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My very first set of Adoptables! :)
they are for 70 points can adopt more than one...

you are free to use them as you want to( fursonas, comics, RPG's, etc.) the only condition is you cannot change the design and claim the original design as ur own.

please note me that u want to adopt the unicorn and why you want to adopt it. as soon as i receive your points, ill let you know it is yours.
after i confirm you have adopted, you can add wings, spikes, accessories, scars long as the design doesnt change.

yes thats fire from the tail.

pose used from ~Kabu-Stock

please let me know if you have any questions! for larger view.

#3 belongs to :iconktdid424:
#4 belongs to :iconnuclearfeatherquill:
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My favorite is deffinantley the purple one!!!
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Haha Thanks a lot !
lunathepig's avatar
Double unicorns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is sooooo BOSS!!!!
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Totally fall in love with 3 :heart:
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haha! Thank you. I could make more of that design if you are interested in it.
oOHoneyheartOo's avatar
Oh my God would you really ? It's like in a dream ..
Yeah , I'm totally intrested in it. :3

May you would write me a note or contact me in another way when youre finished ? <3
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Sure, it would be 70 points. And you can even let me know which color you would like me to use as the base for the adoptable. You can transfer me the points if you are interested, as well as send me a note about what color you want it to be, and I'll make you one!
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I think the violet Rhinocorn (I hope the name is right) fire trail needs little finishing, the green and orange shades are awesome.
fuzzypinkmonster's avatar
yeah, well, i just changed its color in photoshop. Maybe that is why it came out like that. Thank you though!
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may be you used "hue and sat" to change color,

you may use Color Balance instead.
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these animal sets u do....reeeeely cool.... U_U
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I love three. If I want to buy it do i have to note you or just comment here?
fuzzypinkmonster's avatar
note me please! soon as you donate the points, i will let you know its yours..:)
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aww man i dont have enough D: i love 3 and 4!
fuzzypinkmonster's avatar
just incase you are still interested, i have lowered the price from 100 points to 70.
can be named Ducons (Dual-Horns) :D seems nice designer trendy horses :D
loved the 4th one wid prints on it :P
fuzzypinkmonster's avatar
i still havent figured out a name for them! :)
but i guess, Ducorns sounds nice!...:D
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