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Fan Art: Howl's Moving Castle

By Fuyuure-27
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yay~! finally finished this watercolor piece Llama Emoji-65 (Blood Tears...) [V3] FREE flying hearts Icon 

this is based from the novel :"D so yeah~ they kinda look different from the movie~
I just couldn't remember what Sophie's eye color Q___Q I'm not really sure... is it blue???

anyways~ I really enjoyed painting them QvQ after finishing the book~ Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-03 (Squee) [V1] kyaaaaa~ I really love Sophie's hair color~ I wish I could dye my hair like that QAQ but the school won't allow it so... NO Panda Emoji-23 (Cry) [V2] 
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Oh MY this is a wonderful watercolor! Makes me wonder why more ppl don't use this medium, looks so lovely! Damn I wish I had your talent. That, or that I was Sophie or Howl (would be so good to be either of them haha)
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I LOVE THIS ARTWORK!! Actually, I like your art style very much! I like both the book and anime movie!
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Thank you very much! <3
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Oh Sophie with red hair like in the book! Yeah!! And..I really like Howl with black hair ^^ more then blonde one
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I just finished the book, Sophie is beautiful with this hair color!! 
Very nice watercolor!! 
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i love this . i just finished reading book and it's amazing , i haven't imagined Sophie hair so reddish i thought it was more dark color , but this look beautiful and gorgeous .Heart Love 
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wonderful watercolor !!!!
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book version of Howl & Sophie!!!

btw your art is very pretty ;-)
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wow! this is awesome - you're so great with watercolors! 
I think sophie's eyes are blue-green... I think so, at least. In house of many ways, I think charmain said they matched her peacock blue dress... anyways, I think she looks cool with golden eyes too!
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QAQ *gasps* I knew it!
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Isn't his hair pink-reddish in the book? After the incident with the dye I mean. X'D
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yes, but after that incident he turned it black for the death of his master. QAQ
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Was that in the second book (because I haven't read that) or did I forget something? XD
It has been a while... However, beautiful work! I want to draw book Howl and Sophie as well one day (and Michael, because he looks so much different in the book!)! 8D
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no, it's on the 'end' part of the first book~ QAQ btw the second and third book of the "castle series" are different stories from the first one which is Howl's.
Howl and the other characters may only appear on some scenes but they're not actually the main focus of the story. QAQ but still good to read.

haha~ yes~ I'd love to see the Michael from the book too~ QvQ
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Oh I see. I must have really forgotten it then. I should reread it. >u<
Too bad. I was looking forward to more funny stories of those two. But I might still give them a try. <:
Thanks a lot. This was very useful to know. I think I would have been terribly disappointed otherwise.
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Seriously? Your school don't allow students to dye hair?
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Well... if you go to my sister's school, you'll see a rainbow hair xD
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QAQ I ish religious School so...  no can do Q___Q 

what school is yer sis from?
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DLS-CSB. They have one campus for art courses, and most of the students have dyed hair. xD 
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i also read the book! it's fantastic. glad to see a different take on howl's moving castle
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I like both the movie and the book *Free Icon/Emote* Molang (I Love It!) 
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same here! You can really feel the love of Miyazaki for Diana Wynne Jones on his take of the story. Brilliant anime. I've been trying to get my hands on a copy but luck is not on my side. I can't find any copies of the book at my local bookstores. I had to borrow my friend's copy to read it. :v lucky you
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YAY! someone who gave her red hair! Hahaha I loved that part in the book.  And i think you portrayed the book version very well. :)
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