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Goddess of Trampling New Ranking System

Slaves! New Ranking system is done, your all actions will be recorded and you will earn rank points. There will be contents that can be opened with rank points in future updates.
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I'm surprised no one has requested futa content yet rofl this seems like the kind of thing where there would be futa cock vore going on.
when v0.98 will most likely appear?
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Hey Mary will you Mary me ! We can develop lots of game all life :D
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So, will there be an option to set the scale of the tiny? I personally like being really small and the tinys are to big. 
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You are creator and you only have 217k gold.. :( i can give you :/
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where can i play this game
Can we be allowed to toggle chances of attacks being used and change the finishing attacks like Gaia's finishing attacks going back to barefoot instead of heels via settings?
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i became a patron now what do i do to play the game
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Just Download the game in [Game Download] section and play.
Hi, love the game you're making and can't wait for the next patch but I have a question. Will there be no unbirth, pussy vore, in this game? You've got a lot of stuff there but I don't see unbirth so does that mean there won't be any at all?
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This looks amazing
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Ball Crush. Hell Yeah!
when will it come out
I can't wait :D, thank you Goddess Mary for this awesome game <3
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is v.0.98 avaible to download and play?
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No, still working on it.
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