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Dreaming is a Confusing Pastime

By Fuu19
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I wonder if he dreams of me as much as I dream of him?

Got to go to Otakon this year and pretty much all but ran to the artist alley to embarrass myself in front of blix-it and buy up all of her Toilet Genie stuff. We started talking about characters from her comic and I got really inspired to draw them even though my artistic skills aren't really up to snuff. And so that night I drew the rough draft and now, days later, the picture is finally finished!

Had some super awesome help with the shading and color from squidsexual since she has a lot more practice with Photoshop than I do (especially since my Sai decided it doesn't want to be in a readable language anymore....).

Toilet Genie and all its characters © blix-it
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Many have threatened, but you are the first to make good on the threat. :P As far as I know, anyway. There hasn't been a kissing pic yet, though (besides the ones drawn by me.) On a side note, your coming up to me and presenting me this drawing made me decide to act on my desires. I went and commissioned *Dreyse for a make out pic of them.

I am hugely amused that Vidu is drooling in his sleep. THIS IS SO ROMANTIC. What an incredible turn on! Probably I have to go with the anime stand by and assume that while Sedna is making romantic advances, Vidu is dreaming of FOOD. Cakes on white platters and cupcakes with sprinkle frosting.

uuuuuuuuur. Gonna go draw my own rendition of this dream come on now.... you inspire me... +__+
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(squeals) I am so happy you like this! And the idea of Sedna making a romantic advance while Vidu dreams of silly things is exactly the original premise I had for this picture.

You drew pictures of them kissing?! Have you posted any of them or have you just drawn them for fun? And when Dreyse is done with your commission, may we see it? Looking at Dreyse's art style, it looks like your picture going to look good.
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haha, I was entirely delighted with your fanart when you handed it to me at the show! I love ships, they fascinate me unnaturally, trying to come up with a premise where two unpaired characters end up together. XD And then getting inside their heads and figuring out what this bizarre relationship could be like! Naturally, getting ship art brings me joy, but I don't think there's been enough shipping in the actual comic to spawn much of it.

But certainly ViduxSedna is the biggest ship that doesn't happen. I've gone through phases of obsession with it and I'm still debating how much of it is going to end up in the comic.

Uh, I just went searching for my y gal account and can't even find it anymore. T__T

If you want spoilers, more than you've already got, I can dig up some of these images and scripts. Should I? I feel like I'm just gonna go on and on with this when I shouldn't force you to listen. XD
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Oh, I wanna hear spoilers but I'd rather spam your message box with feels and 'omg I can't believe this just happened' later when the spoilers do come into play in the comic.

I swear shipping is my life. Are you very loose with your ships or do you have only one ship per fandom? Whenever I get into a new show or comic I usually have this one ship that I really like but I don't completely ignore the other possibilities. Like you said, its fun seeing how two characters would end up together, especially the ones that aren't canon.

(Sorry for replying late :ashamed:)