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Martin J. Owen
Artist | Professional | Design & Interfaces
United States
Hello and welcome to my social page!

I go by the name Spikybum Jolteon here, my screen name dedicated to fanart and gaming. My real screen name is actually Eclipsis, which most online friends who grew up with me know and is the one I prefer to answer to on a more personal basis.

I remain a dedicated traditional artist since my beginnings in July 2004. Despite my competent skills in digital media, I still prefer the craft of physical media, mainly graphite and colored pencils. I still owe so much to the artist that inspired me to become an artist, hibbary.

I am a college graduate in business, accounting, and most important to me, computer programming. I take great pride in having graduated debt free thanks to working jobs throughout the 10 years of school.

I do graphic design for a newspaper, managerial work for a bookstore, and private freelance illustration, most of which I do not post to DeviantArt for personal reasons.

My greatest passion in my free time is creating a Minecraft modification; work that has lasted since December 2012 on a game I have played since October 2010. I pride my modification in having among the finest mob animation in all of Minecraft. For it takes more than an artist to do it well. It takes a person extremely well versed in math.

I love programming, more so than drawing and hope my mod work gives me the skills to acquire a real job in software development.

So until next time, this is Spikybum Jolteon,
~signing out.

Hey ya’ll it has been a long while. I figured I might mention a some things going on with my Minecraft modification Kindred Legacy.


I probably pick up modding for about a week or two once every month or two but it is still going. The Legacy of the Void update is still the current focus. Right now is one of the active periods programming periods.


Before I go into this, I will point out: Forget has NOT updated to 1.13 so updating to next version of Minecraft isn’t even a choice. I do sincerely want to update to 1.13. It is the first Minecraft version I have a burning desire to update to since 1.7, so it took Minecraft a looong time. And from what I heard, 1.13 did the same crap 1.8 did. THAT crap is what shut down so many mods from ever updating. Once Forge allows updating… it is gonna be hell to update Kindred Legacy… c.c’


Here are some things that have been worked on for the last few months:


New Animation Standard


One of the biggest things I worked on during the previous programming bouts was an improved animation standard, particularly to run/walk cycles. ALSO, I have made an attempt to add leg animations to when a mob turns.


If you are not familiar with how well done my animations are for my mobs, know that if you look closely, most have a distinct walk and run animation and almost seamlessly transitions between the two in addition to from standstill. “Almost seamless” is a pretty key part of this; a stark contrast to Pixelmon where it is just an instant change from idle to move animation.


So far, only two mobs have this new standard implemented: Okami Espeon and the newest mob to the modification below.


Immortal Arcanine


A tamable based on the Starcraft II Immortal unit was brought to a new Arcanine mob. It basically looks like an ordinary Arcanine but strapped with rear mounted duel cannons and armor. The mob is intended to serve as a means for armor piecing or just dealing with armored foes in general.


And guess what? The mob was made true to size and is fully intended to be mountable. Its cannons won’t be useable while mounted though.


There was actually two new tamables in progress for the Legacy of the Void update. The other was Smeeta Liepard but it got shelved for now. The Warframe inspired mob may still make it into the update.


Lurker Scyther


When I did the 4th of July video last year, I realized what one vanilla Minecraft mob does and how it attacks. I saw it and almost instantly thought “THIS IS HOW THE STARCRAFT LURKER WOULD WORK.” Soon after I built the Lurker Scyther mob to fill this role with the intent of being a Minor Boss mob, same tier as Bloodmoon Ninetales.


I got the raw coding for the mob added but then it kinda got put on the backburner for Immortal Arcanine. Scyther still needs animating.


Mystic Tech


Mystic Tech blocks have returned from the old 1.7.10 PokemonMD version. I discovered a very well made modding tutorial series that not only covered “custom furnaces” but also integration with Just Enough Items. JEI integration absolutely killed my desire to add custom furnaces back then as it is very difficult and confusing to figure out. The tutorial made it pretty easy.


Now you’ll be needing to construct additional pylons again! The Verdant Purifier and Vespene Condenser return. Verdant Purifier automatically does what Verdant Powder does but over time. Vespene Condenser just converts certain items to new items. Most notable is changing Redstone Dust to Chargestone. That item serves as an alternative to Redstone Blocks in the Poketamable upgrade recipes.


Speaking of tamable upgrades, a brand new block called the Alchemenisizer was added. It converts all potion ingredients straight to their powder equivalent without having to do tons of laborious potion brewing. The potion recipes are still there though so you can put those potions you pick up in the Twilight Forest to use!


Old Mobs Considered


Tiberium Growthe has already returned. It is a pretty dangerous mob, probably more so than it is worth fighting so I still need to remedy that.


Proxy Pylon Carbink and its counterpart Zealot Pawniard will also be returning. Carbink has taken so long to return as I want to be sure the player has the tools to properly fight it and make them easily accessible. Carbink sports armor tougher than diamond and Immortal Arcanine is going to be one such hard counter to it.


Baneling Nincada, a model built around the same time as the original Zergling mobs in 1.6, is also set to FINALLY get its first public release. It still needs its model animations to be brought up to the newer standard that came to be about 3-4 years ago.


Clay Commanders Meowstic and Liepard do fall under the Legacy of the Void theme but they are not for sure. Liepard I want to have a new AI for than the original. Meowstic will probably be mostly the same except for changing its “Hurt” sound files to be less obnoxious for a mini-boss mob. c.c’


Sun Idol Espeon. Remember that one? This one’s model has already been brought up to standard but it will need its animations rebuilt from scratch. Originally slated to be a minor boss mob, it is in question where it will wind up. If it ends up being a minor boss mob, it has a lower chance of being added due to difficulty developing.


Clay Litten is a full moon mob that I could probably sit down and do in a day. This has a good chance of returning.


New Mobs in Progress Or Considered


Tempest Vikavolt was originally built prior to the release of Sun & Moon but it is still around and I want to add it. Set to be a Full Moon Mini-Boss more


Clay General Luxray has been a consideration too but it isn’t even built and I still need to come up with WHAT it would do. It just feels like with Shinx and Luxio, Luxray should really be added.


Infestor Parasect. Oh look, that mob I have promised since I created the oldest surviving mob in the modification, Infested Deerling. I really should get that in… >.>’




The current world I am playing on I have noticed that, at least with the mods I play with, that fully upgraded poketamables make combat way too easy. After thinking about what I could do to increase the difficulty, I figured the best way would be to make a brand new dimension. Since we are still on the Legacy of the Void update (which emphasizes space content), I decided to look at Starcraft’s Char as an option, which I had considered in the past. 

DO NOTE: A new dimension has an incredible amount of work it takes to do, or at least done the way I want it to be done; to make it a worthwhile experience. It is HIGHLY possible this won’t happen.


Some may or may not have seen that I have preferred to avoid world generation content because of how permanent it is and makes it difficult to simply add my mod to a preexisting world and once it has generated, it stays like that.

A friend I met through my freelance artwork has shown interest in perhaps helping with programming, so it could stand a better chance of happening.

The new dimension would need to add things to make it worth your time to go to in addition to making it harder. On the table is recolored versions of previous mobs to be more deadly in addition to a few outright new mobs. Baneling Nincarda, Infestor Parasect, and Lurker Scyther could all straight up end up on Char instead of the overworld if they happen.

As for WHY you want to go there I am still working that out. Easy access to large amounts of Iron is one possibility and if you have a mod like Galacticraft added, I’ll probably add Copper, Aluminum, and Tin.

I’m reluctant to add that addition without other mods installed because my mod makes no use for those. 

Cinccino NPCs


I’ve wanted to do this for a long time. Adding Villager like Cinccinos that trade “Junk” for currency that could be much more useful. Picking up an abundance of Metals from Galacticraft has been a motivating factor for adding Cinccinos. That way you can trade Copper or Tin for Iron or Aluminum.


There are other things going on, but I think this journal is long enough. ^^;


So there you go, see you next time! 

This is Spikybum Jolteon,
~signing out  

P.S. I do not check the Minecraft Forums, Curse Forge, or pretty much anywhere else in regards for my modification for messages. Please note or comment me here if you want to get my attention. I check DA every couple of days.




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dragon-evol Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2019
Hello, Spikybum Jolteon!

I like your mod quite much (since I'm a fan of kindred), and have made some (actually, lots of) alterations on the item Bow of Kindred in your mod, but the newest version I can get is Dev-2.6 on GitHub (which is a little bit buggy? anyway I can't even summon a single tamed mob with their egg), so may I have the newer version of the mod or even merge this alteration into the official release?

I will open a pull request on GitHub, and upload the compiled jar file as well, hope you like it! Also hope the mod becomes better and better!

The changes are:
    Removed the durability (but I have written the related method so it can be brought back easily).
    Made the stats of the bow grow with the number of creatures it hunts.
    As the bow gets stronger and stronger, the prey also needs to be strong enough to be considered as effective.
    Reshaped the tracking area, which is a small sphere around the player combined with a cone in the direction of the player's sight.
    Separated the two modes (single shot and mob tracking) with a custom key, instead of using Shift.
    Added auto fire mode with another custom key.
    Changed the texture of the arrow (not so satisfactory, still failed to meet the imagined figure).
    Reduced the base damage of the arrow.
    Increased the base speed of the arrow.
    Reduced the base charge velocity (how fast it is drawn) of the bow.
    Reduced the time the arrow can stay on walls to prevent lag.
    Added a filter to prevent those targeted arrows from hitting other creatures.
    Changed the damage source so it can hit those who usually won't get hit by an arrow (like Enderman).
    Changed the damage type so it penetrates armors and potion effects (due to the powerful mods Astral Sorcery and Grimoire of Gaia in my modpack, so this change is unnecessary when there are just mild mods).
    Brought back the critical hit particles.

Maybe these changes are kind of overpowered, since a couple of hours in the End can easily bring the damage to something like 50, but they are all changeable (just the matter of some numbers).
FuzzyAcornIndustries Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2019  Professional Interface Designer
Oh? Are these changes you actually programmed into the Bow of Kindred? o.o Or are these just ideas?

If you really did program all that, I'd recommend just taking that and creating your own mod and distributing it. You are more than welcome to just take my coding to do so if you wish. Bow of Kindred was made from Zelda Sword Skills coding so I cannot really take credit for the weapon.

A lot of the changes you suggested or made (if you did the programming) I think would be more suitable in something in a stand alone mod. ^^ I am happy to see someone got so inspired to put so much effort into these ideas. It's well done!

I have yet another new laptop and I haven't bothered installing Github yet to update whatever I put up on there. I took about two months off from modding and only just in the last week got the programming environment installed.

Funny you would make a comment about needing something for armor penetration. The newest Tamable in progress, Immortal Arcanine, is intended to emphasize dealing with armored foes.
dragon-evol Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2019
Yeah these changes have been made (programmed) and tested on a little server with my friends. But from the result, I think it is unbalanced (quite unbalanced!) compared with the rest contents of your mod, and the way of getting upgrades is still too direct and crude (maybe my mind has been distorted by the horrible x10~20 damage boost in Astral Sorcery, so the lust for power just won't go away:( (Sad) ).

I don't know if I should grab the bow and make an independent mod since there are just hundreds of lines which is quite... tiny (so there are actually not so much changes made)? But the kindred theme of these changes don't really match the Pokémon theme of the mod. I'm trying to make it fit with the background and in-game abilities of the character, maybe when more features are added I will separate them out.
FuzzyAcornIndustries Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Professional Interface Designer
Yah, I highly recommend a separate mod for that.

My mod, for the most part, is intended to compliment Vanilla Minecraft and maybe some slightly harder mods like Twilight Forest and Galacticraft but certainly not those really tough ones like Gaia. I tried that mod and just didn't like. If anything it taught me a lesson in adding mobs that simply increase mob stats. HOWEVER, you can thank me being inspired to add Vastaya Ninetales from that Gaia mod (because I wanted to run around my world looking like Ahri with the morph mod). xD
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StarFalconshY Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2018  Student General Artist
Happy Birthday!! Have your cake and eat it too Party Hi! 
FuzzyAcornIndustries Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2018  Professional Interface Designer
Thank you very much. :D
ShadowEclipex Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Happy Happy Birthday,
From all of us to you!!~
We wish it was our Birthday,
So we could party too!!~
Super Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3D  Super Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3D
FuzzyAcornIndustries Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2018  Professional Interface Designer
Thanks! Well, it all happens eventually. ^^
ShadowEclipex Featured By Owner Edited Dec 6, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You are very welcome indeed!!~
Lediblock2 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2018
Happy Chestbursting Day!
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