My iCarly Conspiracy Theory

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I just made this connection and here is my conspiracy theory that links Drake And Josh, iCarly, Sam And Cat, and Wendell And Vinny with the help of an idea I saw online.

Crazy Steve's little sister Carly died when he was little, she was the real friend of Sam in the beginning. When she died he went crazy. He moved from Seattle to California where he worked at the movie theater. He realized that Megan looked a lot like Carly. He killed Drake and Josh and kidnapped Megan, taking her to an apartment in Seattle. He renamed himself Spencer to hide from the police and abused Megan until she agreed to act as Carly. He also flipped out on his family until they decided to act like everything was normal. This explains why his grandfather tried to take Carly away, while still playing along with Steve to protect himself. Sam thought it was the same Carly, she was too young to be told that Carly died. Carly started a web series to try to secretly gain connection to her parents, which didn't work. In the end Steve's dad managed to take Megan away and save her from his abuse. Steve went crazy when she left and killed Freddy. Sam ran away to California and ended up living with Cat after she learned the truth and to protect herself from Steve, even though she stil considered Megan her best friend. Steve moved away from Seattle and killed the parents of a kid named Wendell when he crashed his car into them. Steve convinced hen kidnapped the woman said to be his sits in the series and released her under the conditions that she act as if she is his sister and Wendell is his nephew. Wendell's real family is terrified of Steve and try to gain custody of Wendell but they give in in fear of their own lives. Wendell had brain damage from the car accident but lived. He is convinced that Steve, who renamed himself Vinny, is his uncle and the other lady is his aunt. He uses Wendell to fill the void from losing Megan. 

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