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FuwaBozu is associated with Realm-of-Lyth, an ARPG group owned by Jackalune!

While they are not "natural" to Lyth, our little spirits have somehow found themselves in this post-apocalyptic world alongside the different Lythian species already residing there. Perhaps someone also managed to create one in that world...? No matter the case, these spiritual guardians are nothing if adaptable and look forward to protecting their new companions; having a Fuwa Bozu in your roster gives you access to "Scavenging," which you can learn more about by joining us over there, as well!

You can find Fuwa Bozu on their Species Catalog!

What this means is that, if you fit the requirements to join this ARPG, you can register your Fuwa Bozu over there! They may give your player roster bonuses based on the task, and sometimes, these little spirits will allow you to meet the requirements to completing certain prompts! Including your Fuwa Bozu in this ARPG will also allow you to further develop their character as you take them on exciting adventures in Lyth! (You may still partake in FuwaBozu's group activities, of course.) Please do, however, be sure to read Realm-of-Lyth's player guidelines, as there is a different set of rules when playing there!

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Realm-of-Lyth is meant for 13+ audiences.
Difficult themes will be tagged with content warnings.
So please be mindful when playing!

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Are you over 13?: [you can just say yes/no]
Fuwa Bozu Masterlist Entry: [please link it]
LB Username: [your on-site name; must have an account]

After you've successfully registered, your Fuwa Bozu's original masterlist entry at FuwaScroll will be updated to indicate that the design is being used over at Realm-of-Lyth, as well. While your spirit is active in that ARPG, it can still be transferred to another user (via sale, trade, or gift). However, if the new owner is not a player in that group, the Lyth indicator will be removed. The Fuwa Bozu will be pulled from the game unless — shortly before, during, or soon after the transfer — the new owner notes the FuwaBozu group to let us know that they're 13+, is a member of both groups, and would still like to partake in the ARPG.

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Age: 25

Fuwa Bozu Masterlist Entry:

16 Okapi

Are you a member of both groups?: Yes

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Added; thanks for playing!

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Age: 28
Fuwa Bozu Masterlist Entry: 11 White Kermode Bear by FuwaScroll and 23 Rex Rabbit by FuwaScroll
Are you a member of both groups?: Yep!
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Your Fuwa Bozu have been linked!
They are FB2 and FB3.