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Morrison Solid-

This is the Morrison House expressions page that I did for my house's section in the yearbook. Too bad you cant flip your computer a 180 to read the upside-downs!

The message is written by a fellow Morrison EXCO member, thanks bryan!

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I still don't get what is this all about. Can explain? =D Btw, I guess the picture is not really clear when it is on A4 size in your yearbook.
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well, it's a page i designed for my school's yearbook. It's a message from the House (Morrison) EXCO to the house members. I thought that arranging the text in normal paragraphs would be boring, so i made it a little creative. hehe.

the message summarizes what the house has done in the year and stuff. and the negative space forms an 'M' for Morrison?

Its pretty clear on the book. A4 seemed big enough! although the blue-green colour didn't turn out too well in CMYK...

hope i explained it!
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What is House Morrison EXCO? hehe
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EXCO = executive committee.
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Oh ~ I see i see. btw, sorry for replying late.
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great piece. Love the typography.
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Featured via news [link] :)
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Love your typography work!
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oh ! Fantastic work !
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Ooh ooh ooh I can make my compy do flips!
It goooooes.. Ctrl + Alt + Arrow Key!
And I just have to say.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your typography.
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omg i actually tried that and it didnt work. curses! tablet pcs ftw!
thanks so much for the encouragement! weeheehee
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I so could flip my computer to a 180 degrees! It just take a while to do it...

This is beyooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nd creative. I wish I had the creativeness like you have. My design stuff is cheap. Yours is all intricate, professional and polished. ^^
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geeeee! and here i cam wishing i could sketch and draw so detailedly and sophisticatedly, yet so fluidly with quick lines that capture so much! yikes, we should switch places. rofl.

evrything starts with a good inspiration =]
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That would be switch places. Only if I had a magical spell book of spells!

And thank you....anyways. :XD:

And yes! Inspiration is the cure to art...if that makes any sense.
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This is awesome! What a cool idea!
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heya! thanks so much! :)
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Your very welcome!:hug:
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Yay! I'm so glad you are keeping up the beautiful sexy typography! :glomp: I :heart the typeface you've used too condensed type FTW!
Make sure you try to align wherever you can; so like where you said "avhieved the unexpected" the end of the 'e' in 'the' should have aligned vertically with the beginning of the 'O' in "Odd [Morisonians]" and the 'w' in "we [managed]" you get me? :P type is very pedantic :D plus you should watch your kerning (space between letter) and leading (width of spacing between lines) so that its still readable :D at the moment, a lot of the words merge together :heart: I still love it though! great job! you kick my ass! I just don't have the same creative flair with type that you do :D :D :D
fuzzyzebra's avatar
AW CRAP. you make too much sense. too much! hmm.. i must do sumthing to you to make u more stupid. :bonk: :bonk: :bonk: wahahahaha!
i really liked this font, it was simple, yet different, but the [space] was waaaaay too small! do you know how to solve problems like this? making the spacings between WORDS bigger, yet keeping the spacing between APLHABETS? killer killer killer!
thankies so much for using up 5 minutes of your life on the ubber long reply! =]
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:doh: ouch that hurts. wait, I get to hit you back: :bonk:
:giggle: :cuddle: well, where did your get the typeface? If its default, you can fix the spacing issue nicely, but if you got it off a free site, chances are 99% that its simply a badly designed typeface :no: the reason why they are free is because they aren't quality enough that anyone would actually pay for :no: so the spacing between words will be terrible because its not considered :no: a designers nightmare! :shudder:

Anyways, for changing kerning (this does shift the spaces between each letter, but only minimally in comparison to the shift between words, and it only shifts the spacing between letters becoz its part of type rules :D ) it depends on software.

Adobe tend to keep the application layout consistent between programmes, but inDesign does differ from the others. basically just look for 'A V' with a double headed arrow beneath, which corresponds with a selection box where you can change the number of point size. This is usually located:
in Illustrator: in the top toolbar when you click on 'character' (its blue with dotted underline)
and in Photoshop: when you select the little folder in the top toolbar, next to the 'T' with a curve beneath it. :)
let me know if my directions are confusing and you can't find what I'm talking about :lol:
What typeface did you use? Is it just a family that you used only the Capitals of, or is it a family that is made of only Capitals?
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awwww is doesnt seem to work. the font's name is Bebas. everythings in caps (and yea, its a free typeface =P) i found the folder in photoshop and i toggled all the values, but it doesnt specify anything about shifting spaces, only squashing and stretching fonts, subscripting, capping and all that sort.
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:D well, the good news is you got it from which is probably the best site around for free fonts :D the bad news is, the kerning between words is far too terrible to fix, and even a lot of the kerning between letters is a little terrible :no: commendable, but not perfect :no: Its definitely a display font, not meant for sentences I'm afraid. :no: :cuddle:
the 'A V' is there, its what would have made the letters closer together and further apart. Illustrator really is best, you should go to Adobe and download a free trial of Illustrator CS3 then find a serial hax or summin (I could always locate it 4 u coz I have a mac, and don't have to worry about ppl haxin my computer :w00t: shhh :shh: ) :plotting: Photoshop just doesn't have the endless abilities with type that Illustrator does! Great job on doing this in Photoshop though! :jawdrop:
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