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Daily Deviation

Daily Deviation

March 10, 2011
Hi-Res Nebula Brushes by ~fuzzjp offers 15 spacey Photoshop brushes of awesome quality! Best of all, these brushes are free for non-commercial use with credit and a link back.
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Hi-Res Nebula Brushes




What is it?: A high-resolution brush pack

File Size: Archived- 27.8MB Unarchived- 47.3MB

Sorry for the size but I wanted it to be high quality :D


Number of Brushes: 15

Brush Size: All over 2000x1500px :D



Big thanks to hellobaby and FantasyStock for the Daily Deviation!

Hello Everyone!

This is my first brush pack ever!

This is a Hi-Res Nebula Brush Pack that took me weeks to make!

Designing should be nice and easy. I’d like you to feel this :)
That’s why I’m sharing my work with you.
I use those brushes in my designs and I don’t see the reason why you couldn’t use them in yours :D

1. Brushes created by FUZZJP are free to use in non-commercial designs.

2. If you paid for those, you were cheated! Please note me about that fact at jasonfrankiewiczpalchak@gmail.com

3. You MUST give me credit when using these brushes! I spent lots of time on these and I'd like a little credit :)

4. Please link me back when you use my brushes! I'd LOVE to see what amazing work you can make with my brushes!

5. You may not claim these brushes to be your own.

6. You may not redistribute them, but you may link back to them on my devaintART account.

7. If you have some problems with those brushes, please write me about that at jasonfrankiewiczpalchak@gmail.com

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