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Hi all, I've been fairly inactive here over the past year and that's mostly because work is keeping me really busy. Also, I've been staying away from digital painting and concentrating more on making traditional sketches. It's also easier to share on Instagram and Tumblr. I'm not sure if Deviantart has it's own app. Is there any in the Appstore I could download? 

I do share any digital paintings I make on Deviantart though. 

In any case, I decided to create my own Facebook page which I have been updating regularly with art. Incase you would like to follow me there as well, here is the link: 


You can also follow me on the following places:
Instagram: instagram.com/rashichan
Tumblr: rashichan.tumblr.com
Twitter: @rashichandra
Blog: rashichandra.blogspot.com

In other news, Alex Ross is an amazing artist. I read Kingdom Come a few weeks back and I couldn't believe the art in that graphic novel. It just blew me away. Justice is as beautiful as Kingdom Come. 
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Lex199's avatar
yup....uploading on deviantart is a royal pain......there is a paid android app tho ^^
fuzzypinkmonster's avatar
I use an iPhone. But, if I do get an android phone after this one dies, I'll be sure to check it out. Thanks for the info! 
Lex199's avatar
 Well there are plenty of apps  for he iphone too....DeviantART Mobile is the official one I think...:)