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Old Brush Settings

NOTE// I no longer use Paint Tool SAI or its brushes. ^^

Complete list of all the (old) CUSTOM brushes I use..and some of their uses.

Requested by people. (:

I suck at explaining shit.

For the first brush, find your default "Marker" brush, right click it, and select "Duplicate". Then find the new duplicated brush, right click, "Rename" and change it so that you can recognize it.

OR. You can:
Right click on any empty space in your toolkit // brush palette, and select the kind of brush that you want. Make sure it's the same type!

And then change the settings on your new brush to match the ones posted here. (:

For the other brushes, instead of duplicating your "Marker" brush, find the default "Brush" can also just look at their icons and recognize it. (:
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Wow! Thank you a lot!
LyVal's avatar
omg, i love your hand writing www 
 It wontlet me use the secont one :( 
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Thank you very much! Especially the Hair Brush is very helpful, great! :)
Keneimah's avatar
Woa this is really helpful! Thank you sm!
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I have paid for paint tool sai but I am missing the brushes such as hair... how do i get mine?
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you have to make the brush.

right click a blank box and click whatever brush it is, and set the settings for it.
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Thank you so much for the settings , it will help me a lot to improve my sketching ^^
TRANQUlLlTY's avatar
Nice! I tried the sketch one.
If only it would work.
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Someone has a link to a SAI with these textures?
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This is the paid version of SAI, it comes with all the settings you'll need.
If you're asking for a link to a pirated version of the program, I just ask that you, (or anyone else) to not post it here. ;A;
Thank you!
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This was really helpful thank you!
NigelBrianMashups's avatar
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This is great.
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Thank you for the brushes! They're beautiful. Also, I like your handwriting. :heart:
fuwaffy's avatar
omg my messy scribbles //CRIES
iiRainbowRawr's avatar
Ah bless u. ;v; My PC died so I had no good brushes, thanks for sharing this Kisa-Koufuku - Nya :3 
virtualost's avatar
i don't have a line art tool how can i get it? :c
SlushyPanda's avatar
Uh, I know your comment is old, but... Just make one ^-^ Left click on an open space and click brush or whatever comes up :3
If you already know this, at least others that don't, but sees this will know cx
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for some reason my SAI does not have the option the do Fine_Round_2. is there something else i need to do to get more options under that bar or something?
chii-cakiie's avatar
ahhh i tried to blend two colours like shown in the second brush setting, but one colour overlaps the other.. it doesn't blend q-q
Yukiteru's avatar
did you try increasing the blending option for the brush? ;w ;
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