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46 White-Tailed Deer


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Species: White-Tailed Deer
Type: Guest Artist

Designer: Ghosttown1195
Artist: Ghosttown1195


Overall Rarity: RARE
Bullet; Green mammals & birds Bullet; Green
Bullet; Yellow shaped face hole Bullet; Yellow
Bullet; Pink growth Bullet; Pink

Bullet; Green common Bullet; Green
Bullet; Yellow uncommon Bullet; Yellow
Bullet; Pink rare Bullet; Pink
Bullet; Purple mythical / mutation / exclusive Bullet; Purple


Fuwa Bozu are a species by Raishiteruu (aka Raishiteru aka Rai).
You may not create your own without Rai's permission.
Please do not comment on this unless updating ownership!

Thanks for your cooperation and support! ♡

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Owned by @LilMissLillie!

Obtained via in-game methods at Realm-of-Lyth.