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Hello everyone,

That's been a long, very long time !
I'm sorry for the everlasting inactivity. Things have been a bit busy in my life for the last 3 years, and I can't promise I'll be very active again; but one thing for sure is: I'm not letting the club disappear !

I have to thank our amazing co-founder :iconhan-wik: for the great work she's made for those 3 years on helping the club stay alive. If it wasn't for her, FFC would probably have ended up dead, without any new member or deviations...
You're wonderful, Hanna :heart:

So now that I'm back, I'll try to give our group new perspectives and more fun for our members: like getting new contests, eventually doing the "Education entries" I was initially planning, and give more space to all the Mustelid pets owners out there !

Seeya soon - I promise :)

Hello there fellow Mustelids lovers !

Soooo I finally finished my zookeeper school and I am more motivated by Musties than ever !
In order to share the passion and love for these little critters, I've decided to launch into a series of educational blog entries, like our affiliate :iconmustelidaee:

By the way, if you have any Mustelids-related topic that you'd like to explore, please let me know and I'll be glad to prepare an entry about it !

Seeya soon and remember: life's better with a weasel or two ! ;)

Just a little message to aware you that :icontavariwolf: is hosting a contest, if you want to participate ;)…

Good luck everyone !
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Our favourite Art from deviantART !

The Fuzzy Freaks FAQ


:bulletred:So...What is "Fuzzy Freaks Club" ?
FFC is the first place on dA dedicated to ferrets and ferret-like animals: weasels, badgers, otters ...In short:Mustelids ! But if you love skunks (Mephitidae) or/and have one home, it's just as well ! We love all stinkers here !
Of course, you don't need to have a ferret or another stinker at home to apply; you just need to love them and be willing to create about them. This is a "Mustelids/Skunks Musing" Group !

:bulletorange:Yes but...What does it provide ?
Well, FFC is a group, so you'll be able to suscribe. Once this is done, you can submit your ferret/Musties/skunk-related works: poetry, photos, drawings, comics, writings...They'll be exposed in FFC's gallery !

:bulletyellow:OK...And are there rules here ?
Of course, we have rules ! And if you don't respect them, may Fuzzy God have pity for your soul ! lol ^^
Anyway, here are our rules:

1/ Your Art must be Mustelid-related or Skunk-related. After all, this is a Mustelids and Skunks group !
We will not accept Art which doesn't feature at least one Mustelid/Skunk species (imaginary species or hybrids are authorized).

2/ We DON'T accept robbery ! So if you come here asking us to post an artwork that is not yours, we'll refuse it.

We will NOT accept any deviation with a
-bloody content.

We may accept a photo of mating ferrets if it is used in a useful role (for example in a writing about ferret breeding).
But don't send us a drawing of ferret furries having sex: it will be refused.

4/ Of course, we DON'T accept any zoophilic content...Any person submitting such a disgusting thing will be denounced to dA moderators !!!

5/ We are FOR EDUCATION about ferrets and Mustelids. If your goal is to come here and demonstrating how nasty and blood-sucking ferrets are by showing scanned articles about ferrets killing babies (which are hoaxes...), we will refuse it.

Ok, everybody ? ;)

:bulletpink:How can I submit my artworks ?
You can sudmit your deviations by clicking on the button "Submit to a group..." on the right side of your deviation's screen.
If you are a member, FFC should be in your list of groups, but if it isn't (or if you aren't a member), select "Tye a group name" and enter our club's name (without the #). To finish, click on "Submit". If your deviation is accepted, it will be displayed in our gallery.

:bulletred:I submitted as artwork but it wasn't accepted...
The admin/moderators have full rights when it comes to decide if a deviation will be accepted or not. If you think this refusal was unfair, you can send us a note and try to discuss it politely. But if your deviation is still refused, please accept our decision and don't spam us with protest messages. Any member spamming us or insulting us about a refused deviation will be banned from the group !

:bulletorange:Our Folders

*Ground Hunters: A folder for weasels, zorillas, stoats and polecats. This includes Least weasel (Mustela nivalis), the European polecat (Mustela putorius putorius), the common stoat (Mustela erminea), the Marbled polecat (Vormela peregusna), the Black-footed polecat (Mustela nigripes...) etc.
*Spirits of the Trees: this folder focuses on Martes species (pine martens, beech martens, sables, fishers, Nilgiri martens...) and Tayras
*Aquatic Clowns: a folder about otters and minks (both American and European minks)
*Diggers: here you'll find all kinds of badgers (honey badgers, ferret badgers, European badgers, American badgers...), wolverines and grisons
*Ferret-related folders: as you guess, they're dedicated to ferrets, aka "domestic polecats" (Mustela putorius furo) only
*The Skunk Folder: Although Skunks aren't considered as Mustelids anymore, but as Mephitids (since the early 2000's), our members have voted for the folder to stay !






- Behind Fuzzy Freaks Club's curtain -


:: Stenellya The All-Mighty Founder ::

The French tree-hugger
Owned by… (Pichu)
Has been a ferret/Musties enthusiast since 2006 and is in contact with some of the best European ferret breeders.
Member of the Ferret Village messageboard.
Signed the (PREFUD charter)
From 2007 to 2010, journalist for a (French magazine about small mammals as pets)

:: Servalgirl Our awesome Co-Founder ::







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