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what we are looking for

#FutureZoology is a quality-controlled themed group centered around futuristic, evolved, and plausible* creature concepts.
We are looking for:
-Futuristic flora and fauna
-Possible descendants of existing Earth creatures
-Hybrids of existing earth creatures
-Alien flora and fauna
-Evolutionarily plausible original species
-Creatures with an interesting and unique design and function
-Organic machines

We are NOT looking for:
-Mythological flora and fauna
-Prehistoric flora and fauna
-Existing flora and fauna
-Non-species OCs or non-plausible original species
-Inorganic creatures (robots, golems, etc.)
-Ethereal creatures (ghosts, banshees, demons, etc.)

We accept any skillfully done artwork in the above accepted categories. Any media are acceptable, but the design should be clean and finished.

We try to avoid color pencil creatures in general, but detailed pencil drawings with no color are fine, provided the drawing has been cleaned up.

Any questions should be sent to one of the admins or to the group. If your question is not answered in reasonable time, try another admin. Some admins are more active than others. If you are not sure whether or not your creature is suitable, look through the group gallery to see what types of art we accept.

Please submit as many creatures you find to this group, and tell your friends about this page. We would like to make this site as popular as some of the other sites such as Speculative Evolution.
If we gain enough members, we may host contests similar to C.O.W (Creature of the Week)

Please note: We will NOT accept you as a member if your gallery does not show the skillful creature concepts we are looking for. If you are unsure, ask!

*PLAUSIBLE: The creature could exist and function in reality, abiding by the laws of physics and nature as we know them. If they do not (i.e. silicon-based life forms), this should be explained in as scientifically correct as possible. “Magic” is unacceptable as a means of function.

Gallery Folders

Hork-Bajir Head Concept by TheSeaLemon
Falxferox bicolor, Female by TheSeaLemon
Enam Aniju-aura by Scarlet-Harlequin-N
Sandflea by juniorWoodchuck
Strange encounter by sangvine
Salsa Invertebraxa - Bubblefly parade by m0zch0ps
Salsa Invertebraxa - Dodging the Cicada by m0zch0ps
The Network by albino-Z
Life Cycle of the Outer Gods by thomastapir
Gassy 3 Color by Davesrightmind
Gassy Critter by Davesrightmind
Leviathan by scarypet
Leviathan Pod by scarypet
spectral saenggul by Vincent-Covielloart
Skree - Canvas by ALRadeck
Space Destroyer by Heliofob
Sky Crawler by Davesrightmind
Voturuze by ShedSimas
Founder's choice
red cougar by SilverMender
Icarathian Rules 1 by ALRadeck
Ma'hah Colored - Styrah Tales of Amalthea by MIKECORRIERO


Sketches May-June by thirdeyepl Sketches May-June :iconthirdeyepl:thirdeyepl 57 7 Braniac sketch by thirdeyepl Braniac sketch :iconthirdeyepl:thirdeyepl 62 10 An Offering by AniaMohrbacher An Offering :iconaniamohrbacher:AniaMohrbacher 4,964 298 Ghasthound by Eclectixx Ghasthound :iconeclectixx:Eclectixx 173 8 Green Moray Eel by Phee Green Moray Eel :iconphee:Phee 73 9 Jet Dolphin by HumanDescent Jet Dolphin :iconhumandescent:HumanDescent 668 123 Whale train by Amazing-Toaster Whale train :iconamazing-toaster:Amazing-Toaster 17 9 Flightless by thomastapir Flightless :iconthomastapir:thomastapir 46 9 Archon by thomastapir Archon :iconthomastapir:thomastapir 123 19 Nephilim by thomastapir Nephilim :iconthomastapir:thomastapir 95 22 Quadruperson by thomastapir Quadruperson :iconthomastapir:thomastapir 100 32 Anthropach by thomastapir Anthropach :iconthomastapir:thomastapir 36 24 Crowned Crane by thomastapir Crowned Crane :iconthomastapir:thomastapir 22 3 Triped Browser by thomastapir Triped Browser :iconthomastapir:thomastapir 93 41 Arctic Theroperson by thomastapir Arctic Theroperson :iconthomastapir:thomastapir 98 51 Plesioperson by thomastapir Plesioperson :iconthomastapir:thomastapir 123 45












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