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This is my first tutorial, but I hope it can be helpful!
Feel free to ask questions if you don't understand something c: Also I'm going to make another tutorial about animation^^

As I said, please do not use my icon base or I will find you hehe :iconheplz:

P.S. I save my icons in Photoshop as GIFs c: The background is transparent, I don't have layer with white bg!
You can also save it as png file with transparent background in SAI, but you won't be able to add animation then.

:star:You also may use one of my free icons! :star:
Bottle Miku FREE ICON by fxpxy alice: madness returns FREE icon by fxpxy Elsa Frozen by fxpxy Fionna FREE ICON by fxpxy
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Just bought it! It really helps, thanks!!
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This is cute Great job! I used this many years ago on some Gifs back when it was free. Decided to go ahead and pay the 100:points: to support your work. Really wish you would do more tutorials. You are one of my favorite Pixel artists. :3
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OK to me the i will find you thing was a little creepy but thank you
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I don't need to pay for it to see how you do it.
1. You do the lineart how you normally would
2. go over it with the binary brush, and add color
3. resize the art to 50x50
EDIT: if you don't have photoshop, you can go to an online gif maker
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It doesn't teach you how to animate. I spend my points in vain. It's cute though.
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Woah! This is cool!
Though I think I saw the same tutorial for free also on dA... did they steal your art?? qAq
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This tutorial used to be free a year ago or so^^
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100 points?? There are plenty of icon tutorials that are free I'll just look at another one I guess d:
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This isn't a tutorial it's a freaking picture. VERY HELPFUL
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You gotta purchase it on the right w/ points, and it'll download, then you have to extract the files from the zip folder.
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How do I get points...? I FEEL STUPID
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the reason you feel stupid is because you are stupid.....
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:icondahub: is a good place to start ^_^
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In order to get points, there are several different ways:

#1) The way deideiblueeyez reccomends is by providing particular DeviantArt users a form of attention or approval. If you were to watch them, they would of course appear more popular by an entire user. If you were to favorite their work, their work would appear slightly more popular. Or you alternatively provide advertisement for the dAhub account in a journal in exchange for points.

#2) Try to sell drawings for points. These are most often known as 'Adoptables'. You'll have to start off cheap and slowly raise the prices as you get more popular, but eventually you earn points that way.

#3) Buy points for money from DeviantArt. The minimum you can buy right now is 400 points (see prices here www.deviantart.com/account/poi…). Or, if you're lucky, you might be able to find somebody willing to trade points for money at a cheaper price.
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ovo;; the person you were answered by earlier. Y'know...
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anyone know some good ipad pixeling apps?
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