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Sticker-Collage Mural

By fuzzyzebra
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WIP: [link]

I chose the theme of 'construction' because it really can be something super interesting if you take the time to appreciate it. The concept of so many activities and materials coming together to form one building is quite intriguing if you think about it! blah blah..

I combined realistic, semi-realistic and abstract elements into this mural, and the most interesting part is probably the vinyl sticker collage. yay!

The construction scene is made up of individually cut little pieces of sticker! (check out the WIP! hehe) I had 10 different colours, some opaque, some translucent, so it was fun to emulate tones and textures with just them. Vinyl stickers are the things you usually find on shopfront decor, or as 2D die-cut graphic wall stickers, or like on cars.

I really loved and enjoyed using the medium in this way. I think its pretty unique, and have yet to find another person who uses vinyl stickers in this way! It'd be cool if I am the first to do so... i'll give the technique a ubber-cool name like fuzzyzebraism. hoho.

The crane-like structure is also made out of long hand-cut vinyl stickers. 3 colours used there. Climbing up to the ceiling with the giant ladder was SCARY and creaky and dusty and HOT (hot air rises?)!!! =O Each crane structure took 7 straight hours of work (which is not fun when you have to try your best to not lose your balance and fall to your death - I SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT A CHERRY PICKER!).

I got really OCD with the painting section. Kept making myself touch up the lines to make them perfectly sharp. All the geometric shapes are made up of only perfectly horizontal, vertical and 45degree angles, so that preoccupied most of my ocd-ing tendencies. *crazed laugh*

Took me about 3 weeks to complete (with 2 overnight shifts which were super fun, lol), but planning and exploring the theme started much earlier. I might upload some of my prep-work later.

Oh, and the mural's located in my school - the door you see there is the Art Gallery entrance! So people can walk under my crane archway hehehe. It sorta looks cool when the doors are open and the cranes break apart and point everywhere.

On a random note, I was really afraid that the bulging half-pillar would be a real distraction that broke the 2D plane, but now i think it gave the mural a bit more dynamism and intricacy. whew!

Uhoh, didn't mean to write so much! My 3 weeks of dA starvation has its effects on me. :la:

ps: i really hope the strong afternoon sunlight won't bleach the vinyl in the years to come. fingers crossed! o yea, the mural's gonna be left as a permanent fixture even after the exam! i'm so lucky to get to leave a mark on the school campus (without having to do anything illegal >=])

Hand-cut vinyl stickers and emulsion paint

a more recent piece with a similar theme and process:

some prep work leading up the final piece:
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I have to write a critique just because work like this deserves more than just one or two sentences.

I always admire people who can create art on such large scales, since I've never been able to do it myself (my mind just doesn't work that way, I suppose).

First and foremost, the colors are GREAT. The use of the red and yellow with just a few touches of gray creates a perfect balance. What I especially love is the graphic look of the shapes and lines. You've taken a somewhat 3-dimensional space and really utilized it. I like that the line isn't broken or distorted when it goes around that protruding section of wall.

The fact that you created that construction scene with tape, of all things, is mindblowing to me. I have a lot of respect for people who go above and beyond to create art, because it shows they actually give a damn. They care enough to kick their own asses for the sake of doing an exemplary job. Not to mention that the construction workers are anatomically correct! They aren't cartoon-like or anything, they look like graphic versions of real people.

Overall, I really really loved this (couldn't you tell?! haha). I hope you only continue to push yourself further and create more challenges for yourself. <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":D" title=":D (Big Grin)" />
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Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm really glad you liked it and took the time to write the wonderful assessment! :D
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It was my pleasure!
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Amazing job ! :)
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well deserved DD. i suggested one of your deviations a while ago. your gallery is amazing!
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why thanks a lot! :D
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Cool! Love the inspiring style and also the subject you've chosen here.
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THIS IS SO NICE, i like it, respect senior :)
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o_o!! do i know you irl? which sch you from :D
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oh, i was just randomly browsing dA, from j1 so you probably dunno me, but nice work yea :iconilikeitplz:
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What type of tape did you use? Electrical tape?
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Vinyl sticker sheets. U know like the stuff people use to decorate their cars/ shop window displays?
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awesome sauce
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thankyou gravy :3
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Amazing job, already faved time ago. Time to be featured [link]
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wow, super cool blog! bookmarked! and thanks
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You're welcome mate.
And thanks to follow ;)
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hello there! I actually had the chance to watch you do up this mural because I was studying at the windy benches when you were working on it.

You were using the projector (i think) to help with the construction of the crane portion of the mural, and at that time I just thought that doing something of this scale and difficulty is freaking amazing! :D

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yo!!! haha, hope you weren't scared by my haggardness. if i was working on the crane in the afternoon it means i had worked through the night to come. which was actually super fun cos i was blasting music throughout the whole of Block B on portable classroom speakers all night long WOOOO! and i had to sit for chem paper 2 prelims without sleep, which led to super funny trailing pen marks all over the question paper..
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You didn't look haggard to me! I think it was at night when I saw you. xD Wow working throughout the night in school is really hardcore! Okay but at least your effort paid off! *claps* xD

That moving thing is so cute HAHA!!
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