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Mystic path

My supervisors like the old artwork "temple of the Sun" so we decide there will be a revised version of it, match my current skill.

But actually, since I love the old one so much, for me it's perfected enough so I can't make it look much better, just more... complicated.

Visit my blog at: [link]
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Simply gorgeous,along with all the rest of your work.

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Love the Landscape!
mysterious, oriental, windy
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The light in this new verion is even more beautiful and real. Though the place looks a bit smaller than on the old version. Is "tight" a word to describe it?
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Đẹp dã man con ngan anh ơi XD~ Ngưỡng mộ quá :( chết mất
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excellent this should make daily deviant
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An alluring piece, filled with majesty and serenity. A sense of awe envelopes us as we gaze upon it (especially me, since i'm trying to better my photoshop skills), and i cant help but wonder if there's a poem behind this piece. If there is will you share? If if not- well then allow me to say that its a wonderful work, and your skills are exquisite.
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Phối màu đẹp quá anh ơi T_T
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nhìn thật là thơ mộng :love:
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Looks like Kung Fu Panda intro xD

"Legends tell of legendary warrior, whose Kung Fu skills were a stuff of legend~!"
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Stunning. That is all that can be said to describe this! Its so mysterious but feels like a voyage of enlightenment and resolution....

A hero's journey is never over.
makes me wonder, "How long did they travel to get there?" Amazing!
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chinese taste.
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pretty good lighting :clap: and awesome atmopshere
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It gave me the feeling of him aproaching the wish of his Heart.
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Gorgeous atmosphere and composition!
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