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hey everyone! just letting you know this thing is still up and running!  kaomoji set 2 48/67 
i have a very important notice for anyone who entered though!: 

your subscriptions must be set to 'public' in order to be eligible to win a prize! i've noticed many entrants don't have their subscriptions public, so i can't even check if they're actually subscribed to me! O: 

this link  tells you how to make your subscriptions public if you aren't sure !

thanks, and take care!!


I would like to announce I am doing a contest! Because of the unfortunate youtube changes that require someone to have 1000 followers on youtube before they're eligible to get monetized, I would love to say thank you those who follow me by giving them free art! 
(haha this is definitely a departure in tone from my last journal lol... but it's good.)

My channel isn't much right now but I'm getting more used to creating speedpaints and monetization will be a big motivation for me to make more videos :> thank u so much for considering me.

F2U | Flower Petal Bullet  How to enter  

  • Follow my youtube channel here! (your subscriptions must be public to be eligible to win[?])
  • Let me know you're entering by filling out THIS FORM 
  • Hit the bell button to get vid upload notifs (would appreciate!)
  • Watch one or two of my videos to help boost my watch time (another factor of monetisation kaomoji set 2 43/67
  • Share this contest or my youtube channel with your friends!

F2U | Flower Petal Bullet Prizes

  • 1st prize:  1 full colour commission of your choice!  (simple or detailed background)
  • 2nd prize: 1 simple colour commission of your choice! (simple bg)
  • 3rd prize:  1 minimal colour commission of your choice! (simple bg) 
  • Runner-ups:  There will be 3 runners up, each of whom will receive a sketch commission! (akin to what new patrons receive on patreon~)

    So that's 6 chances to win~ !!!!Blush Wave Kaomoji 

F2U | Flower Petal Bullet Rules

  • Each entrant can only win up to 1 prize.
  • Max of 2 characters per commission prize. 
  • If you aren't subscribed when the contest ends, you will not win. 
  • If you do not claim your prize within 48 hours, a new winner will be chosen.
  • Entry requests from anywhere except the entry form will be ignored.

F2U | Flower Petal Bullet Contest ends:

When I achieve monetization lol~ this is achieved by 1000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the last 12 months, which means if you want the contest to end sooner, help me out by watching one of my speedpaints and letting your friends know about this contest too! bless ! Spring Flower Bullet [i]: potted flower pixel orchid and leafs l  

I hope everyone is doing well!  lots of love~~
-- Clear

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Entering, count me in ;)
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Ohh I know what you mean, I used to be a partner, but now I have like 975 subs, so... lol nope. I'll try and do this today. 
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Filled out the form. Watched 2 videos. Hit the bell.
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I'd like to enter but my 1st rule about Youtube is to NOT hit the bell because I hate being spammed on my email for stuff like 'new videos, new comments' and similar. I already check all the channels I subscribed daily, so I cannot do this step. :(
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U kno what that's totally cool <3 You can still enter without the bell thing!

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Thank you!!! Entered. :hug:
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listo amiga ;)
ya quedo

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