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Art Fight [Team Coffee]

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 6, 2018, 12:12 PM
Creator of the CS, Bell-Kasan.

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Still trying to set this thing up, if anyone can help me, please help!
My Art Fight:

I got put on Team Coffee. 
TEAM COFFEE 2018 by artyfight

Still not sure how this really works! 

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[OPEN] Cheap 1930 Style Commissions

Journal Entry: Fri May 4, 2018, 6:05 PM
Creator of the CS, Bell-Kasan.

Comment Skin

~ One character per commission
~ Nsfw or sfw
~ Shading is optional
~ Can be grey-scale
~ Small animals/companions added is +$2

Price: $10
*Please note all characters will be made into a simple 1930s style! ^^
  [Cuphead] Ready to Aim by FuyonaSoul  [Commu] Scotty Skunk (1930s Style) by FuyonaSoul

Commissions - Second Chance

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 6, 2018, 3:44 PM
Creator of the CS, Bell-Kasan.

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From: [Closed] Cheap Experimental Commissions ! / Update on Commissions and Art

~ x2 MissCotter

~ x1 TwilightDrag0n
~ x1 EclipseOfTheNewMoon 

Anyone of you want your commission changed or keep what you had?

Rules: You can not add more character but you can change the characters or remove one if there was two.

~ None Yet !

No Changes:

~ TwilightDrag0n 

((Character on the right is my OC Tomato drawn/animated by @/Frappuchii  ))

[OPEN/ Limited Sale] $5 Quick Comms!

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 27, 2018, 6:07 AM
Creator of the CS, Bell-Kasan.

Comment Skin

Need monies and trying to refind my style so I can do my fullbody comm list.
*PS I am working on the list, slowly but surely. I did get some done but they was ones I was asked not to post. 

Everything in this journal is $5 and comes with possible free color/shade and sfw or suggestive.

Payment: Paypal and Steam Cards.


  •  Discord Head shot Icons - 2 Slots Open
  •  DA/FA Head shot Icons -  2 Slots Open
    • Can have bounce or blink
  •  Quick doodles (clean sketches) - 2 Slots Open
  •  Chibi doodles - 2 Slots CLOSED - RutNegative
    • Can have bounce or blink

Possible Examples:

[OC] Pemiru - Icon Sized by FuyonaSoul  [Mistakes AU] Frisk V1 and Chara V1 (doodle) by FuyonaSoul  [Oc-Doodle] COOKIE BROWNIES! AHH-!! by FuyonaSoul

Stream(OFF) - Mistakes [UnderTale Comic]

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 17, 2018, 6:20 PM

*Heya, friends! You all remember this page right?

Mature Content

[UT Comic] Mistakes - Chapter 1 - Page 1 by FuyonaSoul

*I was going back and saw all the comments from you all on this. 
*All I have to say is... Thank you for the support!
*Some of you was hooked on just the first page and wanted more. 
*Sadly, a little after this page I got into a really bad art and writers block.
*Page 1, even though I made it, still makes me want more.
*So... There will be. The art style may change because I was only trying something on that page.

*Here is a list of people who commented before this journal. 
*Page 2 is currently being worked on!
( Watch here: )

Mentions of Support:


Critique Mention:


CSS by FakeTsuki
Game Developer: Toby Fox, Undertale

[ON] Stream Time!

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 19, 2017, 12:58 PM
Creator of the CS, Bell-Kasan.

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Gonna try to work on stuff some more.
Streaming some griffia and pony stuff

*May or may not contain NSFW later in stream.

Currently Open to take these - 
Cheap 1930 Style Commissions
[Limited Sale] $5 Quick Comms!


Commission list is on my page if you are wondering who is there for commissions.
If you are NOT on the list and should be, please let me know with proof.

Online Status Key:
[ON] - I am currently online and streaming, meaning you can join and watch!
[OFF] - I am offline so check back later!
[HOLD] - Planning on a stream in that day, time unknown so check back often!

Update on Commissions and Art

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 12, 2017, 10:07 AM
Creator of the CS, Bell-Kasan.

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So, for a while  now, I have been having major issues with my wrist, making it very difficult to even hold a pencil or even a fork. 
I thought if I just took a break and didn't draw for a bit, it will help. But sadly, it didn't.
I tried to draw a few times during the past two weeks - at least a little bit and it still hurts.
And I had to sign something a day or two ago and I had to be very slow and almost couldn't even finish writing my first name - which is only six letters - without it hurting.
If I am able to draw anything, I don't want it to be commissions until after I know what is going on with my hand.
The pain is causing my hand and a bit of my arm to go numb. I can type and text a bit and it doesn't hurt as bad but still a bit uncomfortable.

I have made an appointment but the earliest they had open was on the 21th of this month in the morning.
Hopefully they will just tell my I need to keep it wrapped and not use it so much and it will be golden.
But then I have the stress of having so much owed art plus personal art to do.
Even though I shouldn't, I am going to try to draw what I want so I can lower my stress a bit for when I have/can do owed art.
I really like what some of you commissioned me and I am thinking of what to do but I just don't know If I will be able to do it on canvas. 
For the ones who got the experimental commissions - I might just have to improvise and just doodle a random pose and call it a day. I am not going to try anything new or major until I know my wrist is better. 
Thankfully I can still play some games - but not all. 

I will be posting this same thing on my @/FuyonaBeanie account.

This is the current list of people I have commissions to do that ALREADY PAID (Not in any order!):
  1. RogueInfinity 
  2. MissCotter 
  3. TwilightDrag0n 
  4. (Cant remember who else)
List of people I owe (Art Trades, etc):
  1. EclipseOfTheNewMoon 
  2. (few more)

  • Listening to: BATIM: "Spotlight" (ft. CK9C) | CG5
  • Playing: Final Fantasy 14
If you followed me for a long time, you should remember me having a "Buy me a Donut!" 
Well, I had gotten the link again!

Oc Judging!

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 12, 2017, 8:09 PM

All in the title - Let me judge your OC!
Can be anything; Splatoon, MLP, sonic, human, etc etc.
I can also judge your Closed or Open species. 
[Oc-Doodle] COOKIE BROWNIES! AHH-!! by FuyonaSoul< "Ahhh! I will be the visual! You will must give me Cookie Brownies, too!")

Just fill this form out in the comments!

Your DA: ( your username)
OC Name: ( Your OCs name)
Artist name: ( Who draw this ref)
Age: ( your username)
Gender: (  are they a boy or girl or etc)
Short Bio: ( short back story)
Personality: ( What are they like?)
Color Palette: ( The colors of your oc)
Allow this your OC on my Youtube Videos: Yes or No (Allow me to make a video of me judging your OC with others.)

Anyone who allows me to do this via youtube; gets put in a raffle for currently: Free Art and Features.

Commission Update!

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 29, 2017, 2:16 PM
Hello, everyone.
I am here to say that I did not forget about your commissions!
Commission Work Days: 
Monday/Tuesday: OFF
Wednesday-Friday: Commissions
Sat/Sun: Possible Stream Days - (Possible raffles) 
If you commissioned me normally or here: [ON HOLD] Cheap Experimental Commissions !
Please do not worry! I just need a break from stress right now, I am still drawing but not much due to my wrist has been very stiff lately. Even games hurt to pay for too long.

I have some things to do this weekend and I believe some things next week. Around the middle or at most late next week, I will start again.

This is the current list of people I have commissions to do that ALREADY PAID (Not in any order!):
  1. RogueInfinity 
  2. MissCotter 
  3. TwilightDrag0n 
*Remember That I will still take commissions, but I will not take the money till I am about to start!


Hello, stargazers!
I want to try a few Experimental styles out!
They will be super cheap and semi Pay What You Want.
These will be USD and Points!

They will cost about $1 to $5 (100:points: to 500:points:), varies on the difficulty of the character. 
You may take more than one slot but there is only 5 slots for now. 
So 5 people can get about 2 or 3 things. But that is with added price of each character.
And you can claim for others as well and yourself!

The is a few forms this time, and here they are.

Style One-
Ref of two characters:
Payment choice:
BG or no?: 


Style Two:
Ref of One Character:
Payment Choice:
BG colors: (This will be a gradient/ 2 colors)


Style Three:
Ref of Two Character:
Payment Choice:
BG colors: (This will be a gradient/ 2 colors)


Style Four:
Ref of One Character:
Ink Tool Or Crayon Tool:
Payment Choice:
BG or No?: 


Style Five:
Ref of Two Character:
Ink Tool Or Crayon Tool:
Payment Choice:
BG colors: (This will be a gradient/ 2 colors)


  1. Style Three - 2 OCs - MissCotter [PAID] {Started}

Keep your stars up high!

Remember, I love you all, my little Stargazers and Shooting Stars! <3.

New CS - Parawings

Journal Entry: Mon May 8, 2017, 11:07 AM
Creator of the CS, Bell-Kasan.

Comment Skin

As the title says, I made a new Closed Species and the name is Parawnigs.
I do not know the relations to my first CS, Bell-Kasan yet. 
But I may have them connected in a way.
I will not release anything of them until I set things up.
That is what I think I did wrong with my Bells - But I can slowly work on my Bell-Kasan CS anytime.

Edit 1: I had made the first Parawing and he's mine - His name is Mephisto.
You can see him as my icon - I tried my best to make his pixels like the ref I made but small pixel details are not easy to me. 
So, there are a decent amount of details from him missing - No, he is not human! Parawings are not even 30% human.

There are a few things I want with Parawings:
  • Mods/Admins
  • Items - IN WORKS
  • Guest Artists
  • Info-Chart 
  • Map
  • Trials/Tasks
  • Language - DONE!
  • etc

The most import thing I need is Mods and Admins.
If you are interesting in Modding/helping/guest designing, please fill this form:

Your DA Name:
Role you want: Pick one (two at max) : Mod/Admin - Info Help/General Help - Guest Designing 
Why you want this: (This can be about one sentence long. Or more if you want.)
Example of your Art: (Please Link it = No thumbs)

ChariBell(Charity) Bell-Kasan Event #1

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 5, 2017, 12:21 AM

Hello, everyone.
I am here to say that I will be holding a Charity Bell-Kasan - or as I like to call it a "ChariBell Event" with my Closed Species: Bell-Kasan. I will be giving the money to someone to help them get their first Bagbean - though this event will not be able to be submitted into the bagbean group, please help spread it out to the Bagbeans community!
I will say who the money goes to in the Design description!

Link to ChariBell Event:  OPEN AUCTION - ChariBell#1- 007 Green Tea

The Autobuy/ AB will be set at $300 but the Starting bid will be $5.
The Event will last until the bid hits at least $50 or the AB.
If it hits $50 and the bid continues, the bidder who had the highest bid for 1 hour will get the Design. 

Any Questions or comments, please ask me here. Cya soon!

With the hype for the Nintendo switch being so high, everyone wants to get their hands on it.
For what reason though? Is it because of the graphics of the new Legend of Zelda or the announcement of SplaTwo!  (Wait, they didn't call it that? Aww... Such a title pun missed.)
Splatoon 2 was released as a sequel to the first game - But sadly will not be out till the end of the year.
Now to talk about what I have seen of the Switch - Before I buy it or own it - In sections. 
Here is my attempt of the Before Buy of the Nintendo Switch Review.

System: Nintendo Switch - In home and on the go!
The Switch was able to surpass the sales expectations on launch date.
The Nintendo System includes:
  • Two Joy-Cons  (Left/ Right - The Controllers)
  • One Nintendo Switch system.
  • Two Joy-Con Grip Straps.
  • AC Charger Adapter.
  • Switch Charging/ Home Dock. 
  • HDMI Cable???
What does it do: 
The Nintendo Switch is a home gaming console that you can "switch" into an handheld gaming console. 
At home, you can play dock the Switch and it will automatically connect to your tv. If you have to go on a long road trip, you can take the Switch out of the dock, putting it in handheld mode. Though, it can easily be mistaken as a tablet with a controller. A third way of this all in one system is Tabletop mode. Simply remove the controllers known as the "Joy-Cons" from the Switch and open the kickstand on the system, and place it on the table. Much like the Original can do, but you can do this anywhere, yes, even outside, with the Switch.

Hype and Rumors:
Tired of hearing all the hype of the Switch? Well, try and get used to it. The Switch as of now, is one of the number one "Gamer Must Haves" of 2017 by far. On the Youtube livestream of the  Switch - uploaded to Youtube with English Voice Overs on 
January 13th, 2017 - Nintendo had made a live presentation that got you hooked on what's to come. During the presentation, they had mentioned the use of IR Sensors in the Joy-Cons themselves instead of a sensor bar like the Wii and Wii U. 
They had also announced they are accepting a wide variety of third party companies, such as: Capcom, Unity, Konami, Sega and many others. They claimed to be accepting over 50+ of these third party companies. 

Since release, the Nintendo Switch has a "shortage of stocks" everywhere in the world. For only being out for about a month, it has been very hard to catch. Unless you are lucky and happen to have the money and be in a store that holds Nintendo Switches, the best bet at the moment seems to be Amazon. If you choose to buy your via Amazon, make sure that it is not from any third party sellers - there is a lot of scammers trying to make a quick buck or 'selling'  Switches for way more than the retail price of $299.99 USD.
If you wait until stores get a more regular restock flow, then you may have to wait until the end of the month. But that is okay, it gives you more time to get the needed Switch items in the meantime, which I list and link later on.

Get it or No:
Depending on the kind of gamer you are, the switch is probably the best system as of now. With three ways to play, it is easy to enjoy your games anywhere and with anyone. Choosing to buy it, please note that you may need to pay more money for needed accessories such as a screen protector, Micro SD Card, Pro Controller and more. I will go over needed accessories later.

Why would you want it:
Only naming five of the many reasons I can think of for gamers to buy this system is easy.
Here are five reasons you may want the Switch:
  • It is new and improved! No sensor bar needed!
  • Solo play or Multiplayer! Play alone, with friends, strangers or Family - yes, even strangers, only if it is a place like your local mall, card/ game shop or fast food place like McDonald's.
  • Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild  and Splatoon 2.
  • 3 styles of play, just switch and play! (Home console, Handheld or Tabletop modes.)
  • Too many to list, so I will just say this again: It's new!

Current Games:
Currently, the number of games available to play and buy are slim. But their are many games that are said to come such as Splatoon 2 and Mario Odyssey.
The games that you can play now are:
  • Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  • SnipperClips
  • 1, 2, Switch!
  • Has-Been Heroes
  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Coming this month - 4/28/2017)
When it comes to gaming, there are many people out there with this thing called "Gamer Rage".
Well, if you just so happen to have that Gamer Rage like I do, don't worry. Nintendo made it child proof. The Switch is about 95% plastic from what I have seen by far from vidoes. In this video, he had purposely tried to brake the Switch, so we did not need to find out by mistake. Please watch the linked video for a detailed Durability analysis. 

What do buy before buying or using: 
There are a pretty decent amount of things that you need before getting or using the Switch.
It may cost a lot of money but in the end, it will be worth it.
Here I will list three things that I believe you should get before buying or using the Switch. I will also link a few helpful videos as well.
My Expectations:
A few things I expect when I am able to get my own Switch, hopefully on the next restocks, are actually pretty slim at this point. There is not much I am hoping for anymore, everything I hoped for is the Switch's "Switch and Play" modes. I will be able to have a home system that I literally can take anywhere, without having to stop to save and rush out the door. 
With all the research I have been doing since the Live Presentation, I feel like all I need is to wait for more games and maybe save some money to slowly get other needed accessories aside from my already bought copy of Breath of the Wild and the Protection Pack. 

Rambling on and on about something I don't own like I have it, isn't enough. If you still do not know what it is or if you want to buy it, then wait until I am able to buy the Switch for myself. I will personally show and tell you  all about my personal Switch experiences. 
See you in the next one!

Splatoon © Nintendo
Skin and art by A-queenoffairys

UnderTale AU Comic - Mistakes

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 6, 2017, 6:02 PM

Hello All!
I am here to say that I am working on a long term Comic called:
It involves many AUs, mainly the AU Sans' for far, but It will not have just Sans'.

But if you have an AU, and want one of two of your AU characters in the future pages - reply to my Featured Comment with refs here: (Form Needed.)…

I have Page one in progrss. Here is a PV:

CSS by FakeTsuki
Game Developer: Toby Fox, Undertale

[BB/MLP/PKMN] Plushie Question/ Help

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 29, 2017, 2:36 PM
Creator of the CS, Bell-Kasan.

Comment Skin

Hello my Little Stargazers and Shooting Stars! 
(May be adding more stuff later.*)

This is a question for Plush Makers/ Fabric Users - Preferably Bagbeans and MLP or maybe Pokemon Plushers, if I have the colors . 
I have want make plushies with limited fabric. 
But I don't know what I can make, and I am still a beginner but I do own a sewing machine, no embroidering settings and I never done hand embroidering. (I did make a bat for Halloween, came out pretty good and I still have it! And then I made a Santa Hat for my mom - No Ball-Puff thing, and it came out as if I bought it, We still have that.)

*Please note that is this only a small part of the question.
I saw Bagbeans plush tutorial by Momoless but I don't know what Beans I can use with the colors and I can not print out a pattern due to my printer not having ink ;3; (Just asked my grandpa to help me get/order Black ink today.)
And I like how Valmiiki makes his Plushies but I to make the Floopy-Wiggly beanie like ones.  (Sorry to Momo and Val if you get the mention! I don't know how to not mention you without you getting a mention thing.)

The all the fabric I have is Anti-Pill Soft Fleece. 
I have about a yard or less of each. I need to buy some but I need Money.
(If you want to help me get more fabric, My commissions are open, I buy my fabric at Walmart and JoAnn's Fabric - I prefer Walmart but they are limited.) Can anyone recommend me a good place to get fabric - Before Wednesday?

The Colors I currently have are:
  1. Red (New-ish)
  2. Black (Getting sorta Low)
  3. White (New-ish)
  4. Teal (Green-ish - Little less then a yard but still new-ish.)
  5. Baby Blue (Running SUPER Low on that.)
  6. Brown (Chocolate-Like - Never used) 
  7. Tan-ish Brown (Missing or Used up//Unavailable )
  8. Magenta/Hot Pink (Kinda like this - About half or less(?))
  9. Dark Purple (Never Used)

  • Listening to: My UTAU - Making covers
  • Drinking: Apple Juice

Commission MasterList and More ! ! !

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 31, 2016, 1:13 PM
Creator of the CS, Bell-Kasan.

Comment Skin

Here is a list of all my current Commission journals for easy find.
As well As a stash link for my goals for 2017 or more!

Availability Status':
CM -  Lunar Arrow Commissions Closed Stamp by InkCartoon CM - Lunar Arrow Points Commissions Open Stamp by InkCartoon CM -  Lunar Arrow Collabs Open Stamp by InkCartoon
CM - Lunar Arrow Requests Closed Stamp by InkCartoon CM -  Lunar Arrow Art Trades Closed Stamp by InkCartoon CM - Lunar Arrow Gifts Closed Stamp by InkCartoon


  1. Normal Commissions: ~Open~ Commission Prices 2017
  2. Bagbeans Only:  Please find on my bean account: FuyonaBeanie
  3. Limited Slot Commissions - Special Commissions (3/3 OPEN + Waiting List!)
  4. UnderTale Commissions - Original expected:  UnderTale AU Commissions!
Goals for 2018:
  1. In stash.

CM - Lunar Arrow Contest Closed Stamp by InkCartoon CM - Lunar Arrow Roleplays Closed Stamp by InkCartoon

  • Listening to:

UnderTale/ AU Commissions!

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 25, 2016, 2:53 PM
Underfell Sans AU IconHello, My Little Stargazers! 
It is I, Fuyona Emonilla, coming here to say... 
I can draw your AU's! (Or Original.) 
These are cheaper than my normal Commissions!
Remember: Nsfw is enabled, unless requested, It will be SFW.

*NOTE: All extra characters are an additional $5/500:points:
 -It does NOT have to be your AU, but if it is an AU that permission was not granted publically, please get permission and give me a contact to the owner.

Examples and Prices:

  • Bust Full Color ($15/1500:points:)[UnderTale] Sleeping Sans
  • Colored Sketches ($5-$10): Blueberry sans (Headshot example. This can be full body, headshot, bust, etc.)
  • AU Gif (Bust shot of 3 AU characters) ($15- $30 depending on Character): [gif] Sans, Fell, and Error
  • Page Stickers (Head only) ($5/500:points:) : Le GoatMam (Page Sticker)
  • Pixel Headshot Icon ($3/300:points: static - $5/500:points: 2-framed animated - $10/1000:points: for complex): Complex: [BB - Gift] Aeron Pixel Icon Blink-Bounce by FuyonaSoul
  • Artist Freedom($20): Allow me to draw your AU Characters however I feel. *Please tell me if you do NOT want NSFW when requesting.


Special Commissions (3/3 OPEN + Waiting List!)

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 14, 2016, 1:28 PM
 *Normal Commission Prices here: ~OPEN~ Commission Prices 2016

*you feel an odd shiver down your back...
*you dont know this voice, you dont know who it is, not knowing the voice you hear... it fills you with DETERMINATION. 

*"hello, errone! you don't know me but i am here with a special commission price list. i am in a huge need of money. here is the list...." 
*you feel a cold chill around you, causing you to want to continue. 
*you become excited but don't know why, this fills you with DETERMINATION. 

 *"whoa, there, kiddo. unless you wanna have a bad time... you should stay and look what is in store!" 
*hearing a familiar voice give you the DETERMIMATION to continue. 

Ah, here we are! We made it! Oh, look it's the list!


 and  Accepted!

* = Ask if you do not understand.
~ = Experimenting. 
` = Set size.
! = Price Varies on character difficulty.

`Simple Icons(50x50 or 100x100):
 Static: 300:points: / $3 .
 ! ~ Animated(Simple): 500:points: / $5.
 !Pixels* or Lineart: Free
~`Image Music Video:* (Size fit for YouTube.)
 Pick a song(No more than 4 minutes)*
 ! Starting(30 seconds*): 1000:points: / $10. 
 ! Extra Characters are 300:points: / $3 each.
 Colored: 500:points:$5 added to total price.
 Lined: 500:points:$5 added to total price 

Simple Animated* Chibis:
 ! ~ Base: 3 frames: 700:points:$7 
 Extra Frames(No more than 10): 200:points: / $2
 Head, Bust, Full: Free

Customs (Flat color only):
 Tell me what you want it based on (Undertale, SU, Pokemon, etc)
 Simple: 500:points: / $5
 Ref: Extra 500:points: /$5 added.
 Accessories: 50:points: / .50(cents) added.


  1. Open
  2. Open
  3. Open
Waiting List (Unlimited slots):
  1. None


CurseTale - My Undertale AU

Journal Entry: Sun May 8, 2016, 11:20 PM

CurseTale (Quick Topic): 
Some of the monsters are trapped in a horrible curse. Frisk and Asriel, soon joined by Sans and Panati the Temmie, do their best to help the Cursed monsters find a cure to the Curse. Can they do it alone with the power of kindness and determination or will Chara be free to abuse this Curse to kill everyone?

°Frisk: One of the Fallen Children to survive in the Underground. Gender and Age unknown but with Asriel by their side, Frisk's Determination to save all the Monsters stays strong. Frisk can still be effected by the Curse if their Determination fades.

°Asriel: Son of Queen Toriel and King Asgore. Asriel was tending to the flower bed as Frisk fell down Mt. Ebott, aiding Frisk to Toriel for medical care. His Soul is filled with determination and kindness to help everyone he meets happy and safe. Shy, yet brave despite how much of a crybaby he is. If Asriel is to be affected by the Curse, he would turn into a flower(as if he was Flowey with a soul).

°Cursan: Cursan is the first Cursed one Frisk and Asriel meet. Calling and Knocking for help on the Ruin door before the curse completely got to him. Toriel, hearing Cursan call for help, allows Frisk and Asriel to go outside of the Ruins to help him. Half in Cursed form, Cursan begs Asriel for a reset, but Asriel can not. Cursan joins Frisk and Asriel on their Quest to stop the Curse before they leave Snowden Town.

°Temmie(Panati): Panati is a young female Temmie who was the only Temmie in Tem Village to not be affected by the Curse. She travelled towards Snowden, soon meeting Frisk, Asriel and Sans, joining them in the Quest to cure the Cursed monsters in the Underground.

°Mettaton EX: Mettaton continues his broadcasts hopping to bring some light into the dark with the Curse affecting his adored fans and close friends. He is unable to be affected to the Curse due to him being a robot, despite having a soul. Napstablook stays with Mettaton for most of the time, helping him with the MTT Shows and extras. Before leaving Mettaton, he fills the party with enough Determination to move forward.

°Alphys: The shy Otaku Scientist, fully effected by the Curse. Before she was fully consumed by the Curse, she started to work on a way to find a cure. Sans finds Alphys' notes while the party was exploring the true lab, not showing anyone the notes, hiding them in his Jacket.

°Papyrus: Slowly becoming effected by the Curse soon after the party leaves to the next town. Staying as positive as he can to keep a little hope and some smiles in Snowden Town, allowing him to slow the Cursing in Snowden.

°Monster Kid: Following Undyne around, assisting her, trying to keep order on the Underground so there is no panic. Monster Kid is sure that Undyne will never get the Curse until he notices that Undyne was slowly becoming consumed by the Curse. Before the party leaves Monster Kid and Undyne, he shows Sans the scarf Papyrus gave him to fill Sans up with some hope.

°Nicecream Man/Burger Man: Not yet affected by the Curse, they go around together trying to maintain their jobs and slowing the Curse as much as they can. Talking to them heals and fills the teams determination and HP.

°Undyne: Trying to maintain order in the underground, with the help of Monster Kid. Slowly being consumed by the Curse, Undyne continues to try and keep order. Before the party leaves, she gives Frisk a necklace with a mini replica of one of her spears, granting Frisk a bravery boost.

°Grillby: Unable to be affected by the Curse, due to him being made of fire, despite having a soul. He stays maintaining his bar, hopping to slow the Cursing and keep Snowdens will of fire to continue forward. He gives Sans a few bottles of Mayonnaise before the party leaves Snowden.

°Chara: Trying to use the Curse as her advantage to kill everyone and everything. Little is known about Chara but she is able to get consumed by the Curse faster than anyone.

°Toriel: Queen of the Underground, Mother to Asriel. Toriel, like the rest of the monsters in the Ruins, is unaffected by the Curse due to Toriels barrier magic to keep the Ruins safe. Without her knowing, her barrier magic doesn't just keep monsters out, it keeps more out unless she herself leave the Ruins.

°Asgore: King of the Underground, Father to Asriel. Asgore lives in the castle, far away from Toriel, despite how much they love each other, They both thought it would be safer for Asriel and Toriel to live in the Ruins after what happened, a break-in murder attempt to kill the Dreemurs.

°Napstablook: Napstablook is the ghost that randomly pops up to help the party in their quest. He is Mettaton's beloved cousin. He is unable to be affected by the Curse due to him being a ghost, despite him having a soul. Napstablook stays with Mettaton mostly to help him, later getting a body like Mettatons so he can make music.

(More Characters to add at a later date.)

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