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Comparison Old/New: Vision: The new one is obviously more detailed than the old one, we can see you don't changed your style, just impr...

Newest Deviations

Mega Man X: Fighting Arena by FXFreitas Mega Man X: Fighting Arena :iconfxfreitas:FXFreitas 6 14 X-Fire Stage Clear by FXFreitas X-Fire Stage Clear :iconfxfreitas:FXFreitas 10 2 Agile 32-bits by FXFreitas Agile 32-bits :iconfxfreitas:FXFreitas 11 9 X-Fire V2 by FXFreitas X-Fire V2 :iconfxfreitas:FXFreitas 14 32 X-Fire Walk by FXFreitas X-Fire Walk :iconfxfreitas:FXFreitas 9 1 X-Fire Jump by FXFreitas X-Fire Jump :iconfxfreitas:FXFreitas 13 3 Ultron 32bits by FXFreitas Ultron 32bits :iconfxfreitas:FXFreitas 6 1 Zero Turning. by FXFreitas Zero Turning. :iconfxfreitas:FXFreitas 8 0 Zero Air Shot by FXFreitas Zero Air Shot :iconfxfreitas:FXFreitas 6 3 Zero Dash by FXFreitas Zero Dash :iconfxfreitas:FXFreitas 12 4 Sigma Attack by FXFreitas Sigma Attack :iconfxfreitas:FXFreitas 15 14 Rockman X1 Sigma 32-bits by FXFreitas Rockman X1 Sigma 32-bits :iconfxfreitas:FXFreitas 35 31 X-Armor Tree (read the description) by FXFreitas X-Armor Tree (read the description) :iconfxfreitas:FXFreitas 20 9 SoldJermon by FXFreitas SoldJermon :iconfxfreitas:FXFreitas 3 3 Iris Air Sword by FXFreitas Iris Air Sword :iconfxfreitas:FXFreitas 14 7 Cute Iris by FXFreitas Cute Iris :iconfxfreitas:FXFreitas 10 2

Random Favourites

megaman x corrupted: x armors (32-bit and 16-bit) by kensuyjin33 megaman x corrupted: x armors (32-bit and 16-bit) :iconkensuyjin33:kensuyjin33 36 13 Duo Armors Sprites in 32-bit (INCOMPLETED) by kensuyjin33 Duo Armors Sprites in 32-bit (INCOMPLETED) :iconkensuyjin33:kensuyjin33 38 9 sprites rockman or megaman online 32-bit by kensuyjin33 sprites rockman or megaman online 32-bit :iconkensuyjin33:kensuyjin33 68 7 sprites x8 team by kensuyjin33 sprites x8 team :iconkensuyjin33:kensuyjin33 48 8 mavericks x8 by kensuyjin33 mavericks x8 :iconkensuyjin33:kensuyjin33 17 3 sprites sigma x7 in 32-bit by kensuyjin33 sprites sigma x7 in 32-bit :iconkensuyjin33:kensuyjin33 26 8 sprites Sigma x8 in 32-bit by kensuyjin33 sprites Sigma x8 in 32-bit :iconkensuyjin33:kensuyjin33 48 18 MegaManX Armor Habilites (75% completed) by kensuyjin33 MegaManX Armor Habilites (75% completed) :iconkensuyjin33:kensuyjin33 17 11 Zero Armors by kensuyjin33 Zero Armors :iconkensuyjin33:kensuyjin33 69 37 Cannon Driver 32bits Conversion [Revised Again] by IrregularSaturn Cannon Driver 32bits Conversion [Revised Again] :iconirregularsaturn:IrregularSaturn 32 11 Tiranos 32bits Conversion [Revised] by IrregularSaturn Tiranos 32bits Conversion [Revised] :iconirregularsaturn:IrregularSaturn 26 15 Intro de X en megaman X8 by Gokuh2134 Intro de X en megaman X8 :icongokuh2134:Gokuh2134 17 11 Sprites MegaMan X All Armors 32-BIT (98%completed) by kensuyjin33 Sprites MegaMan X All Armors 32-BIT (98%completed) :iconkensuyjin33:kensuyjin33 110 56



X-Armor Tree (read the description)
Well, Iris Sprites done alongside with my vacation. But the sprites will still coming, this is just a preview of some sprites.
I'm using this submission to talk about the future of my mmx sprites, so here we go
here you can see :iconrobertoakes: :icondragonfaku: :iconrocklu: :iconblackbeltdude: :iconkensuyjin33: :iconbusteromegamon: :iconsoldjermon: and of course :iconfxfreitas: works and in a future I'll add more more armors to the list.
The SNES armors Conversions are part of my personal works. And command Mission Armors (X-Fire and Ultimate) are made for a friend's game, soon after he select a name and a logo, I'll start to show the game here.
X8 armors are done
X7 armor was started by a new spriter but he never finished...
SH armor is slowly sprited, as you can see I've changed the pallete, and must have to start everything again.
Mega Mission Armors are only concepts, like the others command mission armors. I have no plans for them, except for iX and Return X.

Added the "Clear Armor" From X-Challenge, Of course with a better palette.
Mega Man X: Fighting Arena
Hello folks, after some time without any news, I've decided to share the project that me and AlexDX4 are working on.
Mega Man X: Fighting arena uses the M.U.G.E.N engine and as any Mugen and as the name already stated, this will be a Fighting game. Using 32-Bit PSX Graphics with 9 playable charcters planed for the start, and 4 extras, we got a total of 13 playable characaters.
I am the main spriter and AlexDX the main coder. We are finishing the work on X and Iris before go to further on the Development.
Here Some Videos about our game:…
I hope everybody enjoy the videos, and share with your friends.

Planed characters:
X (Almost Done)
Zero (Being Reworked)
Axl (Still Early Beta)
Alia (Being Reworked)
Iris (Almost Done)
Sigma (Being Reworked)
Vile (Still Early Beta)
Dynamo (Still Early Beta)
Green Biker Dude (Still Early Beta)

Extra Characters:
Command Mission X (Done)
Colonel (Being Reworked)
Gate (Still Early Beta)
??? (No clues for now)

Stages done:
Sigma Stage
Training Stage

Fixed some typos and added more info.
X-Fire V2
Well as you know, I'm updating X-Fire, and here is the progress. Thanks to :iconrobertoakes:, :icondragonfaku:, :iconblackbeltdude: for the bases and :iconcommandmissionfan: and :iconrocklu: for helping me on this one, thanks a lot buddies.
2018-06-05: File Updated.
2018-06-06: File Updated.
2018-06-08: File Updated.
2018-06-10: File Updated.
2018-06-11: File Updated. WE ARE ALMOST THERE!!
2018-06-30: File Updated, My work is done, now its on Rods hands.
X-Fire Stage Clear
Just Showing how the new animation works, this is based on the animation that he does after the transformation, but we will use it as stage clear, because looks fit better on this purpose.
Agile 32-bits
Sprite that I made 4fun, with exception of the head everything was hand-drawn. Free for Use but give credits. Head by HyperTurtle32
File Update: Added more details, fixed some parts



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Kenseiden Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2018
Valeu pelo fav. Sinta-se a vontade para usar o sprite sheet do magma dragoon como quiser (postei ele mais pensando no pessoal do mugen na epoca). 

Como vc é bem melhor em pixel art acho que vc melhor ele ou fazer melhor. Eu no momento estou em duvida se continuo fazendo o vs dos maverick em pixel art ou se migro pra imagens vetoriais em hd.

insta watch no seu trabalho
FXFreitas Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Você fez um grande trabalho com o Dragoon. Eu particularmente seguiria pelo caminho da pixel art, acho que tudo fica mais bonito, apesar de dar bem mais trabalho.
hansungkee Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Thanks for the fav.:) (Smile)
dragonfaku Featured By Owner May 14, 2018
Sorry for the late happy birthday, dude. I hope you the best.
BlackZero24 Featured By Owner May 6, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Spideypool - Happy Birthday 1Spideypool - Happy Birthday 2
FXFreitas Featured By Owner May 7, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
BlackZero24 Featured By Owner May 10, 2018  Student Digital Artist
You're welcome ^^
RetroGalicia Featured By Owner May 6, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Happy Birthday's picture by RetroGalicia  
Feliz cumpreanos por adiantado dende Galicia (ESPAÑA)! Non deixes que a vergoña, o medo e a negatividade non che invada o teu corpo e mente enteiros. Segue evolucionando e creando co mellor que che gusta e sabes facer, non so na sua profesion (como artista, creador/a, escritor/a, etc.), senon tamen como persoa. A fin de contas, nunca é tarde para evolucionar e crear. Mantéllao arriba o gran traballo con alegria, moito amor nel, con gran positividade e CARPE DIEM ET NOCTEM! ( = 0 u < = )
Atentamente, o teu amigo
Juan Carlos "JC2PR" (tamén coñecido como Gali/Rando o Creadomertista Randomniano)
FXFreitas Featured By Owner May 6, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Gracias amigo
RetroGalicia Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
De nada! ( = > U < = )
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