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Any and all help is insanely appreciated by both me and my cat!! 

Lots more detailed info on my GoFundMe page!!!

Thank you!!!!…
Sorry for the late response this month! It's been a very crazy month, but a very good one!!

I moved my move in date to March 8th to lower the bill a little. I moved in and am settled in very nicely! It's a 1 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment around 850 square feet! A very nice one too with very minor damage I must admit! It is a pretty hefty rent, but it's worth it in the long run! I already have all of my smaller items and bigger furniture (As well as a really nice NEW mattress!) settled into my apartment and I'm beginning to do some things here and there. 

I've looked into playing Dungeons and Dragons with a half breed human/dragon summoner with a wolf-folk companion. Not sure on story and whatnot yet, but my boyfriend is currently working more on that type of research with me since he's still learning the details as well. 

I've been gaming here and there, but these 70-80 hours a week are driving me crazy again. I'm looking for a possible substitute for both jobs so I can have the time I need to relax and live. I haven't started drawing again quite yet, but inspirations are definitely kicking in!

I did start getting into watching anime again. It's nice to finally settle down with some anime I haven't seen before that are actually really good! (SAO!!!!!!!!!) 

About once a week I spend my day off with my family! Whether we chill at the house, or go out somewhere, it's always a blast! I do have an odd tendency to forget something over there though... >>U

REGARDLESS! Things are looking up and are taking off wonderfully! Hopefully you guys will finally start seeing some art soon!
March 1st is my official 'move out' date. I have an apartment, another new job, and a whole new start ahead of me. With the chaos and fighting coming to a close I can finally relax (Within the given time I barely obtain anymore) and look forward to a new light. 

My mom has handed our newest cat to me. So I will be starting my new life with Zombie, my big giant fluffball and cuteness... and fatness. XD 

We do have a new dog in the house! She came in yesterday so no names yet, but she is a very sweet and chill dog. She's a mix of a chuhuahua and a dachsund (pardon my spelling!). 

My boyfriend and I are still going very strong and growing with each day. Seeing him in small timed incriments has been a struggle as we can't seem to ever stay apart. Moving out will be able to help solve some of it without the giant step of him moving in with me. That I hope will not happen until after my lease is up. However, since his credit is much better then mine (Due to not having one in the first place), he put his name on the lease to save me from an insane deposit, which helped a TON. Though this does mean that at any time, if we decide to, he can move in and pay his half without any paperwork issues. 

Either way, things are finally looking up and I have a family, and an amazing friend, behind me, supporting me 100% of the way!
Happy 2016 everyone! Hope it's been a great new start!

Without still moving out, I have a goal of becoming either a ZooKeeper or Agricultural Wildlife Specialist. I've found my college and have already begun making plans for the next semester I qualify for, which is fall. It's a good 2-4 years of education that'll lead me to the job I know I will love! I can't wait to get started!

Better yet, my boyfriend will be able to join me in the same school! Though we will both be far from home, at least we'll have each other while we study. We've already come up with game plans to afford everything that we need, all we need is our tax forms so we can find out what types of grants/loans/scholorships we qualify for! 

I'm currently looking into replacing my current job with another better paying one or a part time job to add onto this one. With a promotion soon in hand that my parents do not agree with, I have a lot of work to do and only a couple months to do it. By then I should be moved out and ready to start my future! Yay!
Seems I have a tendency to wait at least a month before I finally sit down and write what's been going on. >>

Well, moving out of the house has been a hit and a miss depending on whether I find a roommate, or get approved to shitty apartments. I quit my second job and am working towards a higher position at my current one as it is a position I would enjoy doing and get paid better in. 

There is a new love in my life... who happens to be my boss. >< Awkward, but adventersome, this situation has put me in a lot of amazing moments. He is respectful, selfless, caring, protective, handsome, funny, and with this personality I just adore. He gives without expecting to take. Something I thought other human beings weren't capable of. Especially from my experiences last year. He listens even if I don't desire a response. He doesn't hesitate to tell me his thoughts and opinions, which is something hard to come by and despite us being introverts, we feed off of each other's energy. 

He has helped me so much this past month that I can't possibly get into the details due to the seemingly endless list. 

Things with my family are starting to get better as well. Finding that medium is still a great challenge though and I know it will be easier on everyone once I move out. My problem is finding someone close by who is somewhat compatible with my expectations. If worse comes to worse though, I may have to make a hard decision with a backup plan. As much as I'd prefer this option, it's not the most ideal and has risks I hope I don't have to take yet. I'd go into details, but that isn't something to be shared so pubicly. ^^ Sorry.

Regardless, things are looking up. I'm hoping to keep to my upcoming New Year's resolution, which is simply to have a fresh year. A real restart for my family and I as well as my life.
Alright! The newest journey is about to commence! 

This Saturday, I am officially moving out of the house and into an apartment of my own with a roommate. She is incredibly sweet and respectful. I will have my own room, hallway, walk-in closet, and bathroom with a shower. ALL MIIIIINE! XD And for not that month per month! 

This may mean that YouTube will be coming back, but we'll see. I'll try, but I can't make any garuntees. Maybe Livestreaming rather than recordings. 

I have a boyfriend who I can't get enough of and is incredibly supportive of me. He takes care of me when I fall as I do for him. Despite how opposite we sometimes can be, I can't imagine my life without him. We have so many common interests and we are so dumb together it's hilarious. XD So there is a possible (Hopeful) future there as well.

I got a veterinary course to study on my own time that will help me work towards a job in the animal car field!! 

Future career, love, excitement, nervousness, struggle, and life is now at my shoulders! Now I have to work to keep it that way and I can't wait to get started!!! ^^
Yesterday we found out my dad did not lose his job... yet. 

He was saved by the current company to keep working until the company either sells or goes out of business. If it gets bought, more than likely the new company will keep him as his job is in serious high demand! However, if it doesn't, he will lose his job and have to find another.

We are all in high hopes that it gets bought.

I also found out yesterday that I did not get my job. However, they will be hiring for seasonal work and will keep me in consideration. I found three other places hiring for the same position and applied for them as well as an animal control officer for the few cities I live nearby. I'm hoping something will come up and take me in.

Today, I will officially turn in my two weeks notice at Target so I have more time to find another part-time/full-time position. While this was a fantastic run to save up as much as possible, I can't do this anymore and am ready to move on and start my life.

I'm hoping I can keep in personal contact with my boss though. He's such an awesome nerd and I enjoy spending time with him both in a proffessional and personal stance. 
This is in relation to the last journal I wrote only a week ago.

I have no idea whether I have this job or not. When Monday came, it was almost closing time. I called in asking the status of the position and was told to wait the next day. As this continued to happen for three days straight, I finally got a real answer. 

They are hiring seasonal workers as the holidays are coming in fast and the manager keeps getting more people in to interview. I was told to wait until this coming Wednesday to hear whether I get a position or not.

The tension rises still as the days go by since I have a backup plan in case this works out. It's a path I really wish to go through with as I will be much happier and not working between 60-80 hours every week.

Also, we just heard today that the company my dad works for has rumors going around that it may be shutting down, in which he will lose his job. He claims there are a TON of amazing opportunities out in Austin that will happily take him in depending on how much they will pay. So we'll see there.

Either way, on a happier not: WE GOT A DOG

Her name is Luna, she's a German Shepard mix and is 2 years old. She loves people, cats, but not really dogs. She's not overly energetic, but is a huge snuggler! We love her to death and it's only day 1!!!
She's going to be trained to be a service dog to help one of my brothers out. :) I am incredibly happy for him!

Unfortunately, our newest kitten, Zombie (Our 6 month old black and white tabby), doesn't seem to enjoy being looked at by Luna. Which is fine because my mom has already told me that when I move out, if Dragon (Our 1 and a half year old Blue Russian cat) and Luna get along better than him and Zombie, I get to take him to my new home! Zombie has turned into my baby kitten when I took him home with me and bonded right away on the drive home. 

Too many unknowns for now. We'll see what happens this week. 
Hello again! Time for a new update!

Working 80 hours a week has been destroying me both physically and mentally. I only want to stay home and I haven't had a day off in a month and a half. 

On the plus to this, I got a job interview with a pet boarding resort that is actually quite nice! They are large (Can hold up to 180 animals), clean, friendly, no crates, and every animal I saw was happy! They are hiring for full time AND I would get paid more than I do at both of these jobs.

After four long days of waiting, I am getting my call of whether or not the job is mine today.

If I get this job, it'll be the job I used to do for 5 years during my volunteer service at the Oregon Zoo, which I enjoyed immensely! I will get this job, quit BOTH Target and the School System, and be much happier. 

Also, a couple days ago, my dad's small business got hit with a HUGE fine of mass amounts of money that we don't know if they can afford. For all we know, he's losing his amazing job today, but that's not for sure, yet today is the day we find out what's going to happen.

Small message for a huge anxiety day awaiting to find out whether our lives are going to go up or down from here on out.
*Yawns* Waking up every day at 6 in the morning was killing me this past month as I've gotten increased hours at the cafeteria. I am now a full time employee at both jobs and work a range of 70-80 hours every week. It has been killer. I have burns from stoves and ovens as well as chemical burns all over my laft arm and hand. I will be turning in a worker's comp form for the chemical burns since Target could have prevented that and do not provide the proper equipment.

With that said, my days are literally working 12 hours every day, coming home, chatting with my wonderful and extremely supportive mom, to going to bed and then repeat. Paychecks are extremely nice and I'm currently openly looking for a roomate so that I may get out into the world on my own.

I also found out that my animal career path is at a dead end as the pay and effort I would have to go through for it isn't reasonable. However, my mom told me volunteering is always an option, which makes me very excited! 
"Keep your passions as passions and work as work. If you make your passions your job, it then becomes... work." 
She's right. I remember when I started getting paid to do art commissions and due to the fact it became a job to get them done, my passion for drawing was slowly fading. Now, I don't take real money and only in-game currency. People are more patient, understanding, and I have more time to enjoy drawing as a pass time instead of as a job. 

However, I have discovered from manty co-workers as well as my mom that I very much have a management personality and there are varied places where management gets paid low or WAY high. 

One of my co-worker's brothers is the manager at a windoe cleaning business and makes around $25 per hour with added benefits and bonuses. DUDE! That rocks!

Regardless, that's only around a years worth of schooling which can all be done online and on my own time. :)

With things looking up now, I hope one day I get to finally go back to one job. After I move out and have more extra spare time, I really want to try getting some Let's Plays caught up as I have been missing it tremendously and I know people are growing concerned as I have been getting messages asking if I've been okay. 
I haven't made one in a long while. I had to leave one of my jobs previously due to it's standards of 'clean'. >> However, I got my car! It's a 2011 Toyota Corolla and I love it to death! 

I've also started two jobs again, one part-time and another full. Again. But this time, they're here to stay until I find a full time job that pays what I need in order to move out.

I've still been working at Target and am at my 3 month mark now. I have made wonderful friends that are my co-workers and they are the only reason my job is enjoyable. They are supportive, caring, and do whatever they need to do to work as a team. When one falls due to real life reasons, we pick up so they aren't stressed over their limit. It's the same for when I have fallen, my partner picks up so I don't go over the top. 

My other job is federal. :) I work in a cafeteria in a high school. Sure, it doesn't sound like a federal job, but so long as it's in the school district it is considered a federal job. I get paid holidays, paid time off, paid vacation, benefits, consistent and steady hours, decent pay, and a job that is way too similar to my job at Target. Which made me the perfect fit and I was hired on the spot. 

I greatly look forward to my life thus far. ^^
Hey guys! My co-worker is selling these amazing beanie hats that she handmade herself to raise money for Raine! She has Marfan Syndrome who has a daughter and just gave birth to another, but she had to have a C-section and has to keep being forced to sleep because if she wakes up and her blood pressure rises, she will die!!! Her family needs $2000 to to the procedure she needs in order to live and see her kids. The hat is $40. Garunteed to last years, great quality material, and you get the design that Raine did herself. ^^ If you are interested, let me know! The website for Raine is Thank you guys!!!
I vanished for quite some time as reality came into play and life took over. XD

However, if you play Flight Rising, I am open to in-game currency commissions!!! 

If you are interested, you can find my shop here:… OR you can comment below! 

I will also be taking VERY FEW requests depending on what you would like. ^^ This'll be in the meantime until commissions start coming around!

It's good to be back!
IT FINALLY PASSED! Gay marriage is legalized in all 50 states!!! HELL YEAH!!!!!
Real life has finally kicked into place. My understanding of it is more precise and my transition is getting less and less stressful.

I started working two jobs, one part-time, one full. I will be keeping them and working over 16 hours every day with no days off so I can get my car as soon as possible. 

Not only because I need it to get to work so my brothers can finally go do other things without the whole 'picking me up' or 'dropping me off' getting in the way, and not only for doing some favors for my mom and dad, but also for my girlfriend. ;; I desire to drive all the way down to where she is, pick her up, and squeeze her to death. (Okay, maybe not literally. XD) We have both been through some extremely hard times this past month and a half we've known each other, but we keep conquering and mind-blowing each other in regards to how much support and respect we give without expecting anything in return. 

My family has been so supportive and understanding of my decisions, even if they may not agree with this one, that I just want to get the worst of this over and done with so things can go smoother and I won't have to work these insane hours. XD 

Hardly any sleep is coming in, working with impatient people, serving as a waitress, or hosting annoying phone calls, whatever it takes to get to my end goals I will do them. These people all mean the universe to me and the only thing I want is the best for them. If that means working my ass off for a couple months so we can be happier, so be it. 

I finally am understanding who I am. 

Doctor WHO!!!!! 

I finally got finished with the emotion roller coaster of The Office and have now re-entered the world of Doctor Who!

I'm starting on Netflix with the first series it gives-David Tennant! One of my personal favorites! 

Now to enjoy starting from my favorite, to the most current and latest episode in Doctor Who history to date! :D
So as some of you may know, I am a Let's Player on YouTube, I've been doing it for 3 years and love every second of it! My goal in life is to make YouTube and Twitch my full time jobs and provide countless amount of free entertainment for everyone! 

Well, my REAL fight now is with music copyrights, especially for video games. Now most video games are not copyrightable, but sadly, most music IS copyrightable. 

Even though I comply to the fair usage law, that's not how music companies see it. They see it as me stealing their work and selling it for my own profit (Even though I make... like... next to nothing with it).

Ori and the Blind Forest is an outstanding game with beautiful graphics and known for it's above and beyond emersive soundtrack done by Gareth Coker.

I got copyrighted for using his music as I played the game.

WHAT?! It complies with all the laws to make it legal for me to put it up there and they STILL wanted to fight.

So I called up Gareth Coker, the music company that attacked me and got no responses for TWO WEEKS. 

Finally, Gareth messaged me on Skype and told me that there is an email I could write to asking to be put on the whitelist so I no longer get copyrighted.

Sure enough, three days later, the strikes were taken off.

My longest copyright battle thus far and I won! :D YAY!!!!!!

If you want to watch me Let's Play Ori and the Blind Forest and a TON of other games, check out my YouTube channel:
Today, a new member joined us! Her name is (More than likely) going to be Fairy! <3 

She's a blue russian cat that obviously has some tabby in her. She has the body and looks of a blue russian, but her colors are mixed with brown and white. She has green eyes and is just as fluffy as our blue russian, Dragon. 

She is a HUGE cuddle bug! Purrs whenever you hold her, even if she's nervous, totally a lap cat, loves to play and is beautiful as all hell! 

Sadly, this means that our snakes are leaving us. Pheonix and Lestat are both beautiful snakes. One pure bred Blood Red, and another we have no idea. Perhaps Snow, but unsure. 

Lestat has been getting severe scale rot from not eating for MONTHS. He hates Dragon who tries to play with him when he's active in his cage which is ALL THE TIME. Phoenix has been awesome and hasn't changed a bit with Dragon around, but we have no other place to put Phoenix so he can be safe. 

With that said, we love and will miss you Phoenix and Lestat!

And welcome Fairy!!! 
No matter what my passion is, it can't be the way I want it to without jobs. >> I don't get how some people can just do what they're passionate about anymore if they don't find a way to support it because in reality, it's all about money. To me, you're not actually passionate about it if you don't do extra to keep it alive and going. ^^

With that said, I got hired at Target too! So now I have two part-time jobs with loads of hours. :) YAY! For scheduling reasons (As well as for higher pay) I'm still looking for a full-time position that pays at least $9 or higher. If Target offered me one, I'd take it in a heartbeat as I get paid $9.75 there. XD 

Today was my first day on the job with Subway. Finally got through the boring and frustrating orientation and training. Still working on online courses, but those are easy. XD I get paid for that to so hey! It all works! 

My poor YouTube channel has had no REAL attention to it for the past month because of this though. What's nice is that it's growing faster than ever before! Sadly, I still have a LOT of work to do with it. Regardless, Twitch has been holding up wonderfully with over 200 followers and growing fast! :D I have bots now and a follower pop-up! I have a lot more regulars on when I go live and everyone tells me all the time how much fun they are! ^^ 

In the end though, these two jobs have to be my primary if I want to put YouTube the way I want it to. I've also decided to add Livestreaming on Twitch to be another permanent job with YT. So with that said, I have to put a little bit of money into it to keep my bots doing what they're doing now. 

Best part is though, the worst of my battles are over. Now I can finally relax, feel some old emotions that need to be dealt with (I now have a punching bag upstairs for that! LOL! I've gotten really good at punching! XD), and get into my new normal. Texas has been a really awesome place for me. The people are nice, fun, and a helluva lot better than Arkansas and Oregon combined. I get where some bad things come from though and I don't get those who say Texas is 'X' in regards to negativity. Dude, Taxes is HUGE! If you're experience there was so horrible, go somewhere else in it. Why? Because NONE of those terrible things goes on where I am. XD It's funny.