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Welcome to our task board!
Completing these tasks will earn you golden acorns~
You can check your inventory in our Community Tracker!

Link FuwaScroll's masterlist entries in the description!
Please copy + paste the prompt(s) in the description, too.
You can collage multiple tasks into one submission, but make sure they're distinct!

Visual Artwork
75% of your Fuwa Bozu must be visible.
The piece must be fully colored, though you can play with palettes!
It can be slightly sketchy, but it must be understandable.
Shading/background are optional; references are okay but no bases.
Submit to "Digital Art" or "Traditional Art" depending on your medium!

Literature & RP
Literature should be at least 300 words with minimal errors.
RP logs must be cleaned with at least 300 words from each participant.
Please include the word count in your submission somewhere!
Submit to the "Literature and RP" folder when complete!

Collabs are absolutely allowed and encouraged; make friends!
They can be a combination of the visual and written, or just one form.
Be sure to share the work and state who did what in the description!
Each participant will receive the full task rewards~

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Tasks are organized by their type:
event, one time, or repeatable
Ctrl + F is your friend!

💮 Event 💮

none yet...

💮 One Time 💮

We, Bound as One
Fuwa Bozu are reborn when someone bares their soul to the recently departed, thus becoming their shrine/creator/master. Who is your little spirit bound to? Remember, whoever they're bound to does not have to be human!
Rewards: 5 Golden Acorns

Show Us Your Magic!
Every Fuwa Bozu has a little transformation magic in them that they can use to alter their facial features (as seen here under "Anatomy")! Give us a little before-and-after demonstration! Please portray your Fuwa Bozu once with the "cute" appearance and once with their accurate features!
Rewards: 5 Golden Acorns

Home is Where the Soul Is
This is very true for Fuwa Bozu, but sometimes, it's nice to give them physical homes to live in! Maybe something like a dollhouse? If doing visual artwork, you don't have to include your Fuwa Bozu!
Rewards: 3 Golden Acorns

Food for the Soul
Fuwa Bozu don't necessarily need to eat, but some like to! They aren't limited to what their base species eats, either, so show us their favorite thing to enjoy with their new taste buds!
Rewards: 3 Golden Acorns

Music for the Heart
Music is all around us and there's always that one song that makes us feel safe. Be sure to include a link to the song somewhere!
Rewards: 2 Golden Acorns

💮 Repeatable 💮

A Strong Connection
Fuwa Bozu can only be seen by the one they're bound to...until a strong connection is formed (more information under "Behavior"). Introduce us to the three (or four) parties involved in the bond; your submission should include your Fuwa Bozu, their creator, and their new friend (with their little spirit if they have one). This task is repeatable with different bonds, not the same one!
Rewards: 6 or 8 Golden Acorns

Your Shrine Guardian
Fuwa Bozu take it upon themselves to relieve their shrine aka their creator's soul from the "rot" of the world, such as emotional and mental burdens. Depict the spirit doing just that.
Rewards: 2 Golden Acorns

Mini Makeover
All Fuwa Bozu have the ability to attach small accessories — such as buttons, string, bells, etc. — to their sheet bodies, so why not give them some materials needed for a makeover? These do not count as redesigns (it is a common trait) and you do not have to keep the made-over looks!
Rewards: 2 Golden Acorns

Grabby Paws
Some Fuwa Bozu have the tendency to hoard a certain type of item. What is it that they collect?
Rewards: 2 Golden Acorns

# Little Spirit Things
Aside from being guardians, Fuwa Bozu have hobbies, too! Whatever they may be, please show us what they like to do in their spare time!
Rewards: 2 Golden Acorns

The Four Seasons
As animals, Fuwa Bozu are very attuned to the changing of the seasons. What are they like or what do they like to do during each one?
Rewards: 2 Golden Acorns per season

Dreams for the Mind
As you sleep, so does your Fuwa Bozu. As you dream, so do they. What does one's little spirit dream about?
Rewards: 2 Golden Acorns

Road Trip
When you go to a new place, your Fuwa Bozu comes, too! Where are they exploring this time?
Rewards: 2 Golden Acorns

Poetry of the Earth
Nature will always have a place in a Fuwa Bozu's heart. Depict them enjoying what the natural world around us has to offer!
Rewards: 2 Golden Acorns

Stop and Smell the Flowers
You come across a lovely patch of flowers. Would you like to make something? Perhaps a bouquet or a flower crown?
Rewards: 2 Golden Acorns

Gift of Giving
Just draw someone else's Fuwa Bozu! It cannot be a paid commission.
Rewards: 2 Golden Acorn

Self Care
Just draw your own Fuwa Bozu!
Rewards: 1 Golden Acorn

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This journal will be updated when there are new tasks~!
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