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REUPLOAD: 'If You Like Life...', by Compoundlift

By Fuzzy-Raptor
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Except it technically isn't a reupload because this page is the first public place on the internet this art's been posted.

Anyhow, Compound has certainly done it again! This beauty took about 20 days to come to fruition, which is impressive considering it was done for free again! I really don't know what else to say about such a talented yet lenient artist.

This is probably the most proper depiction of Jiroku yet: it gets his design right and is generally the highest-quality art of him as well. It happens to be the first depiction of his "Doomvali" combat setup, not including the in-game sprite. This work was mostly inspired by Doom (particularly this deviation which immediately caught my eye when I first came across it a few months ago: kracov.deviantart.com/art/Doom… ), which is rather obvious from the background and overall aesthetic. It's also probably the "darkest" depiction of Jiro yet, what with that sly canine-filled grin as he holds somebody at gunpoint with a double barrel.

All in all, I'm super satisfied with how this one came out. Just look at those eyes, and that smile... >:D

Jiroku is my own character. Avali ©RyuujinZERO

EDIT: File format changed to .png, and feather trim color altered to be closer to Jiro's proper color scheme.
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© 2017 - 2020 Fuzzy-Raptor
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Don't shoot me pls ;w;
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wow i think i love this guy!
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very cool! love all the details on the gun and armor
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pretty Epic Avali there :)
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Thank you! That is quite the compliment, considering this avali is really myself in an alternate universe. :P
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funny thing is , i found him on tumble now too xD
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Woah....so much detail, and so much lighting!

So much mega-shotgun, I guess, too. Doom 2016 reference?
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It would actually be referred to as either the double-barreled shotgun or the super shotgun among the Doom community. This one (and the whole pic as well) is more inspired by Classic Doom, which I have put way more hours into if you count mods and WADs. I tend to be an old-school gamer when it comes to shooters and sims: in the case of Classic Doom and its cousins, there is nothing more fast-paced mobility-wise in the fps genre as far as I'm concerned.

Thank you for the compliments! I'm not the artist, of course, but as long as the art is getting recognition and it's clear who the artist is, then it's all good.
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I always miss who the artist is! Doom was kind of the pioneer when it came to the whole high-mobility style.
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Indeed it was, though many say Quake perfected the formula.

This is mostly unrelated, but I find it rather amusing how Doom is used as a violent substitute for Hello World or Super Mario Bros. in the porting community. Check out itrunsdoom on tumblr: good stuff.
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I can only imagine what the Doom Guy would do to Bowser.

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Oh no no, I would never hold you at gunpoint, buddy! ^_^" This is somebody who really deserves it, considering Jiro is an ADF (Avali Defense Fleet/Force) lieutenant and wouldn't get called on to kill just any poor shmuck.

dammit, forgot to use reply function yet again~
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,,pls dont shoot. We both are avalis.'' O.o
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