeling, but not). On the screen, was kids....and...horrible things being done to him. Like the kind that makes me want to kill who is responsible. Most of it, my dream self would turn my head and close my eyes. So I KNEW bad things were happening, but didn't actually see the real detailed parts. The next night, it was the same thing, but with kittens instead of kids. And then that was the very last time I had a dream so fucked up. That was in...2008 or 2009 or so. Still no clue as to why.

Introduce your first OC ever.
  • I forget her name, made her when I was in ninth grade or so. Let's call her Cain for now. There are maybe three images of her (all of which are in storage, not scanned), and the first and only time I've spoken of her to another human (that I can recall) was just a few months ago with Desperish  :

  • - Details from when I first made her at 12 yrs old or so: She's a solid soul, a soul who was made into solid flesh. Something that happens when a soul goes through so many lives. She looks like a chocolate skinned black american human, cause that was her last life/humanoid body; but she can change from female to male, no in between. She chooses to be female by default for some reason. She's thousands of years old when the story starts. The story starts with her accidentally landing on earth ( fighting some monster), crashing into a penitentiary,  and then accidentally breaking out a man, Rain, who's actually the long lost half of her being (soul mate) reincarnated.

  • - Details from this year after thinking about her for the first time in over a decade: Most of the above still applies, but adding on: Solid souls are actually made to be the white blood cells of the universe, protecting it from things that could kill it. Cain's body is female because she wanted to change things up after being a male body for centuries before. Her voice is very male, Vin Diesel type pitch, because she'd forgotten how genders can differ in voice. She carries herself like an average earth male. Her favorite hobby is turning her body male and making her soul mate/ lover, Rain (who is a straight male), question his sexuality. She's naturally asexual herself, and refers to herself in male pronouns.
  • Next to i.pity.mé, I want to make her/his story into a comic as well. 

If you could have one power, what would it be?
  • Timelord (Doctor Who): that counts as "one" right?... I'm counting it as "one".

My Questions:
  1. Is revenge best served cold or blazing for you?
  2. Do you feel revenge (against someone who did horrible deeds against you) would be more beneficial or damaging in the long run for you?
  3. Which do you hope for once your body dies: reincarnation, non-existence, or something else?
  4. If you lived in an utopia: where it's nothing but peace, would you be a content citizen or become a villain over time?
  5. If you could have a special ability from any creature on earth, what would it be and from what creature? 
  6. If you could trade any of your 5 senses to be a genius in any field, what sense would your trade and for what genius?
  7. Do you honestly think you can survive torture without becoming a traitor?
  8. What is the positive side to hate?
  9. Which type of immortality(or semi-immortality) would you like to have: dracula kind of vampire, timelord, or highlander?
  10. What is one of your top three best laughs ever experienced so far?

10 Tagging (some I know, some I never chatted with and just watch)...

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Rates start @$30
Discounts given on tumblr, my newsletter, and the previous journal ($10off) for New clients. Visit order form for more info!

Order form + info =…

Theme: Mistletoe: see your character kissing a stranger from another order, or any other combination of your choosing! With a delivery being tomorrow 12/21/14 by midnight.

Oh, a special discount for DA watchers. Never commissioned me before? EVER!? Well here's a rare discount code for you!

- $10 off

-Only if you never commissioned me to create art for you before.
-Can only be used one time under each service. Example: can be used with day-sketch AND characo, etc.

-You are responsible for entering the code, no do-overs or asking me to add it if you forget.
-Only usable if this journal is still posted.
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Hi again,

I had originally put in a section so you can supply your username, but decided to take it out. But now I put it back again because of a special idea I may have in mind. SO...if you filled out the compilation book poll (in the last journal) and didn't supply your username, please comment on this journal!

I'll be able to tell if you really submitted or not, so feel free to just say "I submitted". Answer the question afterwards if you wish.

Thanks for taking the time to vote! You shall be rewarded for doing so.

Hi All!

My DA subscription ran out, so using googles poll.

I'm close to finishing all current adopts, and gonna be starting characos next Monday, then doing a bunch of postal mailings.

In the mean time, I'm considering making a compilation book of the first 100 characos and/or first 100 adopts. So the book may be 100 to 200 plus pages!

Please submit the poll below if interested! Or even if you are not interested, but do have a characo or adopt between 1 and 100 (there is a special section for you).

This is only to determine interest, and a general preference from those who are.
I'm not sure if I'll just provide a link to the publishers site, or possibly take pre-orders once the book is all complete and ready to be sent to the publisher, (Which I think may be more beneficial for both me and the buyer). But I'll be researching more on that later.

For all characo and adopt clients: I'll be having a discount code for you guys once I am ready to launch, no matter which method these will be delivered by. But more on that later!

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How am !? Well...

Working on finishing my entries for Vol.2 Monster Anthology book:

And then...

FIVE characos due this month
FIVE adopts due this month
THREE fashion designs due
ONE day-sketch due

Still accepting orders for all of the above: Won't need to wait long for me to accept any longer, as the Monster books deadline is this week, and I'm nearly finished. So please feel free to submit an order today! All links are on my front page here on DA, and in the gallery folders, and each art submission.

And one ongoing sketchbook project to complete.

I missed a weekend of streams, so I'm REALLY looking to make up for it. I'm thinking another round of Model Adopts: Pre-made, preliminary, character designs (same quality as characo and adopts). Which go for $20 or $25, and hold the same rights clause as characos and adopts (more info on FAQ).

And dammit, the da subscription ran out. But I got more important things to hustle for at the moment (rent, bills, etc.).

So, that's my update. Any questions, please ask below!

Now....How are you?
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URGENT schedule change-aka: My tablet is a bitch-

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 7, 2014, 10:34 PM


To current clients, and prospective clients, Please add a few days to our projects delivery deadline. My tablet decided that it didn't want to work with my laptop through a usb anymore. Apparently, it decided it only works if I turn it so the usb connection is facing the ceiling. Just checked it now,... and it has now decided to quit doing that as well.

But, I found a way to avoid biting that money bullet for a few months, while still having a tablet to work with. Still inconvenient as all hell. So while I wait for the new one to arrive in a few days, I'ma try borrowing one from Best Buy in the morning. A trick I utilized three years back, when I first started streams.

So not TOO dire of a situation for any of my clients with due work, but thought it best to inform you all of the temporary slow-down.

Bye for now!


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New Service? fydbac Clothing Line + Character adop

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 13, 2014, 7:48 PM


Always wanted to go to a virtual boutique to buy your character an outfit, or have one tailor made for them?
Ever wanted to adopt an already designed fydbac character?

Well look no further!

Vote in this poll if interested:…

If enough shows interest, I will launch sometime this month I hope! Not just for my own enrichment, but for some much needed extra income too!

Character Adopt:
An already made fydbac character design for you to play with: You purchase as is, and may have the option of choosing a package (each with it's own price).

Similarities to "egg adopt" and "characo":
- Meant to be a preliminary SKETCH for you to build an even better design from.
- MAY be higher quality, not sure. So assume same quality.
- Can be played with as is, but no commercial/profit usage. (see FAQ for details)

- No client options, you adopt as is.
- Possible Package options:
---package A = front nude view only.
---package B = front and back view, ( you DO NOT get to view "back" before purchase).
---package C = Front and clothing design, (you DO NOT get to view "clothing" before purchase).

Clothing line
Either buy already made design for your existing character, or have me "custom tailor" one for your character (would be structured like the characo service (one-word directions)!

Both services:

Purchase would contain:
- hi-res Psd file with all layers:
----flat color
----under sketch

Similarities to "egg adopt" and "characo":
- Meant to be a preliminary SKETCH for you to build an even better design from.
- Never less than same quality. MAY be higher quality, not sure. So assume same quality.
- Can be played with as is, but no commercial/profit usage. (see FAQ for details)
- Automatically line art + flat color.
- Same copyright agreements. (see FAQ for details)
----Require more than 50% design change for you to gain complete rights to character (profit, publication, etc).

Please vote if interested here:…

Questions? Please ask in THIS journal before submitting the poll!

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Monster Anthology Vol.2 KICKSTARTER! ending soon!

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 12, 2014, 10:44 AM



Monster Anthology: vol.2: NSFW edition by fydbac
Very honored to be a part of it! I'll be contributing to the NSFW edition. Will be doing a comic and some illustrations.
Please support!

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Owl002-001 LIMITED PRINT + ONE free random sketch

Journal Entry: Wed May 28, 2014, 11:13 AM


I'm selling only 10 (only 5 available now) prints of...

irezumi design: owl 002-001: PRINTS by fydbac

Order form:…


One Random ballpoint pen sketch [quality example]:…

BUT NOW: One of the 10 buyers WILL NOT receive a sketch, instead, you'll get this custom designed hat! (unless someone buys the hat first:… ):

Ikan cap: 01 -SOLD- by fydbac

Why you ask? Just because. And at no extra cost either.

Pass this along please!

Back to commissions I go,


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Clients + Male erotic Wallet + STREAM SKETCH today

Journal Entry: Sat May 3, 2014, 12:03 PM

Hello All,


Back home and ready to jump back to work! Thanks again for those who agreed to the circumstances of April. Will attempt to thank most, if not all, of you in some way.


1) To current clients/potential clients:

Now that things will be returning to normal, is a quick summary of the things I will be getting to this month:


-12 coloring for Day-sketches and Overnights

-53 images to scan, prep, and email out.

-10 mail-outs

-5 free sketches for Poster orders (5 more still available by the way:… )

   - postal mailing of those 5.

-5 hatchlings

-5 characo sketches

-A few pro quality line-art pieces for Vex’s Sketchbook project.


And….stream sketches on the weekends! First one TODAY actually (info below).


Sorry to repeat once again: but all traditional orders (minus the day sketches that are private) in April have pen photographed and posted on . All digital orders, please refer to our corresponding email, as mentioned.


If I missed anything, you have questions, feel free to message me in THIS journal or email me (contact info …in contact info locations). Please do not double message me about the same topic within two weeks. 90% of the time, I reply within 24-48 hours.


All those involved, please refer to our corresponding email and invoices if you need a reminder of deadline countdowns and etc.


I will start scanning and coloring things this Monday. As always, I will email sketch clients once their work is finish, not before (unless there is a delay).


Again, thank you to all those involved in April.


2) Wallet for sale:…

Yup, finally launched the word bubble censored male on male erotic art wallet I wanted!


3) Stream sketches…NOW ACCEPTING ORDERS! Start at 1pm PST!

Order form:…;

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Overnight skethes opening soon + reminders

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 4, 2014, 5:03 AM

Hello all!

I would like to extend my gratitude to all those who accepted the special scheduling for the day-sketches this month. Thank you! Because of a few no response cancelations ( one pending) I will actually be able to bump a lot of you up to a earlier batch, which means you will see your sketch sooner than later! Yay!

For those interested in a overnight sketch, which will open in a few hours, I will remind you in the announcement post of the special delivery during this april ( see journal, "IMPORTANT: temporary services"). Because I missed last weekend, I will open two extra days. The first will start in a few hours, and the second will will jist have to keep an eye out:) but you can recommend the time I open (use your own time zone).

Also, another reminder, ALL work must be done traditionally (pencil, pen, etc.) this month, and I CANNOT SCAN ORIGINAL WORK TILL MAY 2014. So I will post on my instagram AND tumblr:


Because I was bound to forget some detail in my planning: I failed to check if instagram would be convenient. So will post some on tumblr as well. Could post on FA and DA I think, but rather only post the scanned cleaned versions in those types of galleries. Plus instagram and tumblr is more convenient for me considering I have no comp access this month, just my phone.

So, tired of my rambling yet? too. Just gotta know I am informing peeps fully.

Please be sure to follow those sites or even just bookmark them, especially if you have a day- sketch or will order an 'overnight sketch' this month.

Bye for now,


P.s. Questions or concerns? Please ask in this journal :)

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Launching adopt batch 25 tonight!

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 21, 2014, 8:10 PM

Always wanted an adopt? Launching tonight! Hatchlings will be from eggs designed by Coey! CoeyKuhn
Keep an eye out, they go by fast!

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IMPORTANT: March 27th to April 30th

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 14, 2014, 4:11 PM



If you are a current, wait-listed, or prospective client, please read this carefully. I will not be home for a little over a month, so during the duration I will have a special schedule for a few of my services. Please read the following for all the details:


--March27th 2014 – April 30th--

Temporary service and schedule


I will NOT be able to…:


-Postal mail




Please follow me on tumblr:

 - All due work will be photographed and posted on tumblr for convenience.  

- Hi-res scans cannot be done until the first week of May.  So no email till then. The post on tumblr will be proof that I finished.


- What will be posted on tumblr: Traditionally created Day-sketches and Overnight sketches.

- I will NOT post day-sketch orders which have asked for the piece to remain private.




-Overnight sketches will hold the same deadline time frame.

- Adopted hatchlings (batch 25 launching soon): Turnaround countdown will start  May 1st

- Characo Turnaround countdown will start  May 7th




- Coloring options will be ballpoint pen, color pencils, or you may choose to have me wait on the coloring until the week following May 7th. Line-art will still be done and posted in tumblr.


Limited Owl print (5 remaining):

- If you place an order for one of the 5 remaining prints within the next week, then I will mail your print + free sketch by mid to late May. Order form:…


-If you are one of the current 5, then I will mail your print + free sketch on May 2nd (I will send an email shortly).



-I will finally be able to accept day-sketches. I will send an email shortly to see of those on the list are interested. If you do not receive an email from me by March 21st, please email me.
- Feel free to submit an order! Follow the link on the front page or above.


Overnight sketches:

-Will be done Traditionally.


Characo and Adopted eggs:

- If I accept any, Turnaround Delivery countdown will start  as mentioned above.


Stream sketches:

-This will be the last month for Stream sketches (2 or three more sessions remain for this month).

-This service will then resume in the month of May 2014.


I will email those on the current wait-lists soon. If you do not receive an invoice by March 21st, please email me. The email will simply confirm if you’re interest and ask your approval for me to send the invoice (which will mention the temporary deadline schedule mentioned for that service). In the subject head, I will mention what work batch you are in.


The reason I will accept a few characos (not all), and launch an adopt in a few days, is because I wish to be able to jump on things as soon as I return.  And will be able to do at least the base sketch using the program mentioned above.


If you have ANY questions or concerns, PLEASE feel free to ask: preferably in a comment to this message, but if you rather discuss it in private, email is best.

Now off I go to finish the last three adopts for the )hopefully tomorrow) launch. Which is another trade with the great Coey Kuhn!

Thank you all so very much for everything! I really appreciate the patience of you wait-listers, and for the consideration and love from anyone who want me to create for them!

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NEW Shirts and Stickers available 03/05!

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 5, 2014, 1:03 PM

irezumi design: owl 002-001: PRINTS by fydbac
Only 5 prints still remain! Only $20 + shipping + Free original mail-out quality sketch!…

Owl002-001 is now up as a shirt or sticker!

@ redbubble :…
@ MySoti :…

MySoti seems to print the design over a larger area than Redbubble (which I personally prefer). But feel free to choose which place you get it from!

I just posted this on Mysoti as well:

shigeki.zumi: tattoo sketchbook: 008 + merch by fydbac
@ MySoti :…
AND For a limited time only, lowered its pricing @ redbubble:…

Thank you for your time! 

Back to work I go,

Jainai Jeffries
P.S. Big announcement soon concerning clients and temporary scheduling from March 27th to May 1st!

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Limited print offer: Owl002-001 + free sketch!

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 19, 2014, 1:21 PM


For a very limited print (only 10... 8...FIVE remaining!) of the following:

irezumi design: owl 002-001: PRINTS by fydbac

Fill out the order form below. Please be sure to read the info provided carefully.

Order form:…

I made the announcement through my newsletter first. So if you'd like a first pick of future offers (the next one should be announced soon, save $15!), please sign-up here:

Thank you for your time! I hope I'm able to announce the $15 offer soon (which is something a bit cooler than a print).

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Slow Monday and possibly Tuesday

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 10, 2014, 5:04 PM


I have 3 characos due, 5 Adopts to finish, and too many day-sketch wait-listers to message.

I'm afraid I really exhausted myself these last three days + the project that kept me up for what felt like 1.5days, have made my body very sore. Think because I'm working on the hard floor and not sleeping?

So, I'm very sorry, but today and possibly tomorrow will be very slow. I intend to deliver all the remaining characos this week to


And I will be hoping on the adopts afterwards: which I will do a little bit extra to make up for my delay.

Thank you for your time...and now I'm going back to sleep before I get the insomnia energy again.