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If you'd like to colour any of my linearts, there's just a few guidelines. Thank you! (*´ー`)

  •  You must credit me in the caption, with a link or @ to my account on each platform you're posting it on. I'd love to see what you do, so please tag me however you can.

  • You can colour this however you like, with any background (or none!) that your heart desires, just please make a bit of an effort for your colouring!

  • You colouring my art does not constitute a collab, so please don't label it as such. (Instead try something like, 'I coloured one of Fuure's linearts from patreon!') If you do wish to collab, just ask. <3

  • Some fairly obvious stuff. You can't sell any coloured versions of my linearts, or exchange it for anything like points, art, art-trades, etc. You cannot submit it in contests. Obviously don't say its yours or you're going to look silly and get into trouble LOL  

  • Since I'm not the neatest lineartist in the world, you are welcome to edit the lineart within a reasonable margin, such as cleaning, enhancing, adding small details, or removing small details. No massive changes. If you are in any way unsure, check with me first.

Thank you!! (*・▽・*) 

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