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RIP Cauliflower by fwooshfrog RIP Cauliflower :iconfwooshfrog:fwooshfrog 3 4 Classy Pokemon: Witch Papaya and Diviner Plum by fwooshfrog Classy Pokemon: Witch Papaya and Diviner Plum :iconfwooshfrog:fwooshfrog 2 0 Grass Team by fwooshfrog Grass Team :iconfwooshfrog:fwooshfrog 1 3 The Dragon Team by fwooshfrog The Dragon Team :iconfwooshfrog:fwooshfrog 3 2 Princess Tangerine by fwooshfrog Princess Tangerine :iconfwooshfrog:fwooshfrog 4 6 Larimar likes Tangerine by fwooshfrog Larimar likes Tangerine :iconfwooshfrog:fwooshfrog 4 3 Return To Sender by fwooshfrog Return To Sender :iconfwooshfrog:fwooshfrog 6 10
DW: Ch5: Route 202
In the morning, Latte and Cider’s whispers to each other woke me up. I asked with a yawn, “What’s up, guys?”
“Just tell him, Cider, please,” Latte begged.
Cider sighed. He waddled next to me and explained, “Latte and I were talking about whether or not she’ll be able to battle on her own. I was saying that since she just learned Quick Attack, maybe she can fight without being carried now, but she’s not convinced. Sue, what do you think?”
I had to think about it for a minute. Latte was level 2 when I caught her and Cider had been carrying her through the levels ever since, but it was Cider who said that she should be able to battle without his help and as far as I knew, Cider knew everything.
“Let’s test it out,” I decided. “We’ll fight that trainer over there.” I pointed to a young boy in shorts. “If you can’t beat even one of his Pokémon, then we’ll see.
:iconfwooshfrog:fwooshfrog 1 0
Cauliflower by fwooshfrog Cauliflower :iconfwooshfrog:fwooshfrog 9 4 Friesttata by fwooshfrog Friesttata :iconfwooshfrog:fwooshfrog 8 9 Latte the Starly by fwooshfrog Latte the Starly :iconfwooshfrog:fwooshfrog 1 0 Dat Carrot Face by fwooshfrog Dat Carrot Face :iconfwooshfrog:fwooshfrog 4 3
Carrot's Dream
"Arr, mateys!" Carrot shouted from the side of the helm. "Tonight, we set off for Isle Doom!" A long, thick beard covered his chin and an eyepatch bearing the jolly roger covered his left eye.
"Are you sure that's a good idea, Captain?" asked the helmsman, a woman he knew as Pear. "There be mountains of fire surrounding the Isle. Do you think I'll be safe?"
Carrot nodded. "You'll always be safe, my dear Pear. I promise." He would protect her from any fiery mountains. They didn't stand a chance.
Up in the crow's nest, the lookout shouted down, "We're all clear, Captain!" Her beak glistened in the sunlight and Carrot stared for a moment. Something was wrong, but he couldn't tell what.
A large, blue reptile lowered the sails. Something told Carrot that the reptile shouldn't be there, nor the bird, nor... nor his Pear. As his eyes began to open, he felt something fuzzy in paws. It was a black beard, just like the one he had in his dream.
Pear was gone. Papaya and Turnip were gone. It was j
:iconfwooshfrog:fwooshfrog 2 6
Part 31... by fwooshfrog Part 31... :iconfwooshfrog:fwooshfrog 3 5
Diamond Wedlocke: Ch4: The First Encounter
Piplup and I rushed to Sandgem Town, where we found Professor Rowan in his lab. He gave us a Pokédex and sent us on our merry ways, but I felt like something was missing.
“Hey, Sue!” Piplup called out. “Remember I need a nickname! I’m not just some random Piplup!”
That’s right, Piplup was missing his nickname. “I’m going to call you Cider,” I decided.
Piplup- Er, Cider- nodded in a sagely manner. “Cider..? That’s a good name. Yeah, I’m Cider! Now what do you say to finding me a girlfriend?”
The next thing I found in the grass was a wild Starly... Female. Cider chirped, “Perfect! She’s perfect. Let’s proceed with caution, I don’t want to knock her out.”
The Starly mumbled, “Uh... I-I’m going to win this battle...”
I just tossed a Premier Ball at her and she became the new member of the team. “Cider, you may now kiss the bride.” I paused.
:iconfwooshfrog:fwooshfrog 2 1
Diamond Wedlocke: Ch3: The Second Dream
A voice echoed through my head. “Sue?” It was the voice of an older male, someone who had seen hardship. A form faded in through the blue world. He was large in stature, and his shape was something I had never seen before. “This is your ‘chosen one’? He looks like an average human child.”
A feminine giggle burst through the blue fog. “Don’t count him out yet. He’ll stop the deaths.” Her form floated near the large Pokemon’s head. She looked like some kind of cat or something, but she wasn't a Pokemon I had seen before, either. “I’m Mew,” said the small, floating creature. “That’s Mewtwo. He’s kind of like my grumpy little brother.”
I winced a little. “He looks more like a big brother...” Then again, who was I to debate logic regarding Pokemon?
Mew giggled some more. “Sue, it is your—uh oh--”
I leapt from the bed as Mom crept through the door i
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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Hullo, I'm a fanatic of quite a few things and I like to draw Pokémon and animals. My current drawing projects have a lot to do with Marriland's nuzlocke and wedlocke challenges, and include the (usually lineart) RIP Series, a few headcanons about what's going on in Legs' head, and general draws of the team, all just for fun. The practice helps, too, since I'm still gaining skill in my draws.

I am currently writing a story for a Diamond Wedlocke I decided to do, and Sue's adventures may go past the regular "get 8 badges, beat the league"... but I'm not telling what's going to happen regarding the plot!

I also give random llamas. They're free, so why not?

Favorite HG Wedlocke Pairs
Cauliflower x Tangerine by Marlenesstamps Carrot x Peach by Marlenesstamps Apricot x Lettuce by Marlenesstamps
  • Watching: Numb3rs
  • Playing: Pokemon (Various)
...with art! :meow:

I have a few things on my to-do list :B
One is a bigger project with the HG Wedlocke Pokemon that stems from Little Mermaid Cauliflower and Princess Tangerine. I will say that one of the following pictures will be of Prince Kohlrabi and another will be of Pirate Carrot. I call it the "Classy Pokemon" set, as in RPG classes.
I also noticed that I forgot RIP Cauliflower lineart. Oops.

Also planned:

Something to do with Yam!
Something to do with Spinach!
Something to do with Legs!
Dark Team & Poison Team!
The Dream Team!


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maxpower559 was asking me about what happened about the contest you have and he wanted to apologize to you about what he said. He didn't mean to say what he said because he was curious about what he asked and he also wants to see you in the chat in about 15-20 mins.
fwooshfrog Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's not a contest; I offered something to every entrant, but I will admit that I offered things with a more limited supply to fewer people. I figured that since Marriland could give only one Peach/Carrot baby, I could give a little as well. However, previous interaction with max caused me to begin dislike him. That question he asked was only the feather on the 2-ton weight. I like greed about as much as I like laziness.

I am not going to talk to him if I don't have to and I am not on DA as much people seem to think I am. I'm actually only online for a couple minutes every once in a while. That once in a while was not 2 1/2 hours ago. I am not here at anyone else's leisure.

Tell max that siccing friends on me is a cheap move. If I don't want to contact someone, that's it. I don't want to contact them.
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um... fwooshfrog a guy called maxpower559 says you are blocking him and wont let him have his pokemon... um i really dont want to get in a fight and can i find out why this is happening i would appreciate knowing whats going on... so dont take this message in offence Im just doing a little favor for a guy so yeah...
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fwooshfrog Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Technically, it's not his. It's still mine until I give it to someone else. He and I had a conversation elsewhere and he got me upset by giving me lame excuses. I would have disregarded it if he didn't then get greedy over PMs by asking for double what I offered. I owe him nothing.

That is what's going on. He got me angry and I refuse to deal with him.
Bomkake Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ok if thats what happened... sorry!
fwooshfrog Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
lol it's okay. I don't blame you for anything. :)
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