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Pipe Cleaner Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes - two of my favourite characters.

-the log is hollow - you can look right through to the other side.
-the base is plexi-glass, painted blue for the 'creek'.
-I don't think I used any ink in this one; The characters are 100% pipe cleaners.

-Calvin is approximately 3 inches tall, Hobbes 6 inches. Overall length is 10 inches.

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Your hobbies inspired me to make one and I did it's now in my teachers classroom displayed for all to see :D
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Do you have any pictures?
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I made one but shooting it and posting it was so painfully slow so I'll try one per day lol.
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How? I just...don't...

I can't wrap my mind around this... It's so good.
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Ha, I have trouble with it, too, which is why it takes me so long to make.
Thanks for the Fave.
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That is so cute!! I love Calvin and Hobbes!
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This just made my day!
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I love Calvin and Hobbes!
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Thanks for Favin'!
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that is beautiful. i am officialy jealous
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however you do kind of cheat. I don't use any other materials or paint. i keep it kind of abstract.
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Good for you; Keep them guessing...
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Wow. Talk about dedication. This is totally awesome. *faves*
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o.o wow, you really brought those comic strip icons to live here.
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I don't proceed past the head of a character until I capture the proper look.
I noticed the pipe cleaners aren't the super fuzzy ones. where do you purchase them?
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Wherever I can! I use 3mm, 4mm and 6mm. I had plans for the really fuzzy ones, but I got sidetracked by so many other great ideas.
I am still looking for a decent Supplier who will allow me to order the colours I want, in whatever quantity I want and not just the multi-packs - it is quite annoying to have to purchase a large quantity of small bits to build up my stock...Michaels, are you listening? :shakefist: (they will not order specific colours for me...grrr)

Thanks for Watchin'
Yike! Don't go to Michael's. They are super exepensive. I am surprised you don't purchase the pipe cleaners online. All you have to do is google, "wholesale chenille stems" and a whole world of colors come up. However, I can't find that fleshy color that you used on Calvin anywhere.
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Did you not read my comment? Michaels sucks...:shakefist: I go in there for a couple basic colours, and only if I am in a pinch.
If I locate the 'flesh' colour anywhere(it's now called Peach), I will let you know. I have not seen it since I bought the last batch from Craft Canada before they went belly up a few years ago...
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