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Update on Commissions and Art

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 12, 2017, 10:07 AM
Creator of the CS, Bell-Kasan.

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So, for a while  now, I have been having major issues with my wrist, making it very difficult to even hold a pencil or even a fork. 
I thought if I just took a break and didn't draw for a bit, it will help. But sadly, it didn't.
I tried to draw a few times during the past two weeks - at least a little bit and it still hurts.
And I had to sign something a day or two ago and I had to be very slow and almost couldn't even finish writing my first name - which is only six letters - without it hurting.
If I am able to draw anything, I don't want it to be commissions until after I know what is going on with my hand.
The pain is causing my hand and a bit of my arm to go numb. I can type and text a bit and it doesn't hurt as bad but still a bit uncomfortable.

I have made an appointment but the earliest they had open was on the 21th of this month in the morning.
Hopefully they will just tell my I need to keep it wrapped and not use it so much and it will be golden.
But then I have the stress of having so much owed art plus personal art to do.
Even though I shouldn't, I am going to try to draw what I want so I can lower my stress a bit for when I have/can do owed art.
I really like what some of you commissioned me and I am thinking of what to do but I just don't know If I will be able to do it on canvas. 
For the ones who got the experimental commissions - I might just have to improvise and just doodle a random pose and call it a day. I am not going to try anything new or major until I know my wrist is better. 
Thankfully I can still play some games - but not all. 

I will be posting this same thing on my @/FuyonaBeanie account.

This is the current list of people I have commissions to do that ALREADY PAID (Not in any order!):
  1. RogueInfinity 
  2. MissCotter 
  3. TwilightDrag0n 
  4. (Cant remember who else)
List of people I owe (Art Trades, etc):
  1. EclipseOfTheNewMoon 
  2. (few more)

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September 12, 2017