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Friendship Bites Chapter 5
Chapter 5: Shortest Day
A soft snore came to reply, though it wasn’t towards the door or heard by whoever knocked. The owner of the snore was Stan. While the doorbell rang a few times, all he did was sleep, his chest lifting up and down and his tail slowly moving side to side lazily. That was until-

Bang Bang Bang!

This got the old cat’s attention, who sharply snorted as he sat up, eyes blinking under the glasses.
Stan: “Hrmf? What?”
His gaze went to the door until he heard a familiar pair of voices from behind it.
Bea: ”Mae, what the hell?!”
Mae: “This is my house, besides, Dad’s always falling asleep. He can sleep through an effing explosion!”
Stan: “Mae? Is that you?”
Mae: “Yeah dad. Can we come in?”
Stan: “Mae, you do know this is your home, right?”
Mae: “.....” 
Mae: Aw friggin crap! I feel like such an idiot!”
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Friendship Bites Chapter 4
Chapter 4: Flashback
Slowly opening her eyes, Bea groaned as she felt slightly groggy from her nap, faint chatter getting louder as she woke up. A couple feet from where she napped, she saw the blurry figures of Mae and Lori, their chatter coming in as she sat up.
Lori: “B-Bea’s A hunter???”
Mae: “Yes, but calm down. She’s not going to hurt anyone.”
Lori: “I-I hope so, you’re a g-good person Mae.”
Mae: “Thanks Lori, it helps.”
The two stopped once Bea gave an audible groan, making the two jump.
Mae: “O-Oh, hey Bea. How did you sleep?” 
She slowly sat back down with Lori, who sat on the blankets and pillows. Beatrice however, gave her head a rub due to the sucky drawback.
Bea: “Ugh, terrible...anyone got anything I can chew on?”
Giving the two a look, Lori shuffled a hand through her pockets. A lollipop and some gum was all she had.
Lori: “U-Um, I have a f-few pieces of gum and a-a lolli
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Friendship Bites Chapter 3
Chapter 3: Truth & Trust
As Mae left the two alone, she could see a few people by some of the cars or inside the cars. A few of them were just chatting, others were kissing, and a few just sat together in each other's arms. She hugged her arms around herself.
She felt an emptiness inside her.
She couldn't help but frown at the fact that she didn't know what to do now. She didn't know how to approach Bea after finding out her secret. She couldn't even tell the one thing she had on her back since she was younger. The one thing that, after all this time and the hate she has gotten, she still held onto.
Her crush for Beatrice Santello.
Her eyes looked ready to tear up as she reached the car. It hurt her knowing she would be killed if Bea knew that she was a real freak. Something that lived in a fairy tale or a scary story. A monster. A vampire. Life sucked for her right now.
Mae: ‘What am I going to do?’
All she could do was sigh and look miserable as she reached for the do
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Friendship Bites: Chapter 2
Chapter 2: Hard Thoughts
Mae barely slept that very night. Her mind was racing to find ways to fool itself. It tried to hide the realization of Beatrice Santello. But it wasn't helping as everytime Mae tried to close her eyes, she would think about Bea, but not like she would sometimes. She wrote everything that was heard that night in her journal, but it made Mae realize it wasn't a dream everytime she looked at the page.
Mae: ‘Bea's a hunter, someone I care about could kill me like nothing!....What am I going to do?’
Mae could only stare at the wooden ceiling of her room. She didn't know how to even tell her friend her secret before, now that she knew her friend might literally kill her, even more so. She let out a groan as she placed her hands on her face. Her head hated her right now.
Mae: "Steady Mae. Steady!"
Mae: "You gotta keep calm or she will think something is wrong! Just try to act like nothing happened."
But that was a half truth to herself. The second riddle m
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Friendship Bites - Chapter 1
Chapter 1: Winter Chills
It was a slow day for the town of Possum Springs, winter was already hitting the town as a light amount of snow fell that day. Many of the people in town were wearing winter clothing, from hats to mittens, in order to keep themselves warm, and those who were usually outside were in the warmth of their homes. Most would be at home by the fire with family. Others were around and about to travel from place to place to get to their daily needs.
One individual was none other than Mae Borowski. She wore a blue and orange varsity jacket from college, along with a puff ball hat on her head, her ears poking out of makeshift holes. Mae was glad that winter was coming, since it meant Longest Night was around the corner. Plus, she wanted to ask Bea if she wanted to come with her to Mr. Chazokov’s place. To be honest, she was a little nervous to ask her.
Mae: ‘I wonder if Bea will like it? There’s going to be Mr. Chazokov, hot cocoa, people, maybe even Ger
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I’m giving someone a helping hand with their work. It belongs to the person to the link, not me.

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