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Commission Update!

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 29, 2017, 2:16 PM
Hello, everyone.
I am here to say that I did not forget about your commissions!
Commission Work Days: 
Monday/Tuesday: OFF
Wednesday-Friday: Commissions
Sat/Sun: Possible Stream Days - (Possible raffles) 
If you commissioned me normally or here: [ON HOLD] Cheap Experimental Commissions !
Please do not worry! I just need a break from stress right now, I am still drawing but not much due to my wrist has been very stiff lately. Even games hurt to pay for too long.

I have some things to do this weekend and I believe some things next week. Around the middle or at most late next week, I will start again.

This is the current list of people I have commissions to do that ALREADY PAID (Not in any order!):
  1. RogueInfinity 
  2. MissCotter 
  3. TwilightDrag0n 
*Remember That I will still take commissions, but I will not take the money till I am about to start!

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