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Minecraft Swordie Mienshao Mob



This mob was the 8th and final mob added to my Minecraft mod's, PokemonMD: Disciples of Corruption Alpha 0.4 update. I made an extremely important discovery at the programming level that will let me re-introduce flinching and movement animations to stack on top of the idle animations.

The new standard developed during Alpha 0.4 did not allow for flinching in an economical manner. Plus, I am starting to grow concerned that my mod might actually be getting to the point of affecting system performance. I cannot tell if that is just a problem with my computers or if it really is the mod.

I hope not...

So anyways, this one swings its arms around as it moves but you will notice an animation unique to it. It actually sways its body side to size. You will notice the animation pretty well when you see this Mienshao in action.

... I also have a bad habit of giving some of my most advanced animated mobs very uninteresting attack styles. xD Derp

Mienshao is copyright Game Freak/Pokemon Company
This is a modification to the game, Minecraft by Mojang

This mob was made with:
~Eclipse Juno (Java coding)
~Techne for the modeling
~Adobe Photoshop CS5 for the texture
~Audacity for mixing its cries from Pokemon X/Y Amie of Mienshao, Mienfoo, Dwebble, and Crustle cries
~Fraps for taking video footage of the mod in action
~Adobe Premiere Elements X for dissecting the Fraps footage to bring you this screenshot collection
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isnt this the mod sky did a mod review on? and is this compatible with the other pokemon mod?