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Rainbow Power - Luna

Okay, I know this one is long overdue, been busy with other things but I finally got the urge to just sit down and finish her up.  

So here's my version of Luna's Rainbow form.  And my goodness those wings took forever to color.  But I'm really happy with how she turned out.  and so much hair

I took a little longer than intended on her just making sure her wings were right and fiddling with how to do the hair.  I wanted to do something a little different than just adding stripes.

As always I hope you enjoy and please let me know what you think of this one.  I always love to hear feedback.  :3

Also, should I do Cadence or Celestia next?

I am also doing commissions over here --->  Updating and Opening Commission
Check it out! 
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Wow the colors are gorgeous!
PercivalOcarina16's avatar
I love your rainbow power series ❤️❤️❤️❤️🦄🦄🦄
xLuc-1's avatar
(sorry i couldn't resist XD btw this is very awesome, the color scheme is pretty)
NerdArt78's avatar
why does it look like my bff's oc? i will link it :…
FuyusFox's avatar
Well, given that mine was uploaded around 9 months before that one the best guess I have is that they copied mine.

Because those similarities are a little too close for coincidence.
NerdArt78's avatar
ya ok i just wanted to know ^-^
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Hi there! Sorry to bother, but it's important. Someone on another site is claiming this picture of Luna as their OC. They said they asked you for permission to do so, and you said yes. Is this true, and do they have permission to use this drawing as their OC?
FuyusFox's avatar
May I get a link to this?
EmbersLament's avatar
It's on an app called Equestria Amino. I'm the leader of the Theft Prevention Team there. This little liar say they asked you directly. Now that I have proof they did not, they are being banned. 
FuyusFox's avatar
Ah, I have an account on amino.

If it's not under the FuyusFox account (the icon is a cat) then it does not have permission.
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This is so beautiful
Moonlight-Sonata-mlp's avatar
Moonlight-Sonata-mlp's avatar
just asking bc im a new fan.
 do you draw other peoples ocs?
or do you just have like 600 or however many ocs u draw?
FuyusFox's avatar
I normally draw other's OCs through commission.
Moonlight-Sonata-mlp's avatar
oh... ok... by the way i LOVE your drawing style to death. 
FuyusFox's avatar
Thank you very much!
TwilightShaman's avatar
Your an amazing artest  :)
Artsabi's avatar
celestia first and cadece
Venelebat's avatar
Ooh, her Rainbow Power is beautiful!
Denkis's avatar
she's just amazing like that!
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