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I've been thinking of upgrading my pentablet. Been using the Wacom Intuos 3 for 8 years now. I'm looking at the Microsoft SurfacePro 4 or the Wacom Cintiq 13 HD. Which one would you recommend? 
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Hi all, I've been fairly inactive here over the past year and that's mostly because work is keeping me really busy. Also, I've been staying away from digital painting and concentrating more on making traditional sketches. It's also easier to share on Instagram and Tumblr. I'm not sure if Deviantart has it's own app. Is there any in the Appstore I could download? 

I do share any digital paintings I make on Deviantart though. 

In any case, I decided to create my own Facebook page which I have been updating regularly with art. Incase you would like to follow me there as well, here is the link: 


You can also follow me on the following places:
Instagram: instagram.com/rashichan
Tumblr: rashichan.tumblr.com
Twitter: @rashichandra
Blog: rashichandra.blogspot.com

In other news, Alex Ross is an amazing artist. I read Kingdom Come a few weeks back and I couldn't believe the art in that graphic novel. It just blew me away. Justice is as beautiful as Kingdom Come. 
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Got a pet and would love to have their portraits made? Or maybe you would love to see your character swim with dolphins? I will draw animals and anthro animals! Just send me a note or mail me at rashichandra89@gmail.com.

Type 1: Sketch/Line art
Face (will include neck and shoulders): $2 onwards.
Full Body: $5 onwards.
Extra characters will be charged 50% less. Armor and accessories that are very detailed will be charged extra.

Please note: I will not include background in this. Maybe a solid color with a gradient or a light texture.

Happy Panda by fuzzypinkmonster Doe by fuzzypinkmonster

Type 2: Coloring: These are mostly simple and less time-consuming. Line art will be there.
Face: $5 onwards.
Full Body: $8 onwards.

Pikachu knows he is the cutest by fuzzypinkmonster Yes... by fuzzypinkmonster

Type 3: Detailed coloring: Kind of similar to realism though, retaining a cartoonish style.
Face: $10 onwards.
Full Body: $ 15 onwards.

Hellhound by fuzzypinkmonster Naga-Legend of Korra by fuzzypinkmonster Carmella by fuzzypinkmonster

Backgrounds: While I am not very confident in drawing backgrounds, I will draw them if you want. Prices start from $5 and can go upto $20.
Carmella by fuzzypinkmonster The Tiger's Sanctuary by fuzzypinkmonster Clash of the Titans by fuzzypinkmonster

Prices depend on complexity of character and pose.

Please be sure to check out my gallery to get a better idea of what I can offer.

It would make it a lot easier for me if you can give me reference photos, tell me a little (or a great deal, no issues) about their personality or maybe a little history!

Just let me know if you want me to draw something in a particular style and we will work it out.

Mode of payment: Paypal only. My paypal is rashichandra89@gmail.com.

You will have to give me $50% advance and the rest once I am done with the art, except if it's a sketch in which full amount will be paid at the beginning. Of course, in case I am unable to work on your artwork, all the money paid will be refunded. However, in case you decide you want to cancel your commission, I won't refund the advance. So please be sure you have enough money when you commission me. Also: artwork created will be digital. I am unable to courier prints.

In case of any questions/doubts, please contact me.

Slots available: 5.
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Indie Games
AAA Games
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A few days back, a girl and her boyfriend were going home after watching a movie at around 9 p.m. They were searching for a bus or an auto (3 wheeler taxi) that they could hire to go home. A bus stopped and the girl asked if it would go near her place. The bus conductor agreed and the couple got it. They noticed 4-5 other men in the bus. They sat down and after 10 minutes, the men started passing lewd comments to the girl. Her boyfriend asked them to shut up and mind their own business. The men started saying stuff like " You having fun with the boy? Come have some fun with us too.." The boy again pleaded with them to mind their business. That's when all hell broke loose. Two men seized the boy and started beating him up with rods. The rest punched and raped the girl. They raped her till she was unconscious. They then stopped the bus, stripped the couple and tossed them outside and went on their way.

The girl is in a very serious condition, they beat her so much her intestines have moved from their place. Her internal organs are a mess.

Gang-rapes, molestation are becoming an everyday occurance here. So much so that people have started treating it as a normal thing. The police usually have no leads or even if they do, the rapists are usually let out on bail. There is almost no law when it comes to punishing these monsters. Fathers rape their children, small children aren't spared. Sometimes, even policemen rape women. It's that bad.
People say things like, girls should dress up properly, they should cover themselves up. That has still not stopped rapes. Infact, I see them more on a rise.

How does your country deal with these monsters? How do you react if something like this occurs in your city?

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