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:bulletgreen: COMMON :bulletgreen:

Face Hole & Sheet Body & Flesh-Material Ears
All Fuwa Bozu must have these traits!
A small, round hole in the Fuwa Bozu's sheet body that allows its face to peek through!
The majority of the Fuwa Bozu's body is covered by a sheet of some sort, usually fabric.
Commonly, most of its head is covered by a basic hood, though ears can stick out, too.
A Fuwa Bozu's ears can be any combination of flesh and sheet body material.
They can also be completely flesh or completely material!
If an animal has no visible ears, the Fuwa Bozu usually won't.

Accurate Features
Most Fuwa Bozu keep the features of the animal spirit they were created from.
For example, a mouse will have rounded ears, small hand-paws, and a long tail.

Flesh Forepaws & String Hindpaws
This is the most common combination of limbs for a Fuwa Bozu.
Forepaws may come through holes in the sheet body or peek from under.
Hindpaws are usually made from a string-like material.

Small Accessories
All Fuwa Bozu have the ability to attach small accessories onto their sheet bodies.
Usually, they are light so the little spirit is not encumbered.

Mammals & Birds
Mammals and birds are the most common of the animal classes to become Fuwa Bozu.

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:bulletyellow: UNCOMMON :bulletyellow:

Shaped Face Hole
Something outside the usual round opening.

Unnatural Patterns & Colors
Patterning and coloration you would not find on the animal in the wild.
It can be either or, it does not have to be both at once.

Missing Limbs
One or more limbs, or maybe even an ear or tail!

Clothed Forepaws
Instead of having fleshy forepaws, the Fuwa Bozu's are made from their sheet.

Amphibians & Reptiles & Fish
While less common, Fuwa Bozu can also fall under these animal classes.

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:bulletpink: RARE :bulletpink:

Unusual Material
There are many materials that may be turned into sheets outside of fabric, though less conventional.
This may include sheet metal, certain foods, paper, etc.

Flesh Hindpaws
Some Fuwa Bozu reincarnate with flesh instead of string hindpaws!

Certain physical aspects of the Fuwa Bozu may not line up, creating an asymmetrical look.
This only applies to physical structure, not cosmetics (ie, scars, patches, accessories).

Things you wouldn't normally see growing on an animal or its body material!
They can be natural (ie, plant) or unnatural (ie, cut gems).

It is rare for arthropods to become Fuwa Bozu, but it can still happen.

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:bulletpurple: MYTHICAL :bulletpurple:

Shaped Pupils
This includes anything not naturally found in nature, such as hearts, stars, crosses, etc.

The Fuwa Bozu gains traits that wouldn't normally be present on their base animal.
For example, a mouse might have the bushy tail of a fox!

Any fleshy parts of the Fuwa Bozu can be translucent or transparent.

Color Change
The Fuwa Bozu can change colors, which may appear as new patterning.
This can occur throughout its entire body or just certain parts.

Extinct & Mythical
While they do not exist, sometimes they are reborn...

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If you have any questions about traits (listed or unlisted), feel free to ask below!
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[12.27.19] Some traits have been removed~
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Are we allowed to for example on the sewn hind legs make it a fishtail even though it is for a common fuwabozu?
Raishiteruu's avatar
Hmmm, as long as it's clear that it definitely has two sewn/string hind legs, you can make them have the illusion of a fish tail! Like if they're tied together or positioned like it or something?
windflash2004's avatar
Ahh ok OvO thank you~