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This is an illustration done for Mechanical Muse. I am super happy that Marc Tassin (www.marctassin.com/) and my good friend Mitch Malloy (mitchmalloyart.com/) took me on for the project because I really enjoyed working on it. This picture will be in the upcoming pathfinder module for the world of Aetaltis. www.aetaltis.com/

If you like this art and you like playing RPGs (the table top variety) please be sure to check it out!

This artwork is the property of myself and Mechanical Muse. I have resources I am willing to give others but this is not one of them. Please be respectful and credit source if you want to use it strictly for non profit purposes. (IE: background on youtube video for music.) I am sure I don't want to have to file any takedown notices and I would feel even worse if I found out Marc did.

Edit: Since it has been asked, yes I am a slow artist. If you count all the preliminary work (for example, the color comps for different lighting: fuzzybunikins.deviantart.com/a… ) it took 100 hours? If you just count the actual painting itself it probably took closer to 40. 

I was given a map for where the adventure takes place and I created a realistic cone of vision to place over it. This was broken down into 15 degree increments which I marked on my canvas so I could then convert the top down map into a camera angle. They also wanted a specific style for the buildings (and a picture of what they wanted the temple to look like) so I just converted all the angles into the perspective of the camera angle. Anyways, that accounted for a lot of the preliminary work - that and doing studies of towns and practicing different types of lighting.
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