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Good day

Suddenly I realized today is Friday night so I can spend a little bit of leisure time to do something I want.
And yes, it's a "Good day", for everyone, even a future soldier, have a nice weekend guys.

Ma FB: [link]
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I love your message ! Hope that's a good day for you today ^^
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You speak about the painting as if it took you an hour or 2 to finish. What is the deal behind those sci-fi soldiers, cause I see them very often and they all look quite realistic. Do you guys paint them over photoes or what? You couldnt have done all ot  this by hand in a matter of a couple of hours, right?
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 correct me if im wrong; but that's a laser, and the 'cartridge' is a battery for it, right?
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awesome! thought this was cosplay from the thumbnail.
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Beautiful work!
Great light and character! Impressive work!!!

See ya
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Quá Đẹp..:))nhưng mà khẩu súng thêm chi tiết và bỏ đoạn dọc, ngang, chéo có khi nhìn lại mạnh mẽ hơn.:)..đặc biệt thích cái helmet với băng đạn..
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Rock solid. Scope perspective is bugging me a bit. Great work.
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The gun looks kinda lame but still its cool :)
the helmet is very creative :D
nice scope, background...
you should've focused on the gloves rather than the rifle... cuz the gloves/hands looks more out of focus than the gun...
overall its pretty cool :)
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The perspective is what makes this sick! I need to take notes.
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That's pretty awesome. :3
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