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ChariBell(Charity) Bell-Kasan Event #1

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 5, 2017, 12:21 AM

Hello, everyone.
I am here to say that I will be holding a Charity Bell-Kasan - or as I like to call it a "ChariBell Event" with my Closed Species: Bell-Kasan. I will be giving the money to someone to help them get their first Bagbean - though this event will not be able to be submitted into the bagbean group, please help spread it out to the Bagbeans community!
I will say who the money goes to in the Design description!

Link to ChariBell Event:  OPEN AUCTION - ChariBell#1- 007 Green Tea

The Autobuy/ AB will be set at $300 but the Starting bid will be $5.
The Event will last until the bid hits at least $50 or the AB.
If it hits $50 and the bid continues, the bidder who had the highest bid for 1 hour will get the Design. 

Any Questions or comments, please ask me here. Cya soon!

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April 5, 2017


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