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December 21, 2013
Amazing scene, the mech is really impressive. Battlemech by ~fxEVo
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A bit relax during work today discuss with Alex Brady about how true, near future battlemech should be, how it need to be prep for urban warfare,..., always love the rugged, battle proven mech style.
Also inspired from the amazing gigantic surface tank of Al:
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Exellent work...
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We need to start somewhere.
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Doesn't seem that far fetched. Repurpose an M1 Abrams into and mech and you have future armor.
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This is so close to reality it's scary
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reminds me of BF 2142
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Flat out awesome!
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One thing about tanks and one of the reasons I don't think mechs will ever be used is the fact that they require so much support. I think the only way it would be possible would be with micronized nuclear power plants. Today the marine nuclear power plants are fairly small - so a 20' by 8' area would be required, plus shielding. I think tanks are not used very much due to the infrastructure required. So, I would think that in order to have even heavier walking mechs would require even more infrastructure. I'm a big fan of mechs but I believe that they would need to be much larger - something more like an AC-130 Gunship combined with a submarine with 4 or 6 legs. I think mechs in the future would be very large with nuclear reactors allowing them to operate indefinitely in the field without a massive fuel and infrastructure trail. I think your image is awesome, I just think that in the future mechs would be more like walking troop transports with micronized nuclear reactors to remove their fuel and maintenance supply line. I think mechs in the future would have 16 man crews (4 fire teams) and 2-3 pilots with 2 engineers. So the supply line would be with the mech itself. Also, the 16 man squad (4 fire teams; 1 section/squad) would man weapons and guns aboard the mech which would probably be substantial - 2-3 main cannons, 4-6 .50 cal chain/mini guns and then mission specialized pods i.e. missiles, anti-air etc... LOL. Sorry for my long post, I just think a lot about this stuff. To make it short... I think the future mechs will be a cross between a six leg walker with a AC-130 and a submarine.
Mechs will be used, but not of this scope and size. There are already plenty of heavy-duty war robots out there, just unused, for now.
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there is also another thing to note if we ever use things like this, is that while the mech would have fairly good armor on the upper torso, main gun and other areas the legs need to be less armored than the rest because they are what move it about and the actuators and servos need to cope with the weight put on them to move it....put the same weight of armor on the legs and you're only going to a. make it a slow, easy to hit target. sure you could just make the actuators and servos bigger to compensate for the extra weight but all you're really doing is adding more weight that they have to shift about...not to mention the logistical nightmare of repairing them in the field, it just wouldn't be possible unless the area is locked down by friendly forces and you had cranes to lift it up so the repair crew could get to work!
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This is probably one of the best war/military pictures i have ever seen, it reminds me of Command and Conquer 
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This is so amazing! I love this style and composition! Congratulations! :love:
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i thouhgt at first you used a photo. love your details dear!! The colors/design feel very realistic
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very nice i like it 
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Wow... this is awesome !
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looks like corpus crew men
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I'm so happy this finally received a DD, you deserved it!!
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