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custom annie for ceryskies



i was given an opportunity to design a custom annie for cerys-skies!! thank you so much again for having endless patience with me! 🙇‍♂️
designing this was both challenging and enjoyable since i never designed an annie before but i hope i did the species justice!! ᕙ( * ´▽`* )ᕗ


Blessing Name: Lucifer sheartail 【Calothorax lucifer】 ✦ Hydrangea 【Hydrangea macrophylla】 ✦ Common blue butterfly 【Polyommatus icarus】
How Many Blessings: 3
Rarity: Super Rare
Eyes: Glowing shaped Pupils

Description of Blessings and Annie:
The lucifer sheartail or lucifer hummingbird is most recognized for its distinctive outward flare of its gorget feathers which reflect a spectrum of shades of purple, from indigo to magenta. Its habitat is in high-altitude areas of northern Mexico and southwestern United States. It winters in central Mexico.

Hydrangea symbolizes heartfelt emotions. It can be used to express gratitude for being understood. In its negative sense hydrangea symbolizes frigidity and heartlessness. ‘Hydrangea’ is derived from Greek and means ‘water vessel’, which is in reference to the shape of its seed capsules.

The common blue is a small blue butterfly that flies throughout the summer between April and October. The most widespread of the blue butterflies, it is found in a variety of habitats, including heathland, woodland rides, grassy meadows, parks, large gardens and waste ground. There are typically two generations of common blues in a year, but if the weather is warm, there can be up to three broods over the spring and summer.

dial reference here!!

annies are a closed species owned by Yamio 
this is a custom design made for cerys-skies and them only

please do not reupload

deviantart i will slaughter you for not allowing me to preview my descriptions
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Such aesthetically pretty blessings and the design is so gorgeous~! Love the purple palette on her and her staff looks really cool~!