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Dispenser Going Up! by fvatrtnyuh
Mature content
Dispenser Going Up! :iconfvatrtnyuh:fvatrtnyuh 49 5
Care For A Match? by fvatrtnyuh
Mature content
Care For A Match? :iconfvatrtnyuh:fvatrtnyuh 45 4
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Lemme Help Ya Out Sis :iconfvatrtnyuh:fvatrtnyuh 53 9
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Open On XXXmas :iconfvatrtnyuh:fvatrtnyuh 71 4
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HEAR ME BORK :iconfvatrtnyuh:fvatrtnyuh 55 5
The Goddess Triumvirate by fvatrtnyuh
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The Goddess Triumvirate :iconfvatrtnyuh:fvatrtnyuh 39 8
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Goddess Yaagi :iconfvatrtnyuh:fvatrtnyuh 45 13
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Goddess La D da :iconfvatrtnyuh:fvatrtnyuh 40 11
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Goddess Corina :iconfvatrtnyuh:fvatrtnyuh 38 12
Gifts On Hold by fvatrtnyuh
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Gifts On Hold :iconfvatrtnyuh:fvatrtnyuh 79 14


Dispenser Going Up!
Nothing puts the team in team fortress 2 like a carefree engie boosting and healing up their friends while their partner in crime backs them up and swarms into a fire fight whenever a gun is so much as pointed at them~.

Although, maybe he's gotten a little TOO carefree, are the new dispensers meant to make people grow out in size like that or is he just seeing things? Eh, either way its best left for someone else to handle. This moo boi only solves PRACTICAL problems~.

Just a small gift to my bro :icon12345td: (P.S: Good lord that reminds me, I still need to gift SOOOOO many others :'u.)  who felt we should do more with our oc's for a long time now, and just a fun lil pic idea that I wanted to get done for quite a long while now really~. Enjoy!~.

Mature due to BULGE and ass size.

F.V.A belongs to me
KD belongs to :icon12345td:
Art done by :icongoku-senpai:
TF2 related stuff belongs to Valve and respective sub owners.
Care For A Match?
"I'll even let you take first swing if your feeling bold enough~."

Nothing too much to say for this one, just more Alyth showing off that cocky, sporting side of her toooo...F.V.A? Her friends? Gym students? Someone else entirely? I'll let you all decide on that~. (The real answer is that she'd still try this cocky brag regardless of who she's up against :P, lol.)

I blame :iconghost-nerdy: for giving me the pose ref that made me want to do this idea in the first place lol.

P.S, "Gym students?", aye, I figured to make her work in gyms, schools and so on from time to time as a fitness instructor for both the heck of it and for when she's strapped for cash and or still needs some extra money in an attempt to save up for something either for herself or others. I'll probably expand on this concept in a later pic or something.

Anyway, Alyth belongs to me
Art done by :icongoku-senpai:
Give Me A Moment
I-I'll be with you in a moment!~~...

So I always wanted to try my hand at making a chubby/voluptuous, mainly bottom heavy, character to spice up my line up of mainly hourglass and top heavy girls buuuuut sadly most people just don't know how to do a plump build without going FAR too overboard in my opinion, or on the opposite end, make it look far too realistic and grotesque to the point it comes off as horrid or bland looking rather than inviting for the viewer. In short, I didn't think I could get much mileage from making such a character, luckily, that seems to be somewhat changing now a days as more and more artists experiment and my knowledge/list of artists grows with each passing year. Thus, we now have Ms.Olivia here!~

No formal Bio this time, partly because she comes across more as an NPC in my mind rather than a fully fleshed out character and also because I'm not even going to HIDE my true intentions with her~. I wanted a huge, fat, motherly "orc" (The pig kind obviously.) who served others up a meal made with love and tons of other juicy ingredients guaranteed to make them happier, stronger and coming back for 2nd's, 3rds and so on~. An "orc" mom who constantly feeds others for free just so she could ensure they either don't starve or waste away due to how "thin" they look compared to her old home community where in people with muscle had it in the "Muscle Gut" style and those who were skinny or athletic, were the equivalent of looking anemic, frail, abnormal and all that stuff. So I guess you can expect some future pictures of her squeezing averagely built people into her chest and her sobbing about how "She'll fix them right up!" and all that huh?, haha~.

Oh and before anyone gets it twisted...NO, I DON'T LIKE THE IDEA OF "FEEDING" IN FACT, I ACTUALLY LOATHE IT! She will NOT force feed someone into obese levels with her meals or force them into any such similar scenario!, she merely serves them the food and wants to help people out, THAT IS ALL! I hate that stupid fetish and its one of the main reasons I was against making Olivia in the first place! She COOKS the food, the customer has the right to NOT eat it. She'll be disheartened and maybe even offended depending on the rejection, but she will NOT harass her customers like that. If your looking for such high levels of fat, please go elsewhere.

Phew, Mini rant aside. Expect to see this Pig Mama mainly in either pin up form, cutesy stuff or helping/rivaled up against Gwen due to Gwen owning a bakery in the same district where Olivia cooks up her meats and veggies. Did I mention Olivia mainly runs an open field based restaurant where in the customers free to literally hunt the food they want and bring it back to her to cook? Eh, I'll stop now before this description gets any longer.

TL: DR : CLUMSY, MOTHERLY ORC/PIG MOMS IN YOUR AREA READY TO COOK YOU UP SOME ONCE IN A LIFE TIME MEATS AND VEGGIES, EXPECT SOME MORE OF HER IN THE FUTURE! (Though I guess not as much compared to my official/main characters? Only time will tell I guess~.)

P.S, Uploading this pic reminds me, I REALLY need to get to making a "townie" folder group for oc's like this and others who are just trying to live their day to day lives on Naissance : P....

Ms. Olivia belongs to me
Art done by :icongoku-senpai:
Lemme Help Ya Out Sis
"Trust me, if ya didn't have any male worshipers before ya CERTAINLY will now!~

So I was wondering about adding some TF like ability to Meir or not where in some "trigger" will poof him into a curvy female version of himself, but then a funny thought occurred to me, "Why not have even MORE fun with it?"

Thus we have this fun lil image of Jeanette poofing her bro into a sister for both the reaction and the heck of it. I like to imagine this is a prank that she not only does to him, but he does to her constantly in retaliation (Poofing her into a male I mean, not into an even "BIGGER" female than she is now : P.). Of course, because Jeanette is stubborn, she retaliates back, restarting the cycle all over again.

And so, what started off as a small prank grew to the point where in the two just gave up on having a "default" form or gender and just stick with whichever one they've gotten poofed into for long stretches of time, just so they can spite the other sibling. Unless a "certain duty" calls of course, but that's another story for another day~.

What do you all think? Comment down below and enjoy the sibling fun~.

P.S If your wondering why Meir's skin is far darker than what it was in the pic prior I...actually didn't even notice the change until AFTER the pic was done and by then it was too late to change anything xD. As for the eyes, eh I just wanted something more exotic.

Meir and Jeanette belong to me
Art done by the ever talented :iconescapefromexpansion:
Brimming With Virtue
I'll just leave this here… :P.

So to make a long story short I've been thinking about making an angelic character for ages now + making some more oc's who are male and wouldn't you know it Goku-Senpai made up some adopts a few months back and happened to make this not so lil beauty!~. Talk about convenient huh?, not really TOO much to get across here buuut


Woes, Laments, remorse, allow me to aid and rid you of those burdens. Not a single prayer necessary!~

Name: Meir

Species: Angel Bull

Age: Unknown

Occupation: Angel/Messenger and Glorified mail man.

Gender: Male? (His form varies depending on those glancing upon him, though he can make them all see the same form if he so chooses.)

Height: 5'10 (At least by default, as like with his gender, this too can vary.)

Personality: As one would imagine upon seeing them at first glance, Meir's personality and attitude mirrors that of the 7 heavenly virtue's, he s patient, diligent, soft spoken, generous and so on. In short, they're what you might call a "goody good" or "Good boi" and tries their best to be orderly and civil about their conduct no manner their current situation, or at least tries to be that way 99.9 percent of the time with the other 0.1 percent being malice intent against evil or hostile demonic forces.

This isn't to say Meir is "perfect", on the contrary due to his strict upbringing and training, He has become very gullible and naive to those faking their woes as a means of trying to capture his attention, often buying into their lies without a 2nd thought. If that wasn't enough, he also happens to have little to no restraint whatsoever when it comes to dealing with his own "hidden desires" and lusts due to being poorly raised in how to properly deal with them, often "settling" them with whatever someone tossed the suggestion or idea his way.  (BUUUUT this is a christian website so I won't dwell too much on that since this is SUPPOSED to be a moderately mature picture description : P. Though too look at it another way, this is basically Meir's mindset in a nutshell… .)

MISC: They come with the stock angelic powers that I won't list here because most of them are unintelligable to those who arn't as nerdy as I am : P. Though some obvious ones that pop to mind are their ability to heal and cure others of even the most fatal of injuries and diseases and they're ability to fly (Those wings aren't for show after all.).
They can also shape shift, size shift, etc and radiate light from their body to either ward off the evul munster gurls and bois or do so simply to roleplay as a walking, talking flash light I guess : P.
There is also one OTHER unique ability they have but I'll mention it in a more fitting picture description~...

Bio: I'll be honest, I haven't thought of anything too interesting for them yet so I'll keep they're bio mainly empty for now to not accidentally restrict myself with something mundane or boring in the future.

All you need to know right now is that they often work as a mail man when not working as an angelic messenger/Servant (Which is basically a glorified mail man too, but with WINGS!) For Yaagi and my other goddess's and that they usually hang out with F.V.A and Co when they're not delivering mail all throughout the island of Naissance. Also they're the brother of Jeanette.


Meir belongs to me
Art done by :icongoku-senpai:


United States
I don't like Sundays, there boring, quick and usually uneventful.

How fortunate than that MY Sunday started off with me seeing a peculiar notify, a comm done by someone who shall go unnamed that ruined my entire day...why? because it was done by the same person whose made me want to put up Florance for sale and forced me into making her, redesign her (Using MY own fucking money mind you..) and then ignore her because of one VERY stupid ass argument :)...

I won't link the comm for obvious purposes, but just the fact that to this day, they STILL continue to ignore Flo every time I bring her up and still get shit they intended to get with her but with someone else's what ya might call a slap in the face, ya know?

Rest assured, even if I don't get any offers, I give her away for fucking FREE if I have to just to put her and this whole issue behind me.

A pretty odd thing to rant about I'm sure, but it doesn't quite help that I've been getting used left and right these past few weeks and only now got around cracking down on it due to said users pushing their luck too far....

Anyway, anyone wanna chat or the like, or just have any questions or things they wanna chime in, by all means put it down below or message me via discord or notes, I'll be happy to read em ^^.


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