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Goddess of Trampling 'Free Demo Download v0.31'

Goddess of Trampling Video Game Free Demo download link:…

Gameplay Trailer:

New versions and more on


The demigod Perseus, man's last hope, battles the Goddesses of Trampling to try to stop them from conquering heaven and Earth, but many deadly challenges await him. Either Perseus will defeat Hera, Queen of the Goddesses, or humanity will be crushed under her feet.


- Real 3D RPG-style medieval game
- Mighty Goddess and Mistress opponents
- Face Sitting
- Smothering
- Trampling
- Shrinking
- Crushing
- Pissing
- Farting
- Insole
- Vore
- Scat
- All kind of Full Weight Stomping, Grinding, Sitting, Standing!
For newest versions and more on

Thank you and best regards
FWFS Productions
- Mary
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Ignore what WeLoveGiantess is saying about Steam! Don’t do it!

anyway, I’m gonna enjoy this demo! ;)
FWFS's avatar
it's Patreon exclusive only.
haruau's avatar
I know. I’m just advising you to not do stream with this game.
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yes yes Yes fella ( Message ) yes yes 

Lovey-dovey Fella (Love)    Fella Heart Kiss (Love)     Blowkiss valentine fella (Love) 
shahlukhmhan's avatar
oh my god this game is so amazing!!!!

I love the effort you put in the game. and the death scenes are also amazing. I care more about losing that beating the game haha.

outstanding work!
shahlukhmhan's avatar
nonesense. who needs you to beat her? just lose at every move and get amazing death scenes
XXdownXX's avatar
I think you should add some foot gagging also...Nice design by the way. Really loved it!!!
footmat2ex's avatar
Is it possible to play in normal size?
FWFS's avatar
in version 0.51 you can fight with normal sized enemies.
Wipymaker's avatar
Really good quality.
The unity engine can do some amazing things.

I hope to see more updates coming and maybe even a freeroam option.
It would also be awesome to disable some of the features like pissing.
FWFS's avatar
good ideas and updates are coming
Avaramix's avatar
Very nice, just came across this, will be keeping my eye on this one for sure.
I want to play for a giantess. I think it would be much better.
FWFS's avatar
Yes, you can in future updates
cushion-face's avatar
Is the facesitting in the game yet?
FWFS's avatar
Facesitting update released on
sok06's avatar
amazing! any chance for a small playable lady in the future?
FWFS's avatar
I like this idea
Soul-Online's avatar
If you do this please make it Queen Andromeda, wife of Perseus.
FWFS's avatar
very nice work, thanks
Zond481's avatar
Awesome game! Thank you!
I love feet, trampling and Goddesses of exactly such growth :) Love 
Do you plan further development yourself? Or will you use Patreon or something like that? I would love to become your patron :)CURSE YOU! :happybounce: 
P.S. Sorry for my english.
FWFS's avatar
i will use Patreon for further development. That developments quality will be at least AA games. When I open the Patreon account, I will announce it here. i am glad you like Goddess of Trampling.
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