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Goddess of Trampling v1.0 on the way!

Chapter 1-1 Kid Perseus vs Frost Witch battle, Challenge & Achievement systems are coming with Version 1.0!
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I can't wait to have Perseus/me crushed beneath Her feet! Please keep up the great work, Goddess Mary!
Will there be vore death? I love that kind of scenes ^^
Is she bigger than in chapter 1? When you fought vs 2
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No but Perseus is small.
Sounds perfect - I love how you have a variety of size Goddesses to smash him into the ground. Please keep it up!
I really hope there still will be her shrink ability and now her foot is as big as Perseus and crush him down😊😊
Yay, I can't wait <3, thank you for your amazing work ^.^
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I hope its coming soon 
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Do you mean version 10.0?

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Next version is 1.0
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I stand corrected!  Thanks, Mary!  Keep up the great work!

Daisy thank you [F2U] Thank you Emote Sign: Thank You - F2U! Emoticon - Pingy Thank You! Thank You Fella (messages) Danbo says Thank You  
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